Web design - A Guide to Designing your 1st Website


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J2K specialise in working with new projects on Facebook | Twitter and other Social Media sites. This Slideshow was created to give clients who have never got passed the 'I want a website' stage, and didn't know where to turn next. This is a practical guide, full of helpful hints and is FREE to share.
We hope it is of help and appreciate good quality feedback

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Web design - A Guide to Designing your 1st Website

  1. 1. 14 Worthington Way Wantage Oxfordshire Ox12 9hr Handy Guide To Designing Your Website J2K Associates Email: Info@j2kassociates.co.uk
  2. 2. ©J2K Associates 2013 1 Thanks for Downloading This Handy Guide To Designing Your Website This is a basic version of the form that we give to our clients to help prepare content for their new website. When putting a website together for the first time, it can be hard deciding what is relevant and what isn't and how best to present the information. This is purely a guide and in no way is it exhaustive but should you use J2K to help promote your business, we will use a form similar to this to get you started. Just for fun, why not print this form of and fill it in. Afterwards, if you want to, you can contact us via email or phone and share with us your insights. Between us we are sure; we can come up with some cracking ideas! We look forward to hearing from you Regards J2K Team
  3. 3. ©J2K Associates 2013 2 Content Broadly speaking we are going to need information to create a Home page (First impressions are important!) About Page (About your company) Service (what you do) Contact Page Links to other sites Social Media links Remember at this stage we are just exploring ideas. You may need more pages, less pages or specific modules. What’s important at this stage is just to start the process of and get some basic ideas down. We would need the following Contact information: Name of Contact Mobile Number Email Address
  4. 4. ©J2K Associates 2013 3 Section 1: Dealing with your current situation: Do you have a website already? If so what is the address? Who is your current hosting company (if applicable)? J2k Host and Maintain all of our sites unless instructed otherwise. Is there a reason for J2k not to host and Maintain your site? Do you have a logo that you use? Please provide any other relevant information regarding your current website that you think will be useful
  5. 5. ©J2K Associates 2013 4 Section 2: Social Media Do you have? Please provide your details so we can link your site to your social media. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest Google + Sound Cloud Flickr List any other Social Media sites/apps you would like your site linked to
  6. 6. ©J2K Associates 2013 5 Section 3: Examples of Websites This is to give us an idea of what you like and don’t like in terms of web design. This will help us to design your site in a way that reflects you and your business. List 3 websites you like List 3 websites you dislike Why do you like them? Think about design, content, layout? Do you like the way they are written for example? The fuller your answer the better J2K can help you with your design What’s wrong with them? Are the sites easy to use? The graphics ok? The content readable and easy to understand or too technical? Again, the fuller your answer the better!
  7. 7. ©J2K Associates 2013 6 Section 4: Logo and Graphics If you do not have a logo then we will need to think about one. It’s going to be with you for a long time, so getting it right is important. These are some of our client’s (& our own) logos. Cartoon Colourful Formal
  8. 8. ©J2K Associates 2013 7 Section 5: Content of your site We need clear ideas and instructions about the content that you would like on your new site. Please answer all the questions as these will prompt you and aid your wording for the website Home page.  Think about your audience – who is going to be reading your site? Will the information on it entice them to stay?  Do you need to highlight any offers for services/products?  Do you want an introduction to your home page? I.e. welcome to......  Bear in mind that this is your ‘shop’ window, people like fresh, clean and attention grabbing ideas Please use the remaining space to write a brief outline for your home page. Keep in mind the above points and most of important of all, Be yourself!
  9. 9. ©J2K Associates 2013 8 About Page:  This is your moment to shine... who are you? Why are you in business? What makes you different to Joe Blogs? How long have you been established? Do you like your job – if so sound like you do!  Again, think about your audience who is going to read this? Please use the remaining space to write a brief outline. The more you use this space, the fuller your site will look.
  10. 10. ©J2K Associates 2013 9 Services What is your product/service? Do you have more than one? Do you want prices displayed? How do you want your services presented? In a table? Are we using photos & videos in this section to illustrate points? Links to other sites People do free! It’s simple and true. We all like a bargain and we all like free stuff. Why not give your potential clients some free information? Link to charities or websites that have free information like the DVLA if you are a driving Instructor, or a mill that produces a special type of flour if you are a baker for example. Not only does this improve your hits for your site but it’s a memory trick for your clients, because they will remember you for the information that you freely gave and you are providing a service that your competitors aren’t! Place some links here that are relevant to your business... but NOT competitors!!
  11. 11. ©J2K Associates 2013 10 FUN wasn’t it!! It might have given you brain-ache or a nervous breakdown even, but joking aside, this kind of form really does help put things in perspective and is a real aid to focusing on what’s relevant for a site and what isn’t. IF you feel comfortable to discuss this form and what is has brought up, contact us on: info@j2kassociates.co.uk 07986 243038 Let us know what you think and we can take things from there. J2K Team