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Intro to sam summer 2011

  1. 1. An Introduction to SAMThis  document  contains  confidential  and  proprietary  information  belonging  exclusively  to  Davis  &  Partners  Worldwide  LLC.  By  receiving  or  viewing  this  document  you  agree  not  to  disclose,  duplicate,  distribute  or  execute,  in  whole  or  in  part,  publish  any  of  the  materials,  designs,  plans  or  concepts  presented  herein  without    the  prior  written  consent  of  Davis  &  Partners  Worldwide  LLC   New York Los Angeles London Sao Paulo Delhi
  2. 2. D&P 101  Global social media consultancy founded in 2004 specializing in high profile interactive marketing for brands, bands and public figures  Four practices –  Advertising and social marketing –  Software development and licensing –  Media & Entertainment –  Private equity/M&A  Offices in major markets supported by worldwide partnership network in US, LatAm, EMEA  Clients include: Sony, Philips, Nestle, The Walt Disney Company, Novell, Rock Mafia, Gol Airlines, AMAzon Water
  3. 3. D&P’s global social marketing practice  Social media strategy  Ideation, design and production across all major sites  Application development – web and mobile  Twitter campaign management  Social PR  SAM – D&P’s proprietary rich media platform for Facebook  Why Facebook? - Richest social media enviromment in the world
  4. 4. Facebook for dummies  500 million users (70% are outside US)  100 MM users access Facebook via mobile devices  50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day  35 million users update their status every day and 60 million status posts are made daily  More than 3 billion photos are uploaded each month  5 billion pieces of content  3.5 million events created each month  Over 1.5 MM businesses have pages and 20 million people become fans of pages every day creating over 5.3 billion fans
  5. 5. Facebook – a short history  Founded at Harvard in February 2004 originaly to connect fellow students with a visual address book or “Facebook” –  Reached 1 mm users by December of 2004 –  Usership climbed to 50 MM users by 2007 –  200 MM users by April 2009 –  400 MM users by February 2010  The fastest growing Internet site in history  If Facebook were a country it would be the 3rd most populated in the world just behind India and larger than than the US
  6. 6. Facebook around the world  USA 111 MM users  UK 23 MM users  Indonesia 19 MM users  Turkey 16 MM users  France 15 MM uses  Italy 14 MM users  Canada 13 MM users  Phillipines 10 MM users  Spain 8 MM users  Mexico 8 MM users
  7. 7. Facebook’s typical user  Median age is 38  Average user has 130 friends  Sends 8 friend requests per month  Spends 55 minutes on Facebook per day  “Likes” 9 pieces of content per month  Writes 25 comments per month  Becomes of a fan of 4 page per month  Is a member of 13 groups
  8. 8.  SAM stands for Social Application Marketing – D&P’s system for developing rich media Facebook fan pages that look like and perform like websites but reside on Facebook and are fully integrated into Facebook Connect. SAM is an affordable, fast way to create a rich media fan page featuring full integration with the visitor’s social graph.
  9. 9. Before After
  10. 10. compared to other leading platforms Affordable cafeteria pricing –only pay for what you use No monthly fees - some platforms charge as much as 5k No contract or license term – our competitors lock brands in for 3 years Easy-to-use content management system for easy updates Over 20 powerful page elements to choose from to customize your SAM page Fast turn-around – most pages built in 10 working days 24-7 support from DavisSecure Hosting Services Super affordable page hosting - $50 per moth plus video On-page commerce available
  11. 11. modules Basic Page Shell •  Events Calendar Ad Banner •  Gift Maker Flash Tile •  Voting Poll/Quiz •  Micro-Donations Twitter Feed Viewer •  Content Selector Rankings/Leader Board •  Ticket Box Office Photo Gallery HD Video Player •  Storefront
  12. 12. Rock Mafia Objective: Establish brand identity for a production company that has sold over 100 MM records including 20 number 1 hits as a premiere artist In their own right Campaign featured a new brand identity, music video, SAM page and other social media assets The video starring Miley Cyrus made its world premiere on E! On 10/28 and then the following day launched on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, and a new website we built for the company In 3 days the campaign garnered over 200 mm impressions was covered on MTV, VH1, Billboard, Perez Hilton, TMZ and other major press outlets, and to date the video has been seen over one million times and the song is currently #60 on the iTunes pop charts and is in the top 20 of viewed music videos on YouTube
  13. 13. OC Tanner OC Tanner an official US Olympics licensee that supplies championship rings to athletes retained D&P to develop a social media campaign for the Vancouver Olympics D&P a SAM based campaign where Team USA athletes could ask for votes toward winning an OC Tanner Inspiration ring to give to their Olympic mentor The campaign generated over 1 MM votes and 70 million impressions in 2 weeks and was featured in USA Today, Sports Illustrated and ESPN making the campaign the most successful in OC Tanners history
  14. 14. Novell Novell and D&P are working together to pioneer new ways of using social media to launch products and use social networks as CRM The September 2010 launch of Novell File Manager combined web marketing, a SAM page on Facebook and Twitter marketing including D&P’s FollowGrab and TwitCasting tools Working with celebrated cartoonist Scott Adams Novell and D&P created a series of Dilbert cartoons that speak to the trials and triumphs of file management…
  15. 15. Thank you Obrigado Dank je wel ありがとうございますDavis & Partners Danke ‫(ا)() &%$ا "!‏‬ Gracias Ευχαριστία Mahalo