04 pmp integration management exam


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PMP Exqam Preparation by: Jamil Faraj

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04 pmp integration management exam

  1. 1. 142   Chapter 4Exam Questions1. You’ve just received a change request. This means:TheA. project charter is complete, but the work cannot begin yet because you need to make achange to the scope baselineYou are in the Direct and Manage Execution process, and you can implement the change nowB. The change needs to be approved before it can be implementedC. There is aD. defect in a deliverable that must be repaired2. Which of these is not an input to Develop Project Charter?Enterprise environmental factorsA. Project Management PlanB. ContractC. Project statement of workD. 3. What is the output of Direct and Manage Execution?Approved change requestsA. Project management processesB. DeliverablesC. ForecastsD. 4. You’re managing a graphic design project. One of your team members reports that there is aserious problem, and you realize that it will cause a delay that could harm the business of thestakeholders. Even worse, it will take another two days for you to fully assess the impact—untilthen, you won’t have the whole story. What is the BEST way to handle this situation?Create a change request document and submit it to the change control meetingA. Pull out the project charter and show them that you have authority to make decisionsB. Meet with the stakeholders and tell them that there’s a problem, but you need two more days toC. get them the information they needUpdate theD. lessons learned and add it to your organizational process assets5. You’re a project manager on a construction project. The electrician has started laying out thewiring, when the client comes to you with a change request. He needs additional outlets, and youthink that will increase the cost of the electrical work. What is the first thing you do?Refuse to make the change because it will increase the cost of the project and blow yourA. budgetRefer to the project management plan to see how the change should be handledB. Consult the contract to see if there is a clauseC. Make the change, since the client requested itD. exam questionsDownload at Boykma.Com
  2. 2. you are here 4   143integration managementExam Questions6. The work authorization system:Ensures that every work package is performed at the right time and in the proper sequenceA. Authorizes the project manager to spend money on workB. Is a set of processes and tools that aids project manager in effectively guiding the project toC. completionIs a formalized, written description of how to carry out an activityD. 7. You’re the project manager at a telecommunications company. You recently had stakeholdersapproach you with changes. You figured out that the changes would cost additional time andmoney. The stakeholders agreed, you were given additional time and budget, and the changeswere approved. Now you have to incorporate the changes into the project. What do you do next?Modify the project charter to include the changesA. Use the work authorization system to make sure the work is performedB. Make sure to track your changes against the project’s baseline so you know how much theyC. eventually costIncorporate the changes into the baseline so you can track the project properlyD. 8. You are a project manager on a software project. When you planned the project, yourEnterprise Environmental Factors included a policy that all changes that cost over 2% of thebudget need to be approved by the CFO, but smaller changes could be paid for by a managementcontingency fund. One of your stakeholders submitted a change request that requires a 3%increase in the budget. Your company has an outsourcing effort, and you believe that a smallchange to the way that the change is requested could allow you to take advantage of it and cutyour costs in half. What is the BEST way to handle this situation?Work with the stakeholder to figure out how to reduce the cost of the change by a thirdA. Request approval from the CFOB. Refuse the change because it is over 2% of the budgetC. Document the change request, since all changes must be documentedD. 9. You’re on the project selection committee. You’re reviewing a document that describes thestrategic value of a potential project and its benefits to the company. What’s this documentcalled?Project CharterA. Business CaseB. Benefit measurement methodC. ContractD. Download at Boykma.Com
  3. 3. 144   Chapter 4Exam Questions10. One of your team members has discovered a defect in a deliverable and has recommended that itbe repaired. Which of the following is NOT true:The project charter has authorized you to perform the workA. Your project is in Monitor and Control Project Work processB. TheC. defect repair must be approved before the deliverable can be repairedYou must update the project management plan to document the defectD. 11. You are holding a formal, approved document that defines how the project is executed, monitored,and controlled. You are holding:The project management planA. The performance measurement baselineB. The project charterC. The work breakdown structureD. 12. You are the project manager for a software project, when the sponsor pulls the plug and cancelsthe project. What do you do?Give the team the day off to recuperate from the bad newsA. Create a budget summary for the remaining unspent budgetB. Follow project closure procedures to close the project and update lessons learnedC. Find new assignments for any people previously assigned to your projectD. 13. You are managing a software project, when you find out that a programming team who you weresupposed to have access to has been reassigned to another project. What is the first thing that youshould do?Figure out the impact that this will have on your projectA. Bring a copy of your project’s charter to the other manager, and explain that you need that team forB. your own projectGo to your sponsor and demand the teamC. Figure out a way to compress theD. project schedule so that you can work with the team if theybecome available14. You are a project manager on a software project. There are several changes that need to be made,and you need to decide how to apply project resources in order to implement them. What do you do?Decide the priority of the changes and announce them to the teamA. You should call a team meeting and invite the stakeholders, so that everyone can reach a consensusB. on the priorityDeny the changes because they will delay the projectC. Consult the Change Prioritization Plan for guidance on prioritizing new changesD. exam questionsDownload at Boykma.Com
  4. 4. you are here 4   145integration managementExam Questions15. You’re a project manager on a software project. Your team is busy executing the project andcreating the deliverables, but there have been several changes requested by stakeholders over thepast few weeks. Each time you got one of these changes, you called a meeting with your team and thestakeholders to discuss it. Why did you do this?Every change needs to be evaluated by a change control boardA. You’re delegating the work of evaluating changesB. You do not have a goodC. change control system in placeYou are using a work authorization system to assign the workD. 16. You are the project manager on a construction project, and you have just received a changerequest. You consulted the project management plan, and followed the procedures laid out in theChange Control System. You are in the process of reviewing the change and documenting its impact.Your manager asks you why you are doing this. What are you doing by reviewing the change anddocumenting its impact?Perform Integrated Change ControlA. Monitor and Control Project WorkB. Manage Requested ChangesC. Direct and Manage ExecutionD. 17. Which of the following is NOT true about the project charter?The project charter defines the requirements that satisfy customer needsA. The project charter defines the work authorization systemB. The project charter makes the business case that justifies the projectC. The project charter includes the milestone scheduleD. 18. You have just verified that all of the work on your project is completed. Which of these things is NOTpart of the Closing process?Update historical information by documenting lessons learnedA. Document the work performance information to show the deliverables that have been completed andB. record the lessons learnedVerify that all of the deliverables have been accepted by the stakeholdersC. Follow the project closure procedureD. 19. Which of the following is NOT true about the Project Management Plan?The project management plan contains the scope management planA. The project management plan gives authority to the project managerB. The project management plan contains the quality baselineA. The project management plan contains the performance baselineA. Download at Boykma.Com
  5. 5. 146   Chapter 4Exam Questions20. Which of the following is NOT an output of Direct and Manage Project Execution?Work performance informationA. DeliverablesB. Implemented change requestsC. ForecastsD. 21. You are a project manager starting a new project. Your manager warns you thatprevious projects ran into trouble. Which of the following would be BEST for you to relyon to help plan your project:Our project management expertiseA. Historical informationB. The change control systemC. ForecastsD. 22. Which is NOT true about the project charter:The project manager must be consulted before the charter is finalizedA. The charter is issued by the projectB. sponsorThe project manager’s authority to manage the project is granted by the charterC. The charter gives a summary milestone scheduleD. 23. Which of the following is NOT an input to the Develop Project Management Planprocess?Outputs of the planning processesA. Project CharterB. Expert judgmentC. Enterprise environmental factorsD. 24. You are the project manager on a network engineering project. Two weeks ago, yourteam began executing the project. The work has been going well, and you are now aday ahead of schedule. Two stakeholders just approached you to tell you that they havean important change that needs to be made. That change will put you behind schedule.What do you do?Implement the change because you’re ahead of scheduleA. Refuse to make the change because the stakeholders did not take it to the changeB. control boardRefuse to make the change until the stakeholders document it in a change requestC. Make sure the stakeholders know that you’re open to change, and tell them to talk toD. the project sponsorexam questionsDownload at Boykma.Com
  6. 6. you are here 4   147integration managementExam Questions25. Which of the following is NOT an output of Perform Integrated Change Control?Approved change requestsA. Rejected change requestsB. ValidatedC. defect repairRecommended change requestsD. Start thinking about the kinds of questionsyou’re seeing. Some have extraneous details—we call them “red herrings.” Others are aboutinputs and outputs. That will definitelymake the exam more familiar and easier.Oh, I see. Sometimes thedetails of the question don’tmatter. They’re just there tothrow you off track.Just remember... if you get somethingwrong now, that means you’reactually MORE likely to rememberit on the exam! That’s why practiceexams are so useful.Exactly, watch out forthose red herrings.Take some time to go over the answersto these questions and if they did throwyou off track, reread the question tounderstand why.Download at Boykma.Com
  7. 7. 148   Chapter 41. Answer: CThis is really a question about inputs and outputs. There’s only one process thattakes “requested changes” as an input, and that’s Integrated Change Control.That’s where your changes get approved. The other answers all refer to otherprocesses: A is about building a baseline (which is part of Develop ProjectManagement Plan), while B and D are both about Direct and Manage Execution.2. Answer: BThe project management plan is created in the Develop Project Plan process, whichhappens after Develop Project Charter. Develop Project Charter is the very firstprocess on any project, and the inputs in answers A, C, and D exist before theproject started. The Project Managemet Plan is created during the project.3. Answer: CThe whole reason for the Direct and Manage Execution process is to actually do theproject work, and the deliverables are the products or services that are created bythe project. Don’t get fooled by answer D—even though the work is performed in“Direct and Manage Execution,” the information about how that work is performed isturned into forecasts in “Monitor and Control Project Work.”4. Answer: CWhen you get a question about communication, look for the answer that providesthe most complete, honest, and up-front information, even if that information won’tnecessarily solve the problem or make everyone happy.5. Answer: BAll changes must be handled using the change control system, which is a set ofprocedures that is contained in the project management plan. There is no way totell from the question what specific steps will be in that change control system—answers A, C, and D are all possible ways to deal with changes, depending on thesituation. The only way to know for sure what to do is to follow the change controlprocedures in the project management plan.That makes sense. You need tomonitor the work to figureout how well it’sbeing performed.This is a “which-is-not” question.When you see a question asking youto choose which input or output isnot associated with a process, onegood strategy is to try to thinkof what it is that process does.exam answersExam QuestionsAnswersDownload at Boykma.Com
  8. 8. you are here 4   149integration management6. Answer: AThis is a “just the facts” question, and answer A is the actual definition of the work authorizationsystem from the PMBOK® Guide. After you’re done with these questions, look it up—it’s onpage 452. Underline or highlight it, and then read it out loud. Once you’ve read about it in thechapter, answered this question about it, and then looked up the definition, you’ll never forget it!7. Answer: DThe first thing you do after a change is approved is to update the baseline. If you chose answerC, don’t feel bad—it’s easy to get a little mixed up about what a baseline is used for. The wholepurpose of the baseline is to figure out whether your project has deviated from the plan. Buta change isn’t a deviation from the plan! A deviation is accidental, while a change is done onpurpose. That’s why it’s so important to get the change approved: that way, everyone knowsabout it, which means that you can plan for it. And updating the baseline is how you do thatplanning.8. Answer: BWhen your company has a policy, you need to follow it and not try to work around it. Also, don’tget fooled by answer D—the question said that a change request was submitted, so it’s alreadydocumented. The exam could contain tricks like that!9. Answer: BThis is a Business Case—it describes the benefits of doing a project and can be used to decidewhether it’s worth it for your company to do the work. Sometimes the benefits will be aboutgaining capablities, not just money.10. Answer: DDefects do not need to be documented in the project management plan. Take a look at theother answers—do you understand why they are correct? Answer A is simply the definition ofthe project charter; it doesn’t have anything to do with the defect, but it’s still true. When you’reperforming the Monitor and Control Project Work process, you need to make sure defect repairsare approved before you change the deliverables, so answer B is true as well. And as far asanswer C goes, that’s the whole purpose of the Integrated Change Control process: to approvedefect repairs, changes, and preventive and corrective actions!You use the baseline to protectyourself from nasty surprises… and anapproved change is not a surprise.There will be questions on the examwhere there are two valid answersbut only one BEST answer.The important stuff in this questionis all in the first sentence. Theoutsourcing detail is a red herring.Exam QuestionsAnswersDownload at Boykma.Com
  9. 9. 150   Chapter 411. Answer: AThis is the definition of the project management plan!12. Answer: CEven when a project is terminated, you still need to close it out.13. Answer: AIf a resource is not available to you, it doesn’t matter what’s in your project charter or what yoursponsors and stakeholders want. You need to figure out how to move forward from here, and the firststep in doing that is evaluating the impact that this new problem will have on your project.14. Answer: AThe project manager must decide the priority of the changes. If the changes need to be made, thatmeans that they were approved. So you can’t simply deny them. And you can’t call the team in for ameeting, because they need to do the work. Some people may think that the stakeholders need to beinvolved—but since the change was already approved, you’ve gotten their buy-in. Now it’s up to you todecide the order in which they’re implemented.15. Answer: CWhen you get a change request, you need to consult the project management plan and follow theprocedures defined in the change control system. It is generally not a good idea to involve the entireteam in evaluating each change that comes in—there may be many changes, and if you pull your teamoff the job for each one, they’ll never get their job done!16. Answer: AOnce a change is requested, all of the work that you do with it falls under Perform Integrated ChangeControl, right up until it’s approved and you can implement it.A question like this needs you to actuallythink about what you’d do—it’s not justabout applying a rule that you’ve learned.This is NOT a good change control boardbecause a Change Control Meeting doesn’tusually include the whole team!There’s no such thing as a ChangePrioritization Plan! Keep an eye out forfake artifacts and processes.exam answersDoesn’t C seem like the rightanswer? Too bad it’s not areal process!Exam QuestionsAnswersDownload at Boykma.Com
  10. 10. you are here 4   151integration management17. Answer: BThe work authorization system is defined by the company, and it’s external to the project.You can think about it as the rules that you are told to follow in order to assign workin your company. They are part of the Enterprise Environmental Factors, an input toDevelop Project Charter.18. Answer: BThe work performance information is documented as part of Direct and ManageExecution. By the time the project closes, it’s too late to use the work performanceinformation! That’s why it’s an input to Monitor and Control Project Work—so you cantake corrective action if the work is not being performed well.19. Answer: BThe Project Charter authorizes the project manager.20. Answer: DYou’ll learn about forecasts in Chapter 7—they’re used to helppredict whether the project will come in on time and within budget.If not, preventive or corrective actions will be needed! But youdon’t need to know that to know they’re not an output of Directand Manage Project Execution.21. Answer: BHistorical information is an important input into Develop Project Charter,which is the first process that you perform when you start a new project.Historical information is very important, because it’s how you learn aboutpast projects’ successes and failures. It’s not actually listed as its owninput. It’s a part of Organizational Process Assets—and it really is a hugeasset to any organization!We’ll learn about ScopeManagement in thenext chapter.Remember that lessons learnedare documented throughout theproject, not just at the end!That’s why they’re part of WorkPerformance Information.It seems like historicalinformation is an importantconcept. I’ll bet there will aquestion or two about it onthe exam.Exam QuestionsAnswersWhen you add lessons learned to yourorganizational process assets, you’rerecording important historical informationthat other project managers can use later.When you close a process orphase, you need to make sureeach deliverable has beenaccepted by the stakeholders.Download at Boykma.Com
  11. 11. 152   Chapter 422. Answer: AThe project manager may be consulted when the project charter is created,but that’s not always the case. It’s possible that the project manager for aproject is not even known when the charter is created!23. Answer: CWhile you may employ good judgment in developing your projectmanagement plan, Expert Judgment is not an input. It’s a tool/techniqueused in the various processes.24. Answer: CThe first step in handling any change is to document it. That’s why ChangeRequests are an input to Perform Integrated Change Control: the changecontrol process cannot begin until the change is written down!25. Answer: DIf you’re having trouble remembering what the inputs and outputs are forMonitor and Control Execution and Perform Integrated Change Control,one way to think about it is that change control is all about decidingwhether or not to do something. Monitor and Control Execution is whereyou spot the problems—that’s why all of the RECOMMENDED actionsand changes are outputs of it, and inputs into Perform IntegratedChange Control.Perform Integrated Change Control is where those recommendationsget evaluated turned into APPROVED actions and changes. The onesthat are not approved are REJECTED. Then they go back to Direct andManage Project Execution, where they are IMPLEMENTED, becausethat’s project work and all project work happens in that process.Didn’t D look like a good answer?Remember, this is how you handle changes:Find it… evaluate it… fix it.So how did you do?Rejecting changes means thatsometimes you need to say no to peopleto make them happy in the end—theymight not like it, but they’ll end upsatisfied when the project goes well.exam answersExam QuestionsAnswersDownload at Boykma.Com