13 pmp professional responsibility exam


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PMP Exam Preparation by Jamil Faraj

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13 pmp professional responsibility exam

  1. 1. 660   Chapter 13exam questions1. You read a great article over the weekend, and you think your team could really benefit from it. What should you do?Photocopy the article and give it to the team membersA. Type up parts of the article and email it to the teamB. Tell everyone that you thought of the ideas in the article yourselfC. Buy a copy of the magazine for everyoneD. 2. You find out that a contractor that you’re working with discriminates against women. The contractor is in anothercountry, and it’s normal in that country. What should you do?Respect the contractor’s culture and allow the discrimination to continueA. Refuse to work with the contractor, and find a new sellerB. Submit a written request that the contractor no longer discriminatesC. Meet with your boss and explain the situationD. 3. You’re a project manager at a construction company that’s selling services to a client. You are working on aschedule and a budget when the CEO at the client demands that you do not produce those things. Instead, he wantsyou to begin work immediately. What the BEST thing that you can do?Meet with the CEO to explain why the budget and schedule are necessaryA. Stop work immediately and go into claims administrationB. Don’t produce the schedule and budgetC. Ask the buyer to find another company to work withD. 4. You’re working on a project, when the client demands that you take him out to lunch every week if you want to keephis business. What’s the BEST thing to do?Take the client out to lunch and charge it to your companyA. Refuse to take the client out to lunch because it’s a bribeB. Take the client out to lunch, but report him to his managerC. Report the incident to PMID. 5. You are working on one of the first financial projects your company has attempted, and you have learned a lot abouthow to manage the project along the way. Your company is targeting financial companies for new projects next year.What’s the BEST thing for you to do?Talk to your company about setting up some training sessions so that you can teach others what you have learned onA. your projectKeep the information you’ve learned to yourself so that you’ll be more valuable to the company in the next yearB. Decide to specialize in financial contractsC. Focus on your work with the project and don’t worry about the helping other people to learn from the experienceD. Exam Questions
  2. 2. you are here 4   661professional responsibilityExam Questions6. You find out that you could save money by contracting with a seller in a country that has laxenvironmental protection rules. What should you do?Continue to pay higher rates for a environmentally safe solutionA. Take advantage of the cost savingsB. Ask your boss to make the decision for youC. Demand that your current contractor match the priceD. 7. You overhear someone on your team using a racial slur. This person is a critical team member andyou are worried that if they leave your company it will cause project problems. What should you do?Pretend you didn’t hear it so that you don’t cause problemsA. Report the team member to his bossB. Bring it up at the next team meetingC. Meet in private with the team member and explain that racial slurs are unacceptableD. 8. You’ve given a presentation for your local PMI chapter meeting. This is an example of what?A PDUA. Contributing to the project management body of knowledgeB. Donating to charityC. VolunteeringD. 9. You are about to hold a bidder conference, and a potential seller offers you great tickets to abaseball game for your favorite team. What should you do?Go to the game with the seller but avoid talking about the contractA. Go to the game with seller and discuss the contractB. Go to the game, but make sure not to let him buy you anything because that would be a bribeC. Politely refuse the ticketsD. 10. Your company has sent out an RFP, and your brother wants to bid on it. What’s the BEST thing foryou to do?Give your brother inside information to make sure that he has the best chance at getting the projectA. Publicly disclose your relationship with him and excuse yourself from the selection processB. Recommend your brother but don’t inform anyone of your relationshipC. Don’t tell anyone about your relationship but be careful not to give your brother any advantageD. when evaluating all of the potential sellers
  3. 3. 662   Chapter 13Exam QuestionsAnswersexam answersThis is called contributing to the projectmanagement body of knowledge.1. Answer: DYou should never copy anything that’s copyrighted. Make sure you always respect other people’sintellectual property!2. Answer: BIt’s never okay to discriminate against women, minorities, or others. You should avoid doingbusiness with anyone who does.3. Answer: AThis is a difficult situation for any project manager. But you can’t cut corners on the projectmanagement processes, and you certainly can’t tell the client that you’re refusing their business.The best thing you can do is meet with the CEO to explain why you need to follow the rules.4. Answer: BThe client is demanding a bribe, and paying bribes is unethical. You should not do it. If yourproject requires you to bribe someone, then you shouldn’t do business with that person.5. Answer: AYou should always try to help other people learn about managing projects.6. Answer: AYou should never contract work to a seller who pollutes the environment. Even though it costsmore to use machinery that doesn’t damage the environment, it’s the right thing to do.
  4. 4. you are here 4   663professional responsibilityExam QuestionsAnswers7. Answer: DYou should make sure that your team always respects other people.8. Answer: BAny time you help share your knowledge with others, you are contributing to the projectmanagement body of knowledge, and that’s something you should do as a certified projectmanager!9. Answer: DYou have to refuse the tickets even if the game sounds like a lot of fun. The tickets amount to abribe, and you shouldn’t do anything that might influence your decision in awarding your contract.10. Answer: BYou have to disclose the relationship. It’s important to be up front and honest about any conflict ofinterest that could occur on your projects.