How brands can harness Augmented Reality for Social Shopping


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In this briefing from 2011, we look at the concept of Augmented Reality and how this trend can be harnessed for brands and digital marketing.

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How brands can harness Augmented Reality for Social Shopping

  2. 2. HOW BRANDS CAN HARNESSAUGMENTED REALITY FOR SOCIAL SHOPPING WHAT IS AUGMENTED REALITY? WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? By definition, augmented reality (AR) is, Augmented Reality technology allows “a term for a live direct or an indirect view consumers to interact with ‘real’ brands of a physical, real-world environment whose through their computer and increasingly elements are augmented by computer- their mobile ‘phones. The virtual concept has generated sensory input, such as sound or allowed retail brands including L’Oreal, Ben graphics.” & Jerry’s and H&M to offer interaction with the products and the brand, creating unique Figures from ABI Research indicate the content to instantly share. market for augmented reality (AR) in the US alone is expected to hit $350m (£218m) in Automotive brands including BMW are 2014, up from around $6m (£3.8m) in 2008. turning to AR to allow interaction with ABI also point to apps as the most important cars from the desktop and mobile. These driver for future AR growth. interactions are far more immersive, convincing and exciting than reading a No longer the stuff of Science Fiction, webpage or watching a video. Augmented reality is becoming an AR will become an important point of increasingly important and well used differentiation, interaction and dissemination marketing vehicle. Starting with fixed (sharing) for brands, through 2011 and installations in shops and venues, to beyond. harnessing webcams and now onto mobiles, AR has a real potential to empower social shopping. common on mobile devices and is starting to impact on m and e commerce. WHY BRAND SECTORS CAN MOST BENEFIT FROM AR? Retail FMCG Automotive02 / HOW BRANDS CAN HARNESSAUGMENTED REALITY FOR SOCIAL SHOPPING
  3. 3. HOW BRANDS CAN HARNESSAUGMENTED REALITY FOR SOCIAL SHOPPINGEXAMPLES OF AUGMENTED REALITY CAMPAIGNSIBM’s Virtual Mirror Cosmetic CountersWorking together with EZFace IBM launched thevirtual mirror at stores across the USA, Europe andAsia.By scanning barcodes of the cosmetics you wish totry, the mirror will display your face with the chosencosmetics to give you a better idea of how it will work.Working for brands L’Oreal,Maybelline, Covergirland Revlon the mirror helps consumers try makeup without application and removal and helps thestores track what products are being reviewed andpurchased.RayBan‘s Virtual MirrorThe virtual mirror combines use your webcam to seewhich shades would look good on your face.Adidas SneakersAdidas turned a sneaker tongue into a game controller.Connecting a real world purchase with a virtual gameonline. This video [on Facebook] best explains theconcept.BMW Z4For the launch of the Z4 BMW offered a printablesymbol. When the symbol was printed out and heldup to the webcam, the user could then interact with avirtual car and post the results to Facebook.Please relevant videos and links03 / HOW BRANDS CAN HARNESSAUGMENTED REALITY FOR SOCIAL SHOPPING
  4. 4. HOW BRANDS CAN HARNESSAUGMENTED REALITY FOR SOCIAL SHOPPINGAUGMENTED REALITY APPS THE FUTURE OF SOCIAL SHOPPING WITH AUGMENTED REALITYBen & Jerry’s ’Scoop of Happiness’ Shopping has been for many a social experience.An iPhone app that used ‘Moo Vision’ to offer As these apps grow, we expect at the very least,a fully immersive experience when you pointed them to be connected to Twitter and Facebookthe app at a tub of ice cream. The app also to share the shopping experience. ‘Does my bumincluded sharing functionality to post your look big in this’ can now be asked of all yourexperience to Facebook. friends on Facebook.Paris Metro The advent of mobile AR apps makes product research far more immersive, allowing theThis Metro Paris iPhone app brilliantly uses consumer to share and discuss the productsAR and Geolocation to show you ‘where’ your as never before. Combine this with the growthnearest Metro station is. Whilst this app is mainly [in particular] of the Facebook economy andfor locating Metro stations, do also note the AR could become a mainstream method forability to highlight stores. Imagine using this app boosting find your nearest Starbucks or McDonalds.H & M – Virtual FittingThe H&M app launched late last year gave theopportunity for US consumers to to selectany item they wish to view and then capturea picture of themselves wearing it using theirmobile app with AR.The free app encouraged users to take picturesof their outfits and post them to Facebook. Asan additional incentive, the app users were alsooffered a 10% off their clothes purchase.04 / HOW BRANDS CAN HARNESSAUGMENTED REALITY FOR SOCIAL SHOPPING
  5. 5. HOW BRANDS CAN HARNESSAUGMENTED REALITY FOR SOCIAL SHOPPINGHOW TO START WITH AUGMENTED REALITY DTT DIRECTORS BRIEFINGAs a consumer, try one of these examples above. Ideal for busy Marketing Directors, our regularDownload the Layar app for the iPhone. This digital briefing aims to save you time bywas one of the first AR apps to be releases. condensing hours of our expert research into ten minutes of invaluable insight, facts and unbiasedAs a business, once you have seen what others opinion for you.are doing, start thinking about howyour brand can harness AR. Do you have a Please visitproduct to demonstrate in the real world? you work out what you can do (hint, directorsbriefingwe can help you with ideas) have a look attechnology. Companies like Layar can offer ‘offthe shelf’ solutions that could help bolt into anexisting app or website.HOW CAN WE HELP?In most cases, we believe Augmented Realitycan help brands as part of a wider marketingcampaign, rather than a sole campaign idea.We help brands by creating successful digitalmarketing strategies that can incorporateAugmented Reality as part of the widermarketing mix.We also help train teams to understand theopportunities available to them.04 / HOW BRANDS CAN HARNESSAUGMENTED REALITY FOR SOCIAL SHOPPING