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Testing ppt


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Testing ppt

  1. 1. Testing SELECTIONISTAS Discussant: Jamie M. Pardiñas
  2. 2. Objectives  Determine the importance of testing in selection methods.  Differentiate reliability and validity.  List down the two techniques in validity.  Define Personality Test.
  3. 3. Testing Many organization use pre-employment test to screen out applicants who they believe do not have the required aptitude, abilities, or talents.
  4. 4. Tests used for screening applicants on the basis of skills, abilities, and aptitudes can be classified as either paper and pencil tests or job sample test.
  5. 5. Testing Employment testing is the practice of administering written, oral, or other tests as a means of determining the suitability or desirability of a job applicant.
  6. 6. The premise is that if scores on a test correlate with job performance, then it is economically useful for the employer to select employees based on scores from that test.
  7. 7. For testing to be effective as a screening tool, its reliability and validity must be first established. Reliability refers to the ability of a test to produce approximately the same result when the same test is re administered to a test taker.
  8. 8. Validity refers to a test’s ability to predict what it is supposed to predict.
  9. 9. The two techniques for determining the validity of a test are . predictive validity or concurrent validity Predictive validity is determined is by hiring a number of applicants regardless of their test results.
  10. 10. Concurrent validity is determined by administering the tests to current employees and their test scores are statistically analyzed against their performance ratings.
  11. 11. Discriminatory testing is a technique employed in sensory analysis to determine whether there is a detectable difference among two or more products.
  12. 12. Personality Test Profile of a person’s attitudes and behaviors. For example, some tests attempt to determine a person’s degree of extroversion, introversion, intuition, thinkin g, feeling, or sensing