03 pmp project management processes exam


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,PMP Exqam Preparation by: Jamil Faraj

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03 pmp project management processes exam

  1. 1. you are here 4   81the process frameworkExam Questions1. You’re a project manager working on a software engineering project. The programmers havestarted building the software, and the testers have started to create the test environment. Whichprocess group includes these activities?InitiatingA. PlanningB. ExecutingC. ClosingD. 2. Which of the following is not a stakeholder?The project manager who is responsible for building the projectA. A project team member who will work on the projectB. A customer who will use the final productC. A competitor whose company will lose business because of the productD. 3. A project manager runs into a problem with her project’s contractors, and she isn’t sureif they’re abiding by the terms of the contract. Which knowledge area is the BEST source ofprocesses to help her deal with this problem?Cost ManagementA. Risk ManagementB. Procurement ManagementC. Communications ManagementD. 4. You’re a project manager for a construction project. You’ve just finished creating a list of all ofthe people who will be directly affected by the project. What process group are you in?InitiatingA. PlanningB. ExecutingC. Monitoring & ControllingD. 5. Which process group contains the Develop Project Charter process and the IdentifyStakeholders process?InitiatingA. ExecutingB. Monitoring and ControllingC. ClosingD. Download at Boykma.Com
  2. 2. 82   Chapter 3Exam Questions6. Which of the following is NOT a project?Repairing a carA. Building a highway overpassB. Running an IT support departmentC. Filming a motion pictureD. 7. A project manager is running a software project that is supposed to be delivered in phases. She wasplanning on dividing the resources into two separate teams to do the work for two phases at the same time,but one of her senior developers suggested that she use an Agile methodology instead, and she agrees. Whichof the following BEST describes the relationship between her project’s phases?Sequential relationshipA. Iterative relationshipB. Constrained relationshipC. Overlapping relationshipD. 8. Which of the following is NOT true about overlapping phases?Each phase is typically done by a separate teamA. There’s an increased risk of delays when a later phase can’t start until an earlier one endsB. There’s an increased risk to the project due to potential for reworkC. Every phase must go through all five process groupsD. 9. You’re the project manager for an industrial design project. Your team members report to you, and you’reresponsible for creating the budget, building the schedule, and assigning the tasks. When the project iscomplete, you release the team so they can work on other projects for the company. What kind of organizationdo you work in?FunctionalA. Weak matrixB. Strong matrixC. ProjectizedD. 10. You’re a project manager working in a weak matrix organization. Which of the following is NOT true?Your team members report to functional managersA. You are not in directly charge of resourcesB. Functional managers make decisions that can affect your projectsC. You have sole responsibility for the success or failure of the projectD. exam questionsDownload at Boykma.Com
  3. 3. you are here 4   83the process frameworkExam QuestionsAnswers1. Answer: CThe Executing process group is the one where the team does all the work. You’ll get a good feel for theprocess groups pretty quickly!2. Answer: DOne of the hardest things that a project manager has to do on a project is figure out who all thestakeholders are. The project manager, the team, the sponsor (or client), the customers and people whowill use the software, the senior managers at the company—they’re all stakeholders. Competitors aren’tstakeholders, because even though they’re affected by the project, they don’t actually have any directinfluence over it.3. Answer: CThe Procurement Management knowledge area deals with contracts, contractors, buyers and sellers. Ifyou’ve got a question about a type of contract or how to deal with contract problems, you’re being askedabout a Procurement Management process.4. Answer: APeople who will be directly affected by the project are stakeholders, and when you’re creating a list ofthem you’re performing the Identify Stakeholders process. That’s one of the two processes in the Initiatingprocess group.5. Answer: AThe first things that are created on a project are the charter (which you create in the Develop ProjectCharter process) and the Stakeholder Register (which you create in the Identify Stakeholders process).You do those things when you’re initiating the project.Download at Boykma.Com
  4. 4. 84   Chapter 3Exam QuestionsAnswers6. Answer: CThe work of an IT support department doesn’t have an end date—it’s not temporary. That’s why it’snot a project. Now, if that support team had to work over the weekend to move the data center to anew location, then that would be a project!I see—so even whensomething is a process andnot a project, there couldbe projects related to it.7. Answer: BAgile development is a really good example of an iterative approach to project phases. In an Agileproject, the team will typically break down the project into phases, where they work on the currentphase while planning out the next one.exam answersDownload at Boykma.Com
  5. 5. you are here 4   85the process frameworkExam QuestionsAnswers8. Answer: BIf there’s an increased risk of a project because one phase can’t start until another one ends, that means your projectphases aren’t overlapping. When you’ve got overlapping phases, that means that you typically have multiple teamsthat start their phases independently of each other.Also, take another look at answer C, because it’s an important point about overlapping phases. When yourphases have an overlapping relationship, there’s an increased risk of rework. This typically happens when oneteam delivers the results of their project, but made assumptions about what another team is doing as part of theirphase. When that other team delivers their work, it turns out that the results that both teams produced aren’t quitecompatible with each other, and now both teams have to go back and rework their designs. This happens a lotwhen your phases overlap, which is why overlapping phases have an increased risk of rework.9. Answer: DIn a projectized organization, the project manager has the power to assign tasks, manage the budget, and release theteam.10. Answer: DIn a weak matrix, project managers have very limited authority. They have to share a lot of responsibility withfunctional managers, and those functional managers have a lot of leeway to make decisions about how the teammembers are managed. In an organization like that, the project manager isn’t given a lot of responsibility.That’s why you’re likely tofind a project expediterin a weak matrix.Download at Boykma.Com