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Sales For Life - Social Selling Presentation


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Sales For Life - Social Selling Presentation

  1. 1. Social Selling Experts Socialize the Top of your Sales Funnel
  2. 2. Tell us about you!What is your Top of the Sales Funnel strategy?How is your team generating leads today?What’s most important to you when evaluatingnew sales initiatives?
  3. 3. Challenge #1 “we need more leads!”“Why aren’t prospects getting back to us?”“We need a bigger sales funnel.”
  4. 4. Challenge #2 “My reps hate cold calling!” “They know they need to call… but find it dreadful”
  5. 5. Challenge #3 “Our prospects are frustrated by our call pressure tactics!”ENTER THE DEADZONE!No value in asking “have you reviewed our proposal yet?” Interviewed 1,200 decision-makers of SME & Enterprise companies. These are the top problems they had with other sales reps. 30% = Too much contact via phone & email 8% = Far too aggressive in their approach 9% = Lacked conveying value to my needs
  6. 6. Challenge #4 “Way too many Social tools!”
  7. 7. The buyer has changed“Up to 70% of the buying processdoes not require your sales reps”“65% of buyers choose the company that was firstto add VALUE”
  8. 8. The buyer is discovering – with or without you!83% of buying decisions began their journeyonline.Is your competitor planting the Inceptionwithout you?
  9. 9. Result: Sales reps in Status QuoSales reps haven’t evolved with the buyerWould you build a new homewith only hammer & nails?Then why build a sales pipelinewith only a phone & email?
  10. 10. What if…Your sales pipeline could explode!Prospects migrate to YOU, because youpresent TIMELY VALUE
  11. 11. Branding Machine /Generate Leads Explode Network Thought-Leaders
  12. 12. Keys to the Sausage Factory Be a Social Selling leader in 30 – 60 minutes per day! 1 hour/day = $350,000 worth of new opportunities in 6 month
  13. 13. Create a planWhat will drive prospects off their Status Quo?What stories will create Urgency & Priority Shift? Hot LinkedIn Groups
  14. 14. Optimize Social Profiles
  15. 15. Build trust & valueGather Market Issues Content is King – develop best assets to attract buyersBlog Articles How-to-Guides Video Webinars
  16. 16. Groups & Lists =ENDLESS Prospects
  17. 17. Listen for your Trigger Events• Industry M&A• Competitors – changes in their business , sales rep connections, departing reps• New decision-makers• Growth, deals and/or capital raises• Specific employees looking for solutions online
  18. 18. Decision-Makers“Sphere of Influence” Insights “Competitors” Followers “Priority Shifting” Build prospecting lists Stimulate “Priority Shift” Monitor prospects taking action
  19. 19. Attack the market
  20. 20. Nurture Prospects
  21. 21. XO Communications Story – the buying process in a Social worldNOVEMBER 2012 Authority • Decision-Maker is hired. • Realizes old way of selling will no longer sustain a competitive advantage. • Approaches management about new “Social Selling” process. He will train all 280 sales reps world-wide. Management Agrees. The Need is created.
  22. 22. Begins researching potential Solutions Early December 2012 Discovers a webinar on Social Selling “3 Tips you didn’t know” Recording August 2012. Placed on LinkedIn Groups – now ranking high on Google Searches. Turns out, Vorsight is a trusted vendor. The “Sphere of Influence” is very important. After looking at our LinkedIn page, he see’s his trusted vendor and his top competitor.
  23. 23. December 10th, 2012Urgency is created.The Decision-Maker planned onchoosing a vendor by mid-January.He began to invite top vendors topresent their solutions. .VS. The presentation was like an RFP. The educated buyer knew exactly what he wanted. Did we meet his criteria? Beyond value – the decision was Money driven. Sales for Life won the deal on January 14th, 2013.
  24. 24. Create Sales Qualified LeadsPriority Shift – reviewing Solutions Create ConnectionsDrive to Next Steps
  25. 25. Design the Social Selling MachineC-Level Executive Email Data Collection Profile Scoring
  26. 26. Analyze, Improve & GrowHow fast is our network growing?How engaging are our campaigns?Who’s actively looking in a buying mode?
  27. 27. How can we helpSocial Selling Training“Teach the machine”Social Selling Roadmaps“Coach/Build the machine with you”Social Lead Generation“Run the machine for you”
  28. 28. Success Multiple SAP VAR’s using Social Selling for events Booked 14 meetings in 24 hours for SAP TechEd Landed 85 Opportunities by conclusion of SAP TechEd Driving 50+ attendees to monthly webinarsAll 17 sales reps hit 100% sales targetsBooked 17 meetings in first 30 days, all $1BN+ accountsNow Social Selling in Account ManagementWinning incumbent accounts using competitive intelligenceAll 20+ insurance professionals are now Social SellingLeaders are booking 3+ new meetings a weekDeveloping channel partnerships with 5 major CPA’s,all from Social Selling campaigns
  29. 29. Clients – now Social Selling experts For Testimonials - Click Here
  30. 30. Next StepsDiscuss how Social Selling will increase yourTop of the Sales Funnel opportunitiesReview which Social Selling program wouldwork best for your teamHost conference call to review your SocialSelling program proposal
  31. 31. Contact UsJamie Shanks, MBAManaging PartnerMain: 905-502-5512 x4009Cell: 416-409-4999Email: jamie@salesforlife.comLinkedIn: