A kinght's tale


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A kinght's tale

  1. 1. I liked the opening as I wanted to know more, also the fact that it was funny. Also it didn’t give too much way in the first few minutes.
  2. 2. This scene follows on to the rest of the film as it shows us how he started to joust and where the problem began, it also allows us to see that he shouldn’t be jousting as he is not of noble birth or a knight. Creating the quest of him finding a solution.
  3. 3. The first shot of an character was a close up where we couldn’t see the characters eyes, this allowed us to know that we are not supposed to connect to him. Also the sound of flies buzzing allows us to know that he’s dead, you wouldn’t normally be able to hear them so well. This shot is smart as it shows Wat in the background beating the knight, while William and Roland claim there’s nothing wrong.
  4. 4. William You find this character to be daring and willing to take a risk we also know that he is a peasant. Wat We know that this character is very passionate , and hates not to eat. Roland We know that the character is the voice of reason, and doesn’t really like taking risks.
  5. 5. It introduces the plot by showing us that its about jousting and that he shouldn’t be jousting, it also lets us know that the problem is going to be trying to hide the fact he’s not a knight or of noble birth. Then the quest would be a way of making sure that if he got caught he wouldn’t be killed.
  6. 6. From the introduction of the film it is obvious that it will have an action drama, but as the film progresses we also get romance. The atmosphere of the film is very laid back, it has comedy through out, but it also touches on serious things such as them not having enough money to eat.
  7. 7. The opening is effective as it leaves you with a lot of questions such as; •Will they finally get to eat? •Will they joust? •Will they get caught? •Will they win? It also left us wanting to know more about the characters, as in the introduction we find out only a little to leave us wanting to know more.