Wearable Assistant (Wassistant)


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Project at the University for the Wearable Computing Course

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  • -gleiche Produktsanwendung existiert nicht - .Die Wettbewerber mit ähnlicher inhaltlicher Ausrichtung gibt es im Markt. Die stärksten Wettbewerb kann man in der Richtung Optical pen mouse und Headset finden und dabei wurden die Konkurrenten als Beispiel beleuchtet.
  • The system is composed of 3 devices as shown in the figure (Headset, Pen and main box). The headset is made up of: the camera and microphone, as input device for image and audio to be captured; display and earphone, as the output device for image and audio to be shown. The headset communicates only with the main box, trough USB or Bluetooth connection( there are 2 versions of headset), the headset sends to main box the input data that should to be processed by main box, and receives from the main box the result of processing and outputs it on the display or the earphone. The pen is the main input device of the system, it collects inputs through its optical interface, wheel and buttons, and outputs them to the main box through wireless communication (ZigBee). By using the pen, we can input text and drawing, operate and interact with the system. The main box is the communication center, storage center and process center of the system. It performs the communication with the other components of system (pen and headset) and external world ( PC, mobile phones, printers, etc.) through wireless protocols or USB. The data will be read and wrote through the storage unit in the main box- internal and external memory. All the computing processes will be accomplished with the CPU in the main box. The extension slot on the main box helps the upgrade and extension of system functions.
  • “ HCI” , human and W-Assistant communicate/interact through the headset and pen. .. 解释一下各个附件的组成,按钮的作用, main box 扩展槽扩展功能 - 定位系统、扩大存储、高端无线通信、 GSM 最好举例解释一下系统如何运作。
  • 1 more battery status led?
  • New innovative product Wearable computing, display is available all the time and can be used conveniently No obstruction to user movement More and better integrated multifunction compared with existing wearable systems The system is divided and distributed around the body (display, pen, processing) Fit to most of the clothes Simple user interface (based on MS-windows mobile), easy operation, e.g. to use the pen like normal writing action. In comparison with PDA, easy to replace damaged component. The system can connect with other devices through standard wireless/wired connections like (Bluetooth, WLAN, USB.....) Very open system; its functions and applications can be expanded by the expansion module and numerous of software Longer working time with less power consuming display and other components
  • Lack of technical experience for several technical issues that have to be tested like (temperature effect, display size and angle, etc.) Large project with very new concept Market is new and unknown concept to the users Relatively Expensive Cable that connects to the headset can be problematic to some people No special new technology developed from the project
  • Threats: The market may not accept the concept Side effects on the health of the user are unknown New technology can substitute our basic technology Imitation by other competitors can be fast Social problem may be caused by ‘creative’ abuse of w-assistant system Opportunities: No similar products exist in the market Large and increasing potential market The concept can be adopt to many fields of day-to-day life If successful, could set up the standard of wearable computing system.
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