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Sales For Life - Social Selling Training Proposal


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Sales For Life - Social Selling Training Proposal

  1. 1. Social Selling Training Proposal
  2. 2. What is Social Selling Training?In-person and/or virtual training event(s)Deep review of all Strategies, Tips, Tricks, TacticsModule #1 = Strategies 101Module #2 = Advanced Social Lead Generation“Brown Bags” = Continuous EducationEntire company is invited (no per person fees)
  3. 3. What value will your team receive?Create more, qualified leadsTurn sales reps into branding thought-leadersUncover Trigger Events your competitorsdon’t see.
  4. 4. Deliverables – Module #1Social Selling 101 – Strategies, Tips, Tricks & Tactics1 hour Pre-Training Profile/Network Assessment3 hours LinkedIn, Twitter, Content Marketing1 hours Management KPI’s/Analytics set-up2 hours Adoption Training – “Day in a Life”3 hours 30/60/90 day Review, Q&A, Best PracticesTotal = 10 hoursFREE – sub-module videos for all topics you now own!
  5. 5. Build Optimum Profiles(SEO & Thought-Leadership)
  6. 6. Maximizing GroupsTIP – Unlimited ProspectsYOU CAN MESSAGE FOR FREE! USE TIMING TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!!!
  7. 7. Curate Valuable Articles
  8. 8. Identify Trigger Event Opportunities35% - 50% Increase probability if you’re first to respond –
  9. 9. Decision-Makers“Sphere of Influence” Insights “Competitors” Followers “Priority Shifting” Build prospecting lists Stimulate “Priority Shift” Monitor prospects taking action
  10. 10. Corporate Pages for Business Development
  11. 11. Messages that work
  12. 12. Nurture to create a “Priority Shift”“I don’t have a problem” Track interest “Ok, so I have a challenge, now what?” Web Form “Interesting, solutions exist – who’s the best vendor?”
  13. 13. Adoption - Day in a LifeMake part of your 30-60 min daily routine.
  14. 14. Deliverables – Module #2Advanced Social Lead Generation3 hours Training on entire Lead Generation process3 hours Adoption – build out program together3 hours 30/60/90 day Review, Q&A, Best PracticesTotal = 9 hoursFREE – sub-module videos for all topics you now own!
  15. 15. Deep dive into your Buyer Personas
  16. 16. Review content best practicesWhat grabs prospects attention?How can we move prospects off their Status Quo?
  17. 17. Integrate Next-Level Social ToolsDevelop “Priority Shifting” ContentPush Content to Prospects Nurture Prospects for the Future Drive a call-to-action
  18. 18. Track Buyer BehaviourListen for Qualified Trigger EventsMapping Social Proximity to win deal
  19. 19. The power of integrating Marketing AutomationCapture unlimited prospects email addresses Through your multiple channelsPlace inside the Machine Track & Score their Buyer BehaviorPush “Priority Shifting” Content
  20. 20. Advanced Event CampaigningDRIVE 1,000’s of prospects to your webinars!Tradeshows Webinars Message 1: Identify Problems Message 2: Present Solutions exist Message 3: Drive attendance Event: Twitter connections, #tags Post Event: Drive next steps
  21. 21. Advanced Trigger Event OpportunitiesMonitoring Opportunities- Industry Lists, Keywords, Competitors, Events- #Hashtags
  22. 22. Reviewing Social Proximity Leads are distributed based on social connectionsGeography My Social NetworkIndustry/Vertical
  23. 23. Competitive IntelligenceIf you can’t be first, be smarter! Reachable Integrate you sales team & map exactly who in your company is connected to competitive sales reps. We teach you how to monitor their activity and capture OPPORTUNITIES
  24. 24. Sales Reps = MicroMarketersSales Reps uses ASSETS to their advantage. Timing these ASSETS basedon a prospects very specific buying behavior.
  25. 25. Module 3 – “Brown Bags” 1 hour conference callHot new strategies & experiments Q&A “Deep Dive – How To” Role Playing – “How should I attract this prospect”
  26. 26. What results can you expect? Multiple SAP VAR’s using Social Selling for events Booked 14 meetings in 24 hours for SAP TechEd Landed 85 Opportunities by conclusion of SAP TechEd Driving 50+ attendees to monthly webinars All 17 sales reps hit 100% sales targets Booked 17 meetings in first 30 days, all $1BN+ accounts Now Social Selling in Account Management Winning incumbent accounts using competitive intelligence All 20+ insurance professionals are now Social Selling Leaders are booking 3+ new meetings a week Developing channel partnerships with 5 major CPA’s, all from Social Selling campaigns
  27. 27. Fee ScheduleModule #1 $1,500 – for 1 sales rep $9,999 – entire companyModule #2 $1,500 – for 1 sales rep $9,999 – entire company“Brown-Bags” $999/session
  28. 28. Next StepsIdentify which Module(s) will bring valueReview the Sales for Life contractChoose appropriate dates for training