art of presentation Map of Jamies Yam


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art of presentation Map of Jamies Yam

  1. 1. Jamies  Yam  Rail  Road  Map n o si u cl n o e C n o a m h tr e a ra  P n a o a cL . ss d in N M  W a  M  C ke a n rd n . in a fa L ss ic h i  L u te iM r S R S M ke a o e p  H g  S L ik a n st h e / u g k  C G ri n ic im te N n  L e y n /C rl g t   a in in ss n C  L th e e a s a ln m sk w re fu p a ie B d lo in ve C rv M e te  I n l  D n a r n tio te so a n r s u e ill rm co P la n k fo n P  S In E g in w ie o rv t? n ? e tr te   ig ts itl In In u o u a oT  y o b p sp  a m t   re te a e v? t   a a  c e d a n ite sw A h o r r   y   W s si vo u h a a o W p F Y No No Smoking Alcoholic Feeding Flammable
  2. 2. The Map ofJamies Yam
  3. 3. IntroArt of presentation, a very important skill to the way of success. Whendoing presentations, we are not just to tell people information or sellingan idea, it’s also a way for us to understand what are we thinking, whatwe really want to achieve, to make people believe in us, and to make our-selves stand shape in a crowd.It’s not just about the way we present, it’s about communication. Thebetter we communicate with people in our daily life, the better we canbring our message when we are presenting. Breaking the ice is not justimportant when meeting a stranger, but it’s an important skills to breakthrough the bottle neck, and this is the best way to get in what audienc-es are interested at and how to draw their attention.
  4. 4. Interviewing SkillsInterviewing skills, a very important knowledge when being interview.One of the most effective ways to understand what we really want, keepasking ourselves different questions can also dig out the truth that younever thought of. Prepared, own it!
  5. 5. Why Adv?Advertising is the best way to share ideas and thoughts. The most effec-tive way to put my thinking into the general market and have the largestamount of audiences. Not just creating, also to observe people’s reactionand marketing behavior, working on them and making them better isvery interesting, too.
  6. 6. What are you passionate about?To create and innovate. Think of things that people never thought of, dothings that people never dare to do. Be myself but at the same timeblend myself into different cultures and to understand different ideas ofarts or beauty.
  7. 7. Favorite campaign?The Mini Cooper USA campaign. It’s very smart and easy to understand,at the mean time it fulfill the idea of the incomplete circle, so audiencecan figure out the idea themselves and to understand the persuasiveidea of the brand and product. Also it uses simple visuals to show theconcept of the car, makes audience really easy to understand what thecar’s advantage is.
  8. 8. Your sweet spot?My sweet spots are tend more the innovative way. I’m more anidea/concept driven person more than a visual person. I’m not good atcreating beautiful images but innovative ideas. It’s better for me totweak ideas around and giving it a new definition.
  9. 9. Informational InterviewsBy interview people from different industries, understand more workingtips and realistic opinions. The pathway to success, learn from peoplearound you, not just near your, go wide. Talking to people who had dif-ferent working experience can let me know more about how peoplebecome successful and how they over come the suffering.
  10. 10. Informational Interviews ICaska Lin - 3D modeling artistHe works in a 3D animation firm that helps movies and games making 3D models. Hetold me abut how to take pressures from directors and how to deal with clients. He saidanger management is very important when facing clients that do multiple changes.Carlyn Lim - IllustratorCarCarlyn working as a concept artist in the gaming industry. She taught me about how tocreate strong visuals in my head without needing reference, is to watch more and moremovies, so can have more “examples” when thinking of concepts.Nick Chang - LCD manufacture managerNick has been working in the LCD manufacture industry for 15 years, he has beenworking on different aspects, such as research and development, administration, andsales department. Working under pressure is very important for getting attention fromboss, and the willing-ness of learning and practice is highly recommended in all kinds ofindustries, too.Lik Ho - Creative Director in DDB HKHe is a well-known CD in the industry in Hong Kong. He was once my Art Directorwhen I was an intern back in 2009. He reminded me about reading tons of magazines toimprove the “eyes” to have a better judgement on visuals, and also to obtain informa-tion from as much as possible sources to keep myself updated to the technology andthe society, so I won’t be losing behind anyone, either from the industry or not.
  11. 11. Informational Interviews IIMimi L. - Product manager in AsusMimi is a Electric Engineer ffrom USC and working in Asus as a product manager forthe Transformer Pad. And the key she said working in a worldwide crop is to stay calmand expect extra working hours at all time. Being an engineer is not just need to be log-ical but also needs to be creative to tweak problems around so can be solve in a differ-ent, she mentioned about if I’m working in the advertising industry needs to remembernot just try to be creative but also need to be logical, so everything will be makingsense than people can understand.Stefan Cassara - Interior DesignerStefan is a freelance interior designer. What he thinks about the hardest time is to com-municate with clients, understand what they really wants and asking proper questionsto create the right visual for them.Richard W. - Contractor at BoeingLearning to be patient is what Richard recommend me to keep in mind. Don’t try torush on any project, be patient. Get everything well organized and researched on everydetails. Don’t let my opponent get the chance to question on anything I have, if theyreally do, I better have the answer with me and be as much as confident as possiblewhen I present or stand out.Susanna McLean - Manager at Century 21 Leading Edge Realty Inc.Susanna had been working in banking and real estate for over 30 years, and she re-minds me about how I should achieve my goals step by steps, don’t rush, sometimeswhen rushing on things, it’s more likely to be screw up. So do things slowly in order,with passion and patient, it will be there.
  12. 12. EncounterThe most important encounter for me is time management. I have areally bad time management skill that makes me really hard to break mywork schedule down, and that leads to working non-stop before thedeadline with not too good quality works.The importance of time management is to give myself a better breakdown on works, and to focus on specific thing one at a time in order tocreate better work quality.
  13. 13. Personal Development PlanPersonal development plan really helped me through the semester, I getback in touch with my old colleagues when I was doing my internshipand talked to them a lot about how they have been doing after I left andback to school. And I still reminding myself on develop on my own web-site. Keeping myself in track on what I’m looking for and what I reallywant to do for a living in the future.
  14. 14. Breathing/Centering/MindfulnessThe breathing exercise I found it really useful to calm myself and refreshmy mind when I’m in a bottle neck of creativity. Take a short while toquiet down, listen to the sound from environment can make my mindempty for a while, stopping my mind from mess for a little bit.When doing the b breathing exercise, it’s better for me to close my eyesand have some soft music going on, it helps my nerves to relax, also tokeep myself calm from my anger. The longer I breath, the better I calm,so I can think without the previous complications. Sometimes when I tryto think of ideas for too long I got stuck and the breathing exercisereally helped me out.
  15. 15. Guest SpeakerI enjoyed the time with Chris Sams, he is a really interesting person andhis passion really get in the atmosphere! The improv with him is reallyfun and I feel I’m jumping out from my boundaries! The activities we hadI thought they were all like elementary games but they all ended upbring out an unexpected effects. impThe idea of doing improv is not just to have fun, but also to bring out theinside of us to show the world. I found that when we are doing improv,especially when everybody is doing together, it’s easier to participatethan read ourselves and following instructions to do improv, it’s alwaysbetter to have a lead/host. Chris is a really passionate person and hisvoice has a magic for people to do what he said (for sure it’s aboutimprov).
  16. 16. Linkedin
  17. 17. No PhoneNowadays people can hardly live without cellphone. When I’m eatingdinner or do anything, people around me cannot put down their phoneand this really bugs me. I wonder if I’m living in a world that I need tocommunicate with people, or in a world that communicate with a mobiledevices. I enjoyed the moment while I won’t hear a ringtone, or a buzz.Get real social connection but not just texting or inbox people on theirsocial network interfaces. People really need to get out physically to theworld to breath fresh air and talk with real people, that’s real communi-cation.
  18. 18. MantraThink before speak.This mantra I set for myself is really working, I didn’t notice about howwas my behavior and how’s language can be sue as a weapon before. I’mmore concerning about my language and how to interpret/ phrase in dif-ferent ways can mean totally different. In order to have people listen tome and trust me, first of all I really need to control myself and thinkclearly before speak.
  19. 19. ConclusionAfter the semester, I learned the proper way of presentation to show myconfident and professional using my body gesture. The art of presenta-tion is not just about persuasive our point of view to others and makingthem believe at us, but to create a better communication environment inorder to have common understanding. The skills to communicate withother is as important as your presentation skills, along with a comfort-able body position can let people feel more comfortable when they arelistening/ watching your presentation.The fun part about being a presenter is to observe audiences, how’stheir reaction and if they like my presentation or not. Doing presenta-tions can get the most realistic feed back from audiences in real time.And being an advertising planner, doing presentations can also observethe crowd’s reaction from a smaller portion compare to the real market,so we can have an idea of how to tweak things in a better way or how toachieve to reach maximum target audiences.