Social Lead Generation


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Sales for Life is the leading Social Lead Generation company. See how our Social Lead Generation program books more meeting, faster. All with Social Selling.

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Social Lead Generation

  1. 1. Social Selling Training Social Lead Generation Social Recruiting“Sell more, Sell SOCIAL”
  2. 2. Challenge #1 – RIGHT NOW“I need more leads now” Buyers are tough to connect with: Their telephones ring to voicemail. Emails have less impact, and are frequently ignored. Marketing leads are great, but not enough.
  3. 3. Challenge #2 – TOMORROW“My reps need a process that wakes up buyers,how can they be leaders?” Your buyers are happy with Status Quo – they don’t think they have a problem. “Smiling & Dialing” does little to change a buyer behaviour. According to SiriusDecisions – 70% of the buying process is done online with Social Research.
  4. 4. How will this affect your business? Reduce % of Reps Making Quota According to CSO Insights - 40% of sales reps will not make quota in 2012. Risk Turnover Sales reps will get discouraged an leave Increase Pressure from Competitors It’s an inevitability, Social Selling is here. Competitors are building lasting brand awareness with social presence.
  5. 5. WHAT IF – you could increase your sales repsproductivity? Instantly identify, monitor & connect with hot buyers. Develop STICKY relationships with 1,000’s of buyers using thought-provoking content. Increase your buyer network & “sphere of influence” by 10X SOCIAL SELLING DOES THIS
  6. 6. Social Lead Generation Your Sales Reps Generate Leads Explode Network Thought-Leaders
  7. 7. Social Lead Generation ProgramSales for Life – Getting you prepared in 2 weeksUpfront Development• Needs Analysis• Buyer Persona & Synopsis• Optimize your Social Profiles• Implement Content Curation Machine• Step up Monitoring Feeds• Develop Messaging Workflow• Craft Client Success Stories• Develop Original Content
  8. 8. Day 1: Needs Analysis & Marketing MatrixAsk the right questionsGather your top client success stories
  9. 9. Day 2-4: Buyer Persona & Synopsis
  10. 10. Day 5: Optimize Social Profiles Join 50 Groups
  11. 11. Day 6: Curate Valuable Articles
  12. 12. Day 7: Monitor for Opportunities
  13. 13. Day 8: Message Workflow 2x Industry Problem Articles + 1x Original Article from usTell Client Success RE: Follow-Up Drive Call-to-Action
  14. 14. Day 9: Craft Client Success Stories
  15. 15. Day 10: Present Original ContentGather Market Issues Content is King – develop best assets to attract buyersBlog Articles How-to-Guides Video Webinars
  16. 16. Hitting the market1. Tell Client Success Stories2. Connect with your clients “Sphere of Influence” 100+ New Messages Each Week3. Grow your target market
  17. 17. Campaign: Drive buyers to events Tradeshows WebinarsMessage 1: Peak interest Buyer Contact CollectionMessage 2: Drive attendenceEvent: Twitter connectionsPost Event: Drive next steps
  18. 18. Report: Growth & ROINetwork GrowthMarketing Qualified LeadsSales Qualified Leads
  19. 19. What is the VALUE?Engage 1,000’s of C-Level buyers with valuable contentOWN database of 1,000’s of buyers – endless prospectingBest-of-Breed sales reps – lead the marketBrand Awareness goes viral (lasting SEO powerhouse)Book meetings! Open more doors, more often!
  20. 20. PricingSetting up your Account Monthly Services• Needs Analysis • 100+ Messages per week• Buyer Persona & Synopsis • Connecting with 1,000’s of buyers• Optimize your Social Profiles • Driving buyers to events and/or call-• Implement Content Curation Machine to-action• Step up Monitoring Feeds• Develop Messaging Workflow $4,000/month• Craft Client Success Stories 3 months, then month-to-month• Develop Original Content Additional Profiles$4,000 $2,000/monthLinkedIn Executive Account is required at $100/month
  21. 21. Social Success 12 Meetings Booked in 24 Hours 85 Follow-up calls to prospects wanting to talk further 1 Multi-Million Dollar Proposal Story Here
  22. 22. Social Success 17 Inside Sales Reps, all 100% hitting targets using Social Selling 31 Meetings Booked in first 60 Days Booking Meetings with >1 Billion companies, C-Level Executives Story Here
  23. 23. What leaders are using Social Lead Generation For Testimonials, click here 
  24. 24. www.salesforlife.comEmail: jamie@salesforlife.comPhone: 905.502.5512 x4009Linkedin: james_t_shanks