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Doing the flip


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In this presentation we define what a flipped classroom is, what our process was in terms of why we flipped and how we flipped our classes and the benefits and challenges we encountered along the way

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Doing the flip

  1. 1. Doing the flip Christopher A. Gales James H. WorkmanDowners Grove South High School
  2. 2. Flipped Classroom Resources
  3. 3. This PresentationWhat is a flipped classroom?Why to flipOur processEvolution of the processChallengesBenefits
  4. 4. What is a Flipped Classroom? Defined History Current Strayer, J. (2011). Retrieved from
  5. 5. Our Flipped Classroom Formal Assessment of Instructional learning Video Viewed Outside of ClassAssessment for Quick Accountability Learning Check In-class Activities to Enhance Understanding
  6. 6. Why Flip? Vertical Time alignment with AP Biology Why we flipped Incorporate Foster student more meaningfulindependence in class activities
  7. 7. Our Process Looked at a few different software Asked tech options Learn to produce Modify in-classcoordinator for • Community clips and post videos activity help • Jing • Screencastomatic • Camtasia
  8. 8. Our Process Decided on CamtasiaFree 30 day trial 5 licenses purchased by district
  9. 9. Our Process: Web hosting
  10. 10. Process: How to Screencast Presentation screen capture Audio recording Webcam for only possible visual communication Record as you present lesson
  11. 11. Process: Before You Screencast Quiet Know content and Make presentation Spaceinclude student goals succinct Other Prepare theBlock out Presentationtime Considerations Leave room for Add Imagery, Student webcam window animations, hyperlinks deadlines
  12. 12. Process: As you screencast Balance Don’tstorytelling worry 15 minute Be natural with about limitefficiency minutia
  13. 13. Process: After you screencast Back-end edit Video rendering Upload for web hosting Give link to students
  14. 14. Process: Student Accountability Note–taking Assessment for of Learning independent learning Direct Assessment questioning of/for discussion learning other activity
  15. 15. Process: In-class practiceQ/A (Increased efficiency)More hands on activitiesWeb-tutorials“Homework” with guidance and collaboration
  16. 16. Process Evolution Quick in-class summary of nuances Reference to LTs andInclusion of web cam and complex additional resources connections of content Assessment for Elicit student Note-taking template accountability feedback Smartphone immediate student response assessment
  17. 17. ChallengesTechnical Buy-in Issues Software Student learning curve independence Mac v. PC Parent questions District software decisions PC requirements
  18. 18. Time Students IEP listen at their pace Benefits Fourwalls/ 50 Energizedminutes Higher level learning
  19. 19. What our Students Think
  20. 20. This PresentationWhat is a flipped classroom?Why to flipOur processEvolution of the processChallengesBenefits
  21. 21. Thanks.Questions?