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Jamil Alkhatib Profile

  1. 1. Jamil Alkhatib http://jamil.alkhatib.me jamil@alkhatib.me
  2. 2. Jamil Alkhatib  Innovation and Technology Management expert  Has over 15 years of global experience  Managed and developed more than 6 regional innovation support programs  Has multi-disciplinary work experience in both private and public sectors  Supported over 15 companies in developing their business improvement through innovation
  3. 3. Jamil Alkhatib  Worked in the field of electronics and telecommunications equipment innovations at Siemens  has developed educational programs for children  an entrepreneur as founder of Open Technologies (in Tunisia)
  4. 4. Key Projects • Innovation and Entrepreneurship center at the German Jordanian University, GIZ/CIM (Jordan) • National Science, Technology and Innovation strategy, UNESCO (Jordan) • National strategy for information and communications technologies, European Union (Jordan) • Applied Research Fund for innovation structuring and development (Jordan) • SME and Entrepreneurs support program management, USAID/Cisco (Palestine) • Innovation Incubation and Technology Transfer, quality system development, European Union (Jordan) • Abdellatif Jameel Innovation grants (ASTF) restructuring program (UAE) http://jamil.alkhatib.me/category/projects/
  5. 5.  Developed National ICT strategy of Jordan  Assessed of National Science, Technology & Innovation of Jordan  Developed two Innovation funds ◦ Abdellatif Jameel Innovation fund (UAE) ◦ Applied scientific research fund (Jordan)  Establishment of 12 Tech Transfer centers (Jordan)  Developed Quality system for innovation incubators  Managed Portfolio of 100 innovative projects between (2008-2012)  Designed & Managed 4 regional & local Innovation support programs  Mentoring and Coaching several entrepreneurs  Organized 2 Innovation competitions (with IEEE & ASTF)  Numerous public speeches on innovation & tech transfer Key Achievements
  6. 6. Education  M.Sc. Technology and Innovation Management ◦ Applied University Brandenburg , Germany ◦ Technical University Cottbus, Germany  B.Sc. Electrical Engineering ◦ Minor Computer Science ◦ Birzeit University, Palestine
  7. 7. Key Publications  Puzzles of Innovations  Innovation in SMEs and its barriers (Arabic)  Who are the Entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs are the successful Alchemists  Open Source the next big thing in technology transfer  Promoting Investment in Science and Technology in Islamic Development Bank Member Countries  Open Source Hardware  Introduction Intellectual Property Rights http://jamil.alkhatib.me/category/publications/articles/
  8. 8. Key Public Presentations  Creativity stimulations in organizations  Road map from idea to innovation  Innovation Management  Research & Innovation Policies  Technology and Innovation Management  Innovation strategies  Towards innovative industrial sector  Technology Transfer  Risk acceptance of technological changes  Innovation Incubators  Patents for kids http://www.slideshare.net/jamilkhatib
  9. 9. Mentor & Coach
  10. 10. Key Clients/Partners
  11. 11. NGOs
  12. 12. Private sector
  13. 13. Government & international agencies
  14. 14. Testimonials  “your support and business counselling that protected and changed my business model that is now operating.”  “Jamil has deep insight and understanding into the innovation process. He is able to help startup companies develop new business models and see markets in new ways.”  “I have worked closely with Jamil for approximately 10 months. I have observed his exceptional business skills and knowledge, and a strong personal sense of commitment to business results.”  “Jamil, whose presence initiates creativity! He is a very innovative person, and one who encourages positivity”  “has high level skills as a professional, always working from a goal setting- outcome reaching mindset. he proved having the ability and the skill to cope with new situations and pressures”  “Jamil is a reliable professional, a clever and solid manager with good experience”  http://jamil.alkhatib.me/category/testimonial/
  15. 15. Lived and worked in...
  16. 16. 7+ 7+Technology R&D Innovation Management