Social TV: The Opportunity for Brands


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Social TV - the collaboration of television consumption and social interaction is a growing trend.

From Internet connected 'social TV's' to complimentary apps like GetGlue and Miso, this briefing looks at the opportunities [for brands] presented by Social TV.

This briefing was originally published in October 2011.

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Social TV: The Opportunity for Brands

  1. 1. Social TV, the potential for brands Directors Briefing October 2011 WWW.DIGITALTOMORROWTODAY.COMWWW.DIGITALTOMORROWTODAY.COM
  2. 2. Social TV, the potential for brandsContentsIntroduction 03 What is Social TV Why is it Important? Social TV Research 04Three Different Ways Consumers are Using Social TV 05Social TV Apps Focus On: Social TV Apps 06Connected TVs 07Watching TV content on a computer, laptop or tablet 08Social TV the opportunity for brands 09How Can Brands Harness Social TV A well placed tweet Badge Promotions Apps on the Television Apps to Interact with TV events Bespoke Campaigns The Future of Social TV 1002 / SOCIAL TV, THE POTENTIAL FOR BRANDS
  3. 3. Social TV, the potential for brandsIntroduction What is Social TVWatching TV has always been social. A crowd Social TV is a term used to refer to the activitywatches the big match in the pub, friends get of socially connecting around the watching of atogether to watch a special programme or we TV show. For the purpose of brand marketing,talk about last night’s TV at the water cooler. Social TV will refer to the connection made to join the active social networks with theWhen the Internet took off, the amount of time ‘traditional’ broadcast of TV shows.spent watching TV decreased. In ‘those days’(about 15 years ago) the Internet was accessed Why is it important?by a slow connection on a large computer in theother room. Now the Internet is accessed quickly Social TV will allow to brands to truly connecton a wide variety of devices. online, mobile and TV marketing solutions delivering an impact and engagement greaterAn increasing global trend is the rise of parallel than the sum of its consumption on the TV and on a ‘secondscreen’. Usually a mobile device or tablet but not Globally recognized MIT placed Social TV as oneexclusively. of its top 10 trends for 2010 along with real time search and £D mobile.Much of this second screen activity has beenrelated to the discussing the TV programme on channels including Facebook and Twitter. tr10/?year=2010In the UK, A series of Political ‘Leaders’ Debatesfor the 2010 General Election saw 29 tweets a We believe the launch in late 2011 of the Googlesecond actively commenting on the live debate. TV updates will be the first major signal for theThe social activitiy surrounding the XFactor has potential of Social TV in 2011.lead to the US version allowing audience votingdirectly from Twitter and thedevelopment of integrated brandstrategies to complement TVsponsorship deals.John Lewis, a major UK retailerand benchmark for UK retailexpects 80% of its large formatTV sales to be connected TV’sthis Christmas. A connectedTV is a set that can access theInternet and offer lightweightapps including social networkingfunctions.Read more at SOCIAL TV, THE POTENTIAL FOR BRANDS
  4. 4. Social TV, the potential for brandsWhat does the Research Say?“American consumers are increasinglyconnected and our recent survey showsthey are increasingly multitasking whenit comes to multimedia.Roughly 40 percent of tablet andsmartphone owners in the U.S. usedtheir devices daily while watching TV,while only 14 % of eReader ownerssaid they watched TV while using theirdevice every day.And what are smartphone and tabletowners doing while watching TV?Checking email. Email was the topactivity for both men and womenduring television programmeing andcommercial breaks. In addition, womenreported engaging in social networkingmore than men, while men checkedsports scores more often.” Thinkbox, the marketing body forcommercial TV in the UK, recentlyconducted a survey of 3,000 consumersand found that:60% of people concurrently watch TVand go online at least two or three timesa week.37% go online while watching TV everyday.44% use social networks, like Facebookand Twitter, while watching TV.37% have chatted online about TV Neilson Net Ratingscontent.19% have shared TV content on a social network.Our Mobile Planet, the data centre from Google,IPSOS and the MMA suggests that well overhalf of respondents use their smartphone whilstwatching TV. Women across Europe are moreactive with social viewing than men.www.ourmobileplanet.com04 / SOCIAL TV, THE POTENTIAL FOR BRANDS
  5. 5. Social TV, the potential for brands3 different ways consumersare using Social TV1. Watching TV, whilst engaging on a mobile device.The consumer is watching their TV and engaging on social channels via mobile, laptop or tablet.Social engagement will be through Twitter or Facebook, either commenting on wall updates ortweeting with relevant hashtags to highlight the conversation thread, e.g. #XFactorA number of apps allow users to ‘check in’ and discuss their programmes connecting to the widersocial networks. These apps are similar to foursquare offering an element of ‘gamification’ offeringrewards for checking in and engaging. Brands are starting to use these methods as additional meansof promotion.Social TV AppsThese apps are becoming an increasing touchpoint for social TV engagement and a great potentialfor brands to join the Social TV ecosystem. Most of these apps start with basic checking in functionsoffering points or branded badges in reward. In 2012 these will evolve to more conversation-basedengagement, moving away from the basic check in.Additional data provided by www.crunchbase.com05 / SOCIAL TV, THE POTENTIAL FOR BRANDS
  6. 6. Social TV, the potential for brandsFocus on Social TV Apps GetGlue is a social network for entertainment that sparks real- Tunerfish is a startup focused time conversation about music, movies, television on the virtuous cycle of sharing, shows, celebrities, books and topics people discovery, and consumption of are passionate about. GetGlue also offers users entertainment. Tunerfish is wholly- personalized recommendations and exclusive owned by Comcast, who acquired rewards from some of the biggest names in Plaxo in 2008 GetGlue is at the heart of Miso is a 2nd screen the rapidly experience that makes watching accelerating TV more fun and social. It’s “second screen”available on the iPhone, iPad, Android, and Web. phenomenon,Miso is backed by Google Ventures. in which people increasingly Miso lets you choose to check-in to your interact socially favourite shows while consuming and episodes content. GetGlue to unlock fun, enables consumers to connect to one another and virtual badges, express themselves in real-time while watching or earn points, and listening to the entertainment content they love. compare with your friends to see who is the biggest fan! Connect Miso with Facebook and Twitter to automatically and instantly share what you’re watching with your friends. See what other Miso usersare watching and check-out the hottest trendingshows. You can even edit episodes, media titlesand posters, personalize your profile, and more tomake your TV watching experience more you! www.getglue.comwww.gomiso.com06 / SOCIAL TV, THE POTENTIAL FOR BRANDS
  7. 7. Social TV, the potential for brands2. Connected TVA connected TV will allow the user to watch TV and connect socially at the same time. Many largescreen TVs from major manufacturers including Sony and Samsung offer basic apps allowingconsumers to engage socially on their television.Apple and Google are also in the living room with their Apple TV and Google TV respectively.Sales of both companion boxes have been sluggish (Apple have sold just over 1 million in 2 years,Google has not reported sales but they haven’t been good.)Apple TV allows the consumer to access streaming iTunes content from the cloud and act as a ‘bigscreen’ for iPhones and iPads.Google TV sits between the cable/satellite box offering a suite of apps including Google products,Gmail and Youtube as well as branded apps [channels] including Net a Porter and NBA.In November 2011 Google launchedan operating system updateallowing ‘traditional’ apps from theAndroid Market onto the TV.This we believe will begin thetipping point for social TV uptakeinto 2012.07 / SOCIAL TV, THE POTENTIAL FOR BRANDS
  8. 8. Social TV, the potential for brands3. Watching TV content on acomputer, laptop or tablet. Social TV – the Opportunity for BrandsYouTube now screens TV catch up content Brands have an opportunity to harness thefrom the BBC and Channel 4 in the UK. It is also Social TV opportunity if they can offer a benefitpushing to stream more live events. to the consumer.The connection of YouTube to Google plus will Benefits could include:allow users to watch programmes in a hangout,creating a social ‘gathering’ centred around a • Full integration of mutli-channel brand show. campaigns • Social Uplift’ timing tweets to interact with TV In the USA, Facebook users can watch streaming ad schedules to enhance brand awareness or movies from Warner Brothers including the increased responseDark Knight and Harry Potter. The extension to • The ability to engage with a TV audience on showing and sharing TV content is not too far small budgetsaway. • Harness one of the most important digital trends for 2012‘Social Listening’ – connecting Spotify intoFacebook streams added one million users inless than a month. A strong indication we feel forthe future power of social TV.How Brands Can HarnessSocial TVA Well-Placed TweetJust watch the volume of #Xfactor tweets on aSunday night to see how active the communityis. A well-placed and relevant tweet could be agood starting point for harnessing the audience. online store on a range of items, including DVDs, books and replica bullet necklaces. People who have earned the Truebie reward will get 15% off, while those with the Superfan reward will get 20% off. Meanwhile, one user - the ‘Guru’ - will get a $50Badge Promotions gift card from HBO.Social TV apps including Miso and GetGlue Apps on the Televisionare active channels to deliver promotions. Byoffering branded badges for watching certain Not strictly ‘Social TV’ but the opening of theprogrammes, brands can create a wider Android Market onto Google TV will offer thepromotion to include a simple reward, which in potential for your app to be consumed in theturn has a social value that can be shared. living room as part of wider family engagement. We expect Apple to open Apple TV for iTunesGetGlue worked with HBO’s vampire series True apps in due course.Blood to boost engagement and to sell DVD’sand Merchandise.Fans using GetGlue’s apps to check-in to theshow will be able to get discounts at HBO’s08 / SOCIAL TV, THE POTENTIAL FOR BRANDS
  9. 9. Social TV, the potential for brandsApps to interact with TV eventsHeneiken Star PlayerThe game, which was created and devised by creative agency AKQA, taps into a growing ‘dual screen’habit amongst audiences: the tendency to watch TV while also chatting with mates via social medianetworks on computers or mobile phones. StarPlayer works in real-time, with players invited toforecast the outcome of corners, free kicks and penalties by choosing between a number of options. Different point scores are awarded depending on the likelihood of the outcome. Players also have the chance to guess when goals will take place - at the start of the game they are given eight chances to predict whether there will be a goal in the next 30 seconds, with points awarded on a sliding scale depending on how early the goal is anticipated.Bespoke CampaignsMajor brands are using Social TV to connect their online, mobile and TV activities. Pepsi says its Pepsi Pulse platform is a real-time digital visualisation of the conversations taking place on the social web around key Pepsi entertainment properties such as the show, giving consumers a forum to follow the ‘pulse’ of a certain topic or individual in real-time. www.pepsipulse.com09 / SOCIAL TV, THE POTENTIAL FOR BRANDS
  10. 10. Social TV, the potential for brandsThe Future of Social TV Would you like to discuss this?Many of our examples are ‘big brand’. This is As a premium subscriber we are happy tobecause they are early adopters; they have discuss this report in more detail, answerthe budget to trial this activity and are active questions or help you understand the potentialin prime time TV sponsorship. We expect the for your own business. Please contact us on‘trickle down’ effect to happen quickly opening email (jamie@ toup a new market for wider brands through 2012. ask questions or organise a Skype call to discuss further.From Check in to ConversationThe Check in model can be seen as just thestarting point for social engagement. Miso ismoving from a check-in service to a conversationplace. CEO Somrat Niyogi suggests,“Check-in is just a starting point“ he said, “afeature that can help to get a conversationgoing, but not be the focus of a conversation”GigaOM’s NewTeeVeeGet Glue has already seen the value of itsconversation channels impacting wider socialnetworks. Specifically, GetGlue has a measurableimpact on Twitter. During primetime, 3% – 20%of tweets about shows are coming from GetGlue.During the Oscars, GetGlue was the third-most-mentioned account on Twitter and 1/12 of thetweets that mentioned the word “Oscars” in thefirst 30 minutes of the telecast originated fromGetGlue. Other shows have experienced similarstats:10% of tweets during Californication’s seasonfinale came from GetGlue.15% of tweets during a recent episode of A&E’sBreakout Kings came from GetGlue.3% of tweets that mentioned ‘CelebrityApprentice’ during a recent episode of NBC’s hitshow came from GetGlue.Read the full article on Forbes / SOCIAL TV, THE POTENTIAL FOR BRANDS