Google+ Why brands can't ignore this social network (2012)


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Google+ may not be the Facebook killer we expected but it remains a very important social network for brands to consider. In this white paper we look at the opportunities for brands, presented by Google+ and how it will impact wider marketing strategies.

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Google+ Why brands can't ignore this social network (2012)

  1. 1. Google+ A re-evaluation Directors Briefing April 2012 WWW.DIGITALTOMORROWTODAY.COM
  2. 2. Google+: A re-evaluation Google+: A re-evaluation Much has been made of Google+’s apparent ‘failure’ to compete with Facebook and many bloggers have attempted to call the death of Google+. However, we believe Google+ will be big, like it or not. This is our third look at Google+. If you read the articles we have always promoted trying it, and learning from it. So, in this briefing we look again at Google+ and where we think it will succeed. Not the Facebook Killer Google is suffering the same treatment in social media, that its competitors experienced in search. Google+ is not the Facebook killer and trails many hundreds of millions of users behind Facebook and minutes behind Facebook usage and even Pinterest. Like the search competition, anything that is not Google is not good, in the eyes of writers. Yet Google+ hjas many benefits to offer proactive brands and many important elements crucial to all business online. Benefits Google+ offers a ‘Fan Page’ like platform for brand activity. Despite not matching Facebook’s scale, they have a growing and loyal audience. Tapping into this audience is the potential to gain a loyal audience to grow with. Interactive Fan Engagement. The Google+ Hangouts are still a unique feature not offered by Facebook or Twitter. These offer great potential for focused group engagement with the additional benefits of content creation and virility. Central sharing. Google+ now allows you to link all your digital assets together. Through a combination of the +1 button, Extended Google Profiles and the Google+ pages, you can connect your web elements to offer Google a better picture of your web presence. 02 / GOOGLE+ : A RE-EVALUATION But none of these features are strictly new, and Google+ continues to be overlooked. So here is why every brand needs to ay attention. Why you cannot ignore Google+ 1. Google is still the largest place for driving traffic online. Therefore any opportunity to grow traffic without spending more means improving your presence. Google+ can help across all aspects of the Google network. 2. Google still commands the largest slice of advertising budgets globally. Google+ actions are now tied into the quality score so investment in Google+ could reduce paid search costs. 3. SEO traffic is still focused on Google. But notice for logged in users how +1 results and personalised results are now appearing. The more +1’s you have, the more potential clicks you will achieve from standing out in the links. 4. Google Analytics is now reporting on social interactions, replacing the original post rank analysis. Such analysis also identifies activity on other social networks. These reports will analyse the value of all social channels, including their own. This level of insight will become important centralised reporting for the new metrics of social. 5. Google is centralising everything into Google+ from paid search to SEO, video sharing to content promotions on play and now into document storage, Google+ will become the defacto centralised focus for Google. Like it or not, Google+ will impact your marketing strategy and your consumption of the web. It is not a Facebook killer but it still packs a punch.