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March '12Blog re: Grand vs. In-House Recitals!


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Jammin Kids International Music Academy, invite students to participate in Grand vs. In-House Recitals to expose their talent of music and instruments.

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March '12Blog re: Grand vs. In-House Recitals!

  1. 1. March 12Blog re: Grand vs. In-House Recitals!Monthly In-House Recitals: Jammin Kids International Music Academy invites (put does not require) customers toparticipate in monthly in-house recitals. These are normally held on a Saturday or Sundayevening when we are closed to the public. Each month a different instrument and instructor arefeatured. Teachers determine when their students are ready to perform. Students usually onlyperform one (or two) songs that they already know quite well. Students are asked to introducethemselves, as well as the song they are performing and are expected to bow when they are done.Since space is limited, usually only immediate family attend. Parents like them because they arefree of charge, they get to see their child perform and it is easy to take photos & video. Studentslike them because they are a great performance practice opportunity in an informal andsupportive environment. Teachers like them because they can showcase their students progressas well as that of more advanced students which can be a great motivator for others.Refreshments are provided after the recital for families and instructors to have an opportunity tomingle.Annual Grand Recital: Once a year, all of JKs instructors invite (but do not require) their students to participatein the Grand Recital. This is a wonderful showcase of talent of a variety of instruments andinstructors. As performance time is more limited, teachers determine who is ready for the bigtime! This event is organized by the age of the student, starting with the youngest to the oldest,in hourly seatings. There is a nominal ticket price to offset the cost of the venue. Parents likethis event because there is room to invite extended family and they dont have to sit throughhours of recitals. Students like this event because they get to perform on a real stage and receivemetals or trophies. Since it is a semi-formal event, students love to see their teachers all dressedup and like to take photos with them. Teachers like this event because they can see the talent oftheir colleagues students and someeven collaborate with other instructors & their students(including some families) in ensemble performances.When students are exposed to their peersperforming on different instruments, this occasionally results in a new instrument of interest.Refreshments are offered while families are waiting for their seating, or after their performance,offering a wonderful opportunity to mingle with other instructors and families. Indian Trace Center, 1396-5 S.W. 160th Avenue, Weston, FL 33326 954-389-5899