10 pmp communication management exam


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10 pmp communication management exam

  1. 1. 536   Chapter 101. Keith, the project manager of a large publishing project, sends an invoice to his client. Which communicationtype is he using?Formal verbalA. Formal writtenB. Informal writtenC. Informal verbalD. 2. Which of the following is NOT an input to the Plan Communications process?Enterprise environmental factorsA. B. Organizational process assetsInformation gathering techniquesC. Project scope statementD. 3. You take over for a project manager who has left the company and realize that team is talking directly to thecustomer and only having status meetings when there are problems. The programming team has one idea aboutthe goals of the project, and the testing team has another. Which document is the FIRST one that you shouldcreate to solve this problem?Communication planA. Status reportB. Meeting agendaC. Performance reportD. 4. You ask one of your stakeholders how things are going on her part of the project and she says “things arefine” in a sarcastic tone. Which is the BEST way to describe the kind of communication that she used?A. FeedbackActive listeningB. NonverbalC. ParalingualD. 5. You’re managing an industrial design project. You created a communication plan, and now the team isworking on the project. You’ve been communicating with your team, and now you’re looking at the workperformance information to evaluate the performance of the project. Which of the following BEST describes thenext thing you should do?UseA. formal written communication to inform the client of the project statusCompare the work performance information against the time, cost and scope baselines and look for deviationsB. Update the organizational process assets with your lessons learnedC. Hold a status meetingD. Exam Questionsexam questions
  2. 2. you are here 4   537communications management6. You have five people working on your team, a sponsor within your company, and a client, all ofwhom need to be kept informed of your project’s progress. How many lines of communication arethere?28A. 21B. 19C. 31D. 7. Which of the following is NOT an example of active listening?Nodding your head in agreement while someone is talkingA. Restating what has been said to be sure you understand itB. Asking questions for clarificationC. Multitasking by checking your email during a conversationD. 8. Sue sent a message to Jim using the company’s voicemail system. When he received it, Jimcalled her back. Which of the following is true?Sue encoded the voicemail, Jim decoded it, and then encoded his feedback message.A. Sue decoded her voicemail message; Jim encoded his phone call and decoded the feedback.B. Jim sent feedback to Sue, who encoded it.C. Sue decoded her voicemail message and Jim encoded his feedback.D. 9. You’re managing a construction project. Suddenly the customer asks for some major changes tothe blueprints. You need to talk to him about this. What’s the BEST form of communication to use?Informal writtenA. Informal verbalB. Formal writtenC. Formal verbalD. 10. Kyle is the project manager of a project that has teams distributed in many different places.In order to make sure that they all get the right message, he needs to make sure that his projectplan is translated into Spanish, Hindi, French, and German. What is Kyle doing when he has hiscommunications translated?EncodingA. DecodingB. Active listeningC. Effective listeningD. Exam Questions
  3. 3. 538   Chapter 10Exam Questions11. There are 15 people on a project (including the project manager). How many lines ofcommunication are there?105A. 112B. 113C. 52D. 12. Which communication process is in the Monitoring & Controlling process group?Distribute InformationA. Manage Stakeholder ExpectationsB. Plan CommunicationsC. Report PerformanceD. 13. You’re working at a major conglomerate. You have a 24-person team working for you on a projectwith five major sponsors. The company announces layoffs, and your team is reduced to half its size.How many lines of communication are on your new, smaller team?66A. 153B. 276C. 406D. 14. You’ve consulted your Earned Value calculations to find out the EAC and ETC of your project.Which of the following is the BEST place to put that information?Work performance informationA. B. ForecastsQuality control measurementsC. D. Lessons learned15. Which of the following is an example of noise?An email that’s sent to the wrong personA. A project manager who doesn’t notice an important clause in a contractB. Garbled text and smudges that make a fax of a photocopy hard to readC. When the team is not paying attention during a status meetingD. exam questions
  4. 4. you are here 4   539communications management1. Answer: BAny communication that can be used for legal purposes is considered formal written communication. Aninvoice is a formal document.2. Answer: CInformation gathering techniques are part of Distribute Information but not part of Plan Communications.3. Answer: AThe Communication Plan is the first thing you need tocreate in this situation. It will help you organize themeetings that are taking place and get everyone onthe same page. The communication plan will help youto streamline communications so that the customercan use you as a single point of contact, too.4. Answer: DParalingual communication happens when additional information is conveyed by the tone orpitch of your voice. It’s when you use more than just words to communicate.5. Answer: BWhen you look at work performance information, you’re in the Report Performance process.And what do you do with the work performance information? You compare it against thebaselines to see if your project is on track! If it isn’t, that’s when you want to get the word outas quickly as possible.6. Answer: AThe formula for lines of communication is n x (n-1) 2. In this problem there were seven people named, plus you.(8 x 7) 2 = 28.Exam QuestionsAnswersSee the word, “technique”?That’s a good indication thatit’s a tool and not an input.A lot of people choose B here. Don’tforget to include yourself! Look outfor questions like this on the exam too.I get it! You can’t do anycommunications unless you’vegot a good communication plan.
  5. 5. 540   Chapter 10Exam QuestionsAnswers7. Answer: DAll of the other options show the speaker that you understand what they are saying. That’s active listening.8. Answer: AThis question is just asking if you know the definitions of encode, decode, and feedback. Encoding ismaking a message ready for other people to understand, while decoding it involves receiving the messageand understanding it. Feedback means letting the sender know that you got the message.9. Answer: CAnytime you are communicating with the customer about the scope of your project, it’s a good idea to useformal written communication.10. Answer: AHe has to encode his message so that others will understand it.11. Answer: A(15 x 14) 2 = 105 This one is just asking if you know the formula n x (n–1) 2.12. Answer: DReport Performance is the only Monitoring & Controlling process in Communications Management.Active listening sometimes means saying thingslike “I agree,” or “can you explain that alittle further?”Anytime you see anything about a formaldocument in communication with a client,it’s formal written.exam solutions
  6. 6. you are here 4   541communications management13. Answer: BThere are now 12 team members, five sponsors and a project manager. That gives you 18 people. Use theformula: n x (n – 1) 2 to calculate this: 18 x 17 2 = 153.14. Answer: BThe idea behind forecasts is that you are usingthe Earned Value calculations that forecastthe completion of the project to set everyone’sexpectations. That’s why you use EAC (which helpsyou estimate your project’s total cost) and ETC(which gives you a good idea of how much moremoney you think you’ll spend between now andwhen it ends).15. Answer: CThere are plenty of ways that communication can go wrong.When you send email to the wrong person, your communicationhad trouble—but that’s not noise. Noise is the specific thing thatinterferes with the communication. In this case, the garbled textis a great example of noise.Exam QuestionsAnswersOh, I get it. I alreadycame up with good cost and timeforecasts using EAC and ETC. NowI can package them up as forecastsand tell them to the team.Did you get one of the other answers?Make sure you included the five sponsorsand the project manager!