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Penny Lake: Distribution Plan


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Penny Lake: Distribution Plan

  1. 1. The Album !"#$%#&#'()%#&*#&+,-"#&.& 12 tracks !"#$%& CD’s $9.99 Digital Download $7.99 for album $0.75 per track Photo courtesy of Flickr: fofurasfelinas
  2. 2. The Album Strength Likable music that people can dance to. Appeals to a wide audience Weakness Relatively unknown artist.
  3. 3. Distribution Claremont Riverside Bay Area Encinitas
  4. 4. Distribution Content Content Indie Manufacturer Customers Creator Creator Retail Payment Info: Negotiated on a store by store basis Stores retain 30% - 50% of sales Payouts and re-stocking on a weekly or monthly basis
  5. 5. Strategic Partnership National Indie Retail Organizations } Indie + Retailers
  6. 6. Distribution Digital Distributor, eMusic, Rhapsody, Napster MediaNet iLike, FYE, Zune Free UPC codes to track sales
  7. 7. Distribution Content Internet Customers Creator Retailers Payment Info: $5.99 per month $19.99 per album set-up fee Monthly royalty payments to PayPal account
  8. 8. Distribution Online digital retailer Artist can upload tracks for users to rate and download for free Choosik community allows users to discover new artists
  9. 9. Distribution Content Customers Creator Payment Info: $0.25 per track sold Royalty payments to PayPal account Artist chooses how frequently payments are made
  10. 10. Building Awareness
  11. 11. strategic partnership +
  12. 12. Building Awareness vlog - n, a video blog; a blog that is mainly video content etymology: 2002; video + weblog usage: also vlogging, (n.), vlogger, (n.)
  13. 13. Building Awareness rom ! P te Ni
  14. 14. In the future... Supplement Fully integrated Users rate website and retail channel; the music social networks utilize fan base