Romeo the Cat


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Gary Moneysmith of Conrad Phillips and Vutech presents "Romeo the Cat: The Cats Meow of Social Media" at the Columbus Chamber's event, "Getting Results with Social Media"

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Romeo the Cat

  1. 1. Meet Romeo The Cats Meow of Social Media
  2. 2. Accomplishments Media Coverage
  3. 3. How ?! Accomplishments $15,000 + in Donations
  4. 4. Success Factors 1) Brand Relevant Conversations 2) Engaged with Community 3) Clear, Consistent Sense of Purpose 4) Timeliness
  5. 5. I can haz Twitter? Starting Out with Twitter Donates 5 cents for every follower Followers hand reviewed to block “bots” and junk Daily “Wake Up Tactic of the Day” tweets = hallmark
  6. 6. Twitter Momentum <ul><li>Pet Lovers </li></ul><ul><li>Animal Advocates </li></ul><ul><li>Artists </li></ul><ul><li>Tight/Focused Community </li></ul>Who are these people?!
  7. 8. Establishing Home Base 185 incoming links 500 visitors/day 1 new posts/day
  8. 9. 324 Fans Cross posted Tweets (some, not all) Promote blog posts Threaded conversations allow animal lovers to find/friend each other Facebook: For my fans…
  9. 10. FURPOWER Fundraising Umbrella term refers to any/all fundraising to help animals.
  10. 11. Sponsors 1) Sponsorships paid directly to charity of the month = tax deductible advertising 2) Bi-monthly donations for a giveaway – usually sponsor related products/services
  11. 12. #PawPawty 24-Hour Twitter “rave” with “anipals” – all animal tweeters. Uses the #pawpawty hashtag Spirit is to raise money ($1000/pawty averaging $10 per gift) Worldwide – spearheaded by @FrugalDougal from England; loyal supporters from US, NZ, Wales, Spain Every party supports a charity; Romeo gets every other month DJ ( scheduled by hour; door prizes every 30 minutes (48-prizes!) Community engaged to fight for a cause
  12. 13. Success Factors 1) Brand Relevant Conversations > Relevant, targeted and entertaining tweets & posts 2) Engaged with Community > In tune with nuances, dynamics & vernacular 3) Clear, Consistent Sense of Purpose > Romeo = icon for animal fundraising 4) Timeliness > Updated content & replies make Romeo seem “real”
  13. 14. Thank You!