How brands can harness QR codes for success


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How brands can harness QR codes for success

  1. 1. Using QR codes for offline online integrationDirectors BriefingOctober 2011WWW.DIGITALTOMORROWTODAY.COM WWW.DIGITALTOMORROWTODAY.COM
  2. 2. Using QR codes for offlineonline integrationWhat are QR Codes? How to Create a QR CodeQR is short for Quick Response. A QR code is Find a website or service that offers QR codea Quick Response Code. These barcode like creation. Put in the link you wish to connect to.images translate an image into a website url The website will then produce you a unique QRor action. Each QR code is unique and easily code to download.created on the web. There are many websites that offer free QR codes. However, we recommend finding a premium QR code provider. Do note, the url Denso Wave inc created the first QR code you enter can include tracking tags like Google in 1994 to track vehicle parts in Japan. Analytics links. 3 Reasons for using Premium QR codesWhy are they relevant to marketing? 1. Advance Creation. With a premium QR codeQR codes are an excellent way to connect offline you can can change the destination at any with online response or fulfillment. This is important if you need to create the codeAny consumer with a QR reader (app) on their for offline use before the online element is phone can take a picture of the QRcode. This picture is then translated by the app 2. Flexibility - A premium code will allow you todirecting the user to the relevant website or change the destination url are any time. This isaction. helpful if you are creating offline codes that will have a long shelf life.How to Scan a QR Code 3. Tracking - Premium tracking will give you aTo scan a QR code you will need a QR Code better breakdown of analysis - how many scans,reader. These are pre installed on Android how many unique scans, time of day, day of weekphones and available from the App store for the etc. The more data you can have the better.iPhone and iPads.When you see a QR code, simply use your QRcode reader (or scanner) to take a picture ofthe code. Once the picture is taken, the app willimmediately perform the desired action (open aweb page, start a video etc.)02 / USING QR CODES FOR OFFLINE ONLINE INTEGRATION
  3. 3. Using QR codes for offlineonline integrationQR Code Take Up & Demographics Top 10 users of mobile barcodes during Q3/2011QR is short for Quick Response. A QR code is (1) 1. United Statesa Quick Response Code. These barcode like (2) 2. Germanyimages translate an image into a website urlor action. Each QR code is unique and easily (5) 3. Canadacreated on the web. (3) 4. UK (4) 5. ItalyQR codes are not new, but have seen a rise in useduring 2011. (6) 6. Netherlands (7) 7. France• Worldwide usage on growth path: Q3/2011 (9) 8. Spain growing by 20.0% over Q2/2011, with daily scans coming from 141 different countries (10) 9. Australia around the world (8) 10. Hong Kong• Barcode usage in North America continues to () – Position in expand in Q3 with 42.1% growth in the USA and Q2/2011 35.1% growth inCanada compared to Q2/2011• QRcode activity in the Spain and Australia Source: “Global Growth in Mobile Barcode Usage - Q3 / showed a significant growth in Q3 of 66.5%, 2011“ 3G Vision and 50.9% respectively over Q2/2011• In the Czech Republic, the continues activity of The survey found 74% of responders recognised our partners Seznam ( ) ‘this type of image’ (A QR code). Awareness to promote QR codes resulted a 65.6% growth was above average for the age group 18 -24, on in Q3 compared to Q2/2011 average for 25 - 34 year olds and slightly below average for 35 -44 year olds.Source: “Global Growth in Mobile Barcode Usage - Q3 /2011“ 3G Vision On average just over 16% of respondents hadscanned a QR code. The 18 - 24 and 25 - 34 year old respondents wereabove average with older age groups dipping below average.The full report can be downloaded from their website Mobile Lens published a report in August 2011 looking atUS usage of QR codes. The report identified 14 million Americanshad scanned a QR code. This is in contrast to the 90 million users ofSmartphones in the USA. (Source: Our Mobile Planet)You can read the Comscore release here. I have them as part of my campaigns?Yes. The deployment cost for creating and tracking QR codes is verylow. As another accountable response mechanism for your campaigns,we do suggest you include them in your campaigns.03 / USING QR CODES FOR OFFLINE ONLINE INTEGRATION
  4. 4. Using QR codes for offlineonline integrationTen Examples of Using QR Codes in Marketing 5. On Brand Packaging. Budweiser has just‘Connecting Marketing Platforms’ released new branding for its beer cans. The branding includes a QR code. The link will1. Connecting a Press ad to an online campaign. vary over time as Anheuser Busch use it toThis is becoming an increasingly common communicate with their customers.connection between offline and online marketing.2. Connecting a Store Display for moreinformation. This can work for further productpromotion or special offers. 6. Billboard Responses. When faced with censorship of racy ads, Calvin Klein replaced the billboards with QR codes which, when scanned would show the original images. Note: this also became a story in its own right = more PR ! Making everything accountable 7. On conference tags. SXSW have been creating QR codes for name badges instead of bespoke codes that are unlocked with rental of an expensive ‘pen’ (As seen at most UK conferences)3. Personalised QR codes in Mailings. Thepotential for QR codes, like short codes is tocreate a personalised URL wrapped up into aneasy to share form. Creating a unique QR codefor each personalised link will offer greaterconversion in the campaign.4. To generate interaction from a TV commercial(or online video.) Axa in Belgium created a TVcommercial that included a QR code. Scanningthe QR code opened up a mobile website to‘continue the journey’ of the television advert.You can watch it at / USING QR CODES FOR OFFLINE ONLINE INTEGRATION
  5. 5. Using QR codes for offlineonline integration8. At the bottom of articles, reports and white In 2012, we expect to see the rise of Googlepapers. You did spot our front cover was a QR Goggles. In short, Goggles takes a picture andcode right? Did you scan it? analyses the whole image. not just a barcode.9. To generate Facebook Likes. Imagine your This technology has been trialled in 2011 withproduct or ad has a QR code on it. Scanning the a handful of global brands with small rolloutQR code takes your audience to the Facebook appearing in the We wrote about Likify, a company thatoffers such a service back in October 2010. Create short code urls and combine themwith QR codes. now offers QR codes whenit shortens urls. Any consumer scanning a ‘Goggles enabled’ advert will be directed to the relevant website or link. At this time, Google has not published exactly how to easily connect the two, however we expect this to be in the pipeline through Google AdWords and Analytics interfaces. The use of QR codes or Googles are simply connecting an offline ad with a print ad. Blippar is an Augemented Reality app that works toThe Future of QR Codes ‘bring the ad to life’ by creating interactive visuals on your phone. A trial with Tesco broughtOne could view QR codes as the latest trend. You a price drop ad ‘to life’. Other activity has alsoonly need to google ‘Top 10 QR code examples’ been trialled with Marmite in the UK.or similar to see some great, and some not sogreat examples of QR codes in marketing. See for the video of how it works and looks.However, the take up of QR codes is still low.We believe the lack of pre-installed support onthe Apple devices is a barrier to entry, despitethe overall larger footprint of Android poweredhandsets.04 / USING QR CODES FOR OFFLINE ONLINE INTEGRATION
  6. 6. Using QR codes for offlineonline integrationQR Codes ConclusionThe actual use of QR codes is far lower thanthe surrounding buzz. However, the ease ofdeployment and low cost of entry suggests QRcodes should be part of your ongoing marketingmix.Would you like to discuss this?As a premium subscriber we are happy todiscuss this report in more detail, answerquestions or help you understand the potentialfor your own business.Please contact us on email( to askquestions or organise a Skype call to discussfurther.05 / USING QR CODES FOR OFFLINE ONLINE INTEGRATION