Trend of future living room entertainment


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Trend of future living room entertainment

  1. 1. The Future ofLiving Room Entertainment By Jamies Yam
  2. 2. Table of Content  Introduction    Goal  and  Process    Questions  considering    Key  Trend     “Smart  TV”       Home  theatre  “Sound  system”     Home  theatre  “Visual”     Live  streaming/  Online  rental    Connectivity  with  mobile  devices    Implications    Summary    About  
  3. 3. ForewordIntroduction     Goal     Living  room  entertainment  has  been  the     To  provide  information  in  future  trends   fastest  changing  in  both  technology  and   about  living  room  entertainment.  Giving   connectivity  to  varieties  devices  and  user   inspirations  for  business  to  react  with   interfaces.     these  trends  in  order  to  create  a  bigger     When  stepping  in  21st  century,  things   opportunity  of  increasing  needs  in  the   are  different  than  before,  with  the  help  of   current  market.   technology,  the  way  of  communication  and   Process   interaction  between  human  are     Research  and  analysis  data  form  different   transforming.  People  using  the  sharing   medium,  and  to  narrow  down  important   platform  more  than  ever  before,  also   information  in  order  to  create  a  more   technology  is  getting  more  personal  and   accurate  report  on  future  trends  and   can  be  customized  so  everyone  can  have  a   market  share.   better  user  experience.  In  the  future,  living   room  entertainment  will  replace  by  Smart     More  date  can  be  Qind  at   TV  and  interactive  devices,  all  kinds  of   information  and  video  on  demand  can  be   obtained  from  the  Internet  using  these   interfaces.  Living  room  entertainment  is   enhancing  with  technologies.  
  4. 4. Questions considered Trends of home entertainment in the past 10 years. Entertainment product that involve 3D technology. Entertainment product with interactive technology. Sharing user experience. Live streaming. Connectivity with other devices.
  5. 5. Smart  TV  Apps   Trend  1  –  Smart  TV   A TV with applications, these applications can help you receive the newest information from the Internet such as weather and news. With TV apps can also help you easily navigate among channels and giving you the power of multitasking, so you can place a delivery food order or check your email without leaving your couch.
  6. 6. Internet  Connectivity   Trend  1  –  Smart  TV   Television with built-in Wi-Fi adapter to connect to Internet without a cable, so when you turn the TV on, everything will be update, such as news, apps, and list of channel…etc. Also accompany with the apps, you can Twit or Facebook update what you are watching at the moment or search what others is watching now.
  7. 7. Gesture  Control   Trend  1  –  Smart  TV   Using RF remote, Wii-style, to operate the menu on TV screen. From now on we can use our TV remote to control the cursor onscreen, using your fingertip to control over just 5 buttons, you have the world in your palm.
  8. 8. Face  recognition   Trend  1  –  Smart  TV   Sony came up with these face recognition feature on the up coming TV products that can checking whether someone is still watching TV or falling asleep. The TV itself equipped with facial recognition technology, depending on where youre seated in the room, the TV will automatically optimize sound balance and picture performance, warn children if theyre sitting too close, or shut off the picture completely if no one is watching.
  9. 9. Direct  Sound   Trend  2  –  Sound  System   The future of home use speakers is going to be using a technology will only beam sound to specific group of listeners (position), so when you are watching Super loud action movies, other people in the room won’t be disturb. Exposing the drivers in the THX Steerable Line Array speaker (they are normally hidden)
  10. 10. Wireless  speakers   Trend  2  –  Sound  System   People hate it when the see the cables are tide up together like a mess, whether it’s behind your TV or around the door. Going wireless is the trend of the future, we will no longer suffer by organizing the cables. Wireless sender and receiver will make you only one main dock for you to play music and wirelessly transmit to anywhere in your house without connecting tons of cables. wireless-1
  11. 11. Omnidirectional  Sound   Trend  2  –  Sound  System   The HVT technology stands for Horizontal- Vertical Transforming technology, and it gives off omnidirectional sound, a 360 degree of noise. Also the coils inside the HVT system have been rearranged to reduce the wasted space in traditional speakers, so it can be light in weight, and also comes in thinner size.
  12. 12. 3  Dimensional  Sound  System   Trend  2  –  Sound  System   Surrounding sound system that can create an atmosphere of sound going around audience by using multiple speakers and newer technology can use virtual surround sound by using fewer speakers to create a rich and positional audio.
  13. 13. Ambient  sensor   Trend  3  –  Visual   Ambient sensor is the newest technology on TV, using a light sensor to determine the light in viewing area in order to adjust the brightness and contrast on screen. Audience can have a more comfortable viewing experience.
  14. 14. LED  TV   Trend  3  –  Visual   LED TV is a LCD television with LED- backlighting technology. With LED- backlight can makes the LCD has a thinner panel with less power consumption and reduce the heat, at the mean time provide brighter display that gives a better contrast levels. Compare the LED to LCD, LED has an absolutely better viewing experience and the viewing angle is wider than LCD, too.
  15. 15. 3D  Technology   Trend  3  –  Visual   Regular motion picture is not going to be enough for audience anymore, in order to create bigger impact for visual communication, 3D technology is now the hottest potato in the market and by creating 3D motion pictures is going to change the TV experience in a significant way.
  16. 16. Glasses  Free  3D   Trend  3  –  Visual   The next generation of 3D TV that without a 3D glasses, Naked eyes 3D. The 3D technology has been out for 2 years already, before the market is getting tired of using active 3D technology that needs to watch 3D TV with 3D glasses, the industry already have the glasses free 3D TV about ready to push out in the coming year. So everyone can watch 3D in the living room, without buy the extra pairs of glasses.
  17. 17. Movies  and  Dramas   Trend  4  –  Live  streaming/  Online  rental   Watching movies and drama instantly from Internet streaming is the most popular on demand right now. The outstanding ones are Netflix and iTunes, more and more competitors are joining in to share the cake including Amazon and Bestbuy. It’s fast, easy and cheap, for people who don’t want to go to movie heathers this is the best choice.
  18. 18. Independent  Video  Sharing   Trend  4  –  Live  streaming/  Online  rental   Upload your own video and share with friends, maybe you will be famous one day just by these sharing communities online. Website such as Youtube and Vimeo are the biggest video sharing platform for user to share and watch.
  19. 19. Video  Games   Trend  4  –  Live  streaming/  Online  rental   In the beginning of online rental, mostly are just movies, then it moves on to dramas, and now video games. The time people spend on video games are much longer that before but shorter time in a single title. People easily found games are not that much fun after awhile of playing, so the short term rental for people to “test drive” game are up for audiences to play per paid.
  20. 20. Music  Channels   Trend  4  –  Live  streaming/  Online  rental   People tend to listen radio of their choices, which only plays the kind of music they are interested, at the mean time sharing to others about what kind of music they like. This makes the Internet radio and cloud media player more popular than ever before. It’s customize- able and can easily share. When people are hosting a party, or even a reader’s club, they got what people wants and broadcast to your living room.
  21. 21. Airplay   Trend  5  –  Connectivity  with  mobile  devices   Airplay function give living room entertainment a huge boost on transmitting signal to your speakers without connecting any cables, so people can walk around the house and switching songs or adjusting volume without pointing the remote to the speakers.
  22. 22. Remote   Trend  5  –  Connectivity  with  mobile  devices   In the upcoming future, there will be not necessary to have remote control for a single product; mobile phone will be the remote of everything. By using mobile phone, can access all appliances at home; don’t even need to move around anymore.
  23. 23. Recording  and  Playback   Trend  5  –  Connectivity  with  mobile  devices   Instant record and playback for TV is a big turning point in the TV history, people can instantly replay what they just missed, or by choosing over the channel list to schedule a recording directly into the hard disk, so there won’t be tapes and discs around anymore. Also you can watch what you just missed on TV, its fast and easy.
  24. 24. Sharing   Trend  5  –  Connectivity  with  mobile  devices   Share everything from computer, mobile devices to entertainment devices such as TV and speakers. Not just music, also videos and even social network status can be share through television.
  25. 25. Smart  TV   Implacation   • Customize  people’s  need  on  living  room     entertainment  in  order  to  be  more  personal.   • Information  can  be  spread  in  a  quicker  way.     •  he  ability  to  share  becomes  much  easier  and   T information  is  easier  to  Qind.  
  26. 26. Sound  System   Implacation   • Giving  home  movie  viewing  a  real  theater     experience.   • Increase  amount  of  music  listening  that  can  boost     music  sales.    
  27. 27. Visual   Implacation   • Save  more  power  by  using  newer  model.     • Create  a  healthier  way  of  watching  television,     especially  kids.   • Create  more  opportunity  when  developing  3D     visuals.  
  28. 28. Live  Streaming/  Online  Rental   Implacation   • More  sharing  through  online  community  can  boost     online  viewing  counts.     • Faster  advertising  method  through  streaming  media.     • Movie  rentals  can  make  more  proQit  by  renting  out     cheaper  but  more.  
  29. 29. Connectivity  with  mobile  devices   Implacation   • Sharing  everybody’s  own  media  library  in  an  easier     way.   • Increase  the  sharing  habit  between  people.       • Create  faster  connectivity  between  news,  interested     and  people.  
  30. 30. SummaryThe future of living room entertainment isbecoming more and more connective with theworld. The technology is creating a better andfaster communication between people, also withthe next generation of entertainment system isgoing to give the living room a different position inthe communication perspective. New markets arecreated and will be more opportunities on bothdeveloping and consumer’s industry. Byunderstanding the trends of future living roomentertainment system can easily tell that it’s notjust about sales but also social media is playing a bigpart here as an advertising and sharing platform,along with modern technologies, the future of livingroom entertainment will be richer and richer inboth information and user experiences.
  31. 31.  Jamies Yamis a creative strategist originally from Hong Kong, studying in the Academy of Art University San Francisco, concentration in Account Planning in Advertising.