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Course syllabus for basic college writing using Steps to Writing Well text

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Basic writing 092

  1. 1. Course Syllabus p. 1 Basic Writing 092- Spring ‘11 Science Building- Room 1225Instructor: Jamie Hemken Office: Student Success CenterEmail: Hours: Monday/ Wednesday 9-10am Course DescriptionThis course is designed to help you read, think, and write critically and effectively. Alongthe way we will expose the invalidity of some writing myths: the myth that some aresimply born writers and others aren’t; the myth that you will receive eleventh-hourinspiration the night before an essay is due; and the myth that criteria for good writing are“all subjective anyway.” While composition instructors differ on a few relatively minorconcerns, the essentials for good writing are nearly universally agreed upon, such as anengaging thesis, well-developed paragraphs, and sophisticated prose. We will worktowards developing these essentials through textbook and out-of-class exercises, writingassignments, lectures, discussion, and peer critiques. Course ObjectivesBy the end of this course, you should be able to: 1. Write multiple drafts 2. Read and write critically 3. Research and gather information on topics to use in a paper 4. Develop persuasive and argumentative essays 5. Elimination structural and grammatical errors Grades • Journal Notebook – 10 points (5 pt. per assignment check) • Assignments Notebook – 20 points (10 pt. per assignment check) • Essays – 80 points (20 pts. per essay) • Midterm – 10 points • Final – 10 points Grading Scale:A = 108 – 120 points B = 107 – 96 points C = 95 – 84 points D = 83 – 72 points F = 71 – 0 pointsStudents will receive a grade and a recommendation for course placement (Eng. 101 orAD 092). Students who show satisfactory writing progress and evidence an ability towrite consistently a clearly developed, multi-paragraph essay that meets the course’sgoals and objectives will receive a grade of A,B, or C and a recommendation for ENG
  2. 2. Course Syllabus p. 2 101. Students who have not made satisfactory writing progress and/or met course goals and objectives will be advised to retake 092. Student writing is evaluated according to the following four categories: • Purpose—topic, focus or thesis, audience • Development--support of purpose/thesis • Order--essay, paragraph, and sentence organization; logic and clarity • Language—conciseness, usage, sentence construction Class Material Required Texts: Steps to Writing Well, Thomson & Wadsworth 2008 Readings for Writers, Metherall & Winkler, Wadsworth 2010 The DK Handbook, Wysocki & Lynch, Pearson/Longman 2009 Additional required materials: 1. 2 One-Subject Notebooks; 1 for Journals and 1 for assignments. Each student MUST HAVE these two notebooks, no exceptions! No multi-subject notebooks and no large binders. Failure to submit work in the proper notebook will result in a zero. 2. A folder or binder for handouts 3. College Dictionary and Thesaurus 4. A flash drive or storage device 5. An active email and e-id login 6. Small stapler for submitting work Course OutlineDate Class-Time Assignment Notebook Work Journal Work Formal Written workWeek 1 Intro to course; Read chapter 1 (3-29) on prewriting No Journal Diagnostic Paragraph #11/10 – Diagnostic in SWW and do any 2 of the 10 Work (Choose from the list of paragraph1/13 Testing; questions in both Practice A and B topics listed at the end of the The Thesis on page 18. syllabus) Read chap.2 in SWW; “Practicing Due on Thursday What You’ve Learned,” p.39; part A only. “Assignment,” p. 40. On pages 42-43 of SWW, do any 2 of the 10 items on mapping a thesis statement.Week 2 No class Read chapter 3 in SWW; “Practice” #1: record a Paragraph #2: Using what you1/17- 1/20 Monday p. 55, 62, 66, and 74, do any 2 of journal entry have learned thus far about Paragraph peer the items in each lettered section. about your prewriting, topic sentences/thesisFriday evaluation; perceived statements, and paragraph1/21 – Paragraph lecture SWW read pp. 521-27,“ Practicing “starting point” development, write 3 (three) well-Last day to and outline What You’ve Learned,” p. 523. as a writer. developed paragraphs, choosingdrop or development; Rewrite complete sentences What attributes your topics from those paragraphwithdraw Sample Essay do you bring to topics listed at the end of thewithout “Diet” and the table as a syllabus. Due online Monday
  3. 3. Course Syllabus p. 3receiving a summary practice writer? Whatgrade might be a barrier to your writing?Week 3 No class on Read Chapter 9: Exposition & Explain why you Essay #1: Choose a topic to write1/24 -1/27 Monday Examples, pp. 183-93. chose your a process essay from one of the In class essay For Thursday: Chapter 9: Exposition topic for the topics listed for process found in analysis; Lecture & Process Analysis, pp. process essay. SWW on pages 196-197. on the Example 197-206. While the essay Write a sentence outline for your Essay and itself focuses essay process analysis; mostly on Sample essay explaining what workshops must be done to complete the process, give more details in your journal about why your process topic has significance.Week 4 Outlines; Chapter 4: Beginnings and Endings, Continue working on essays in1/31- 2/3 Introductions and pp. 79-90. class. Polished Drafts are due on conclusions; Monday transitions; Transitions, pp. 70-78. revisionsWeek 5 Monday and Chapter 10: Argumentation, pp. Consult the essay topics on pp.2/7- 2/10 Tuesday: 277-86. 291-92. Using either Pattern A, B, Individual Professional Essays: Ron Kline, “A or C on p. 281, or the Rogerian conferences in Scientist: I Am the Enemy,” pp. method on p. 285, write a my office; 627-29. sentence outline for an regular class argumentative paper on one of the meeting is topics. (If you do not know cancelled in what a sentence outline is, consult lieu of DK Handbook) Be prepared to conferences explain/defend your choice of organization. Note: Your real Wed. and Thurs: essay does not have to be on this Writing Argument topic, though it can be with my approval.Week 6 Logical Fallacies Grammar review: Errors with nouns Essay # 2, Argument Essay:2/14- 2/17 and emotional and pronouns, pp. 527-32. How well do you think your high appeals “Practicing What You’ve Learned,” p. school or home school experience 531-2, part A only. No need to prepared you for college? rewrite complete sentences. Write a Sentence outline for your Logical Fallacies, pp. 286-89; topic. Practice B p.290 Sample Student Essay: “Students, Take Note!”pp. 293-95.Week 7 In-Class Drafting/ In-Text Citations; Works Cited Final Draft of Argument Essay Due2/21- 2/24 Individual (SWW p. 386- 403; Practice p.391 Monday 2/28 Conferences in #2,3,4,5) the classroom Grammar Review: Errors with Pronouns; Practice p 531- Do all A and B exercises
  4. 4. Course Syllabus p. 4Week 8 Compare and Chapter 9: Exposition; “Comparison Essay #3: Review the following2/28- 3/3 Contrast and Contrast,” pp. 215-30, including essay topics on pp. 219-20: 3, 4, Catton essay. 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20. Choose one of these topics, Thursday: narrow the subject matter, In-Class Timed Essay using your compose a thesis, and write a outline sentence outline for a comparison/contrast paper according to one of the two methods of organization discussed on p. 216. Be prepared to explain/defend your choice of organization. Complete by Thursday of this weekWeek 9 Spring Break3/7- 3/10Week 10 Midterm Grammar Diagnostic Midterm3/14- 3/17 Journal and Assignment Notebook CheckWeek 11 The Definition Grammar review, Errors with What are your Essay #4: Review the essay3/21- 3/24 Essay adverbs and adjectives; thoughts on topics listed on page 236-237.Friday 3/25 punctuation: pp. 533-40. Grammar your progress Choose one of these topics, narrowLast day towithdraw from glossary.“Practicing What You’ve thus far. What the subject matter, compose aa class without Learned,” p. 534; p.536, Rewrite have you thesis, and write a sentencepermission of complete sentences; p.537; p.539 learned about outline for a definition paper usingadviser andinstructor. and 540. yourself as a the strategies listed on page writer? 238-39. Read SWW p 236-247 on the definition essayWeek 12 In-class writing Continue working on grammar Definition Essay Due Monday 2/283/28 – time/ individual activities3/31 conferences.Week 13 Writing about film Read Chap 18 SWW, p 487-4994/4 – 4/7 Archetypes in Film- Lecture Symbolism Research and cited note- takingWeek 14 The Truman Symbolism Quiz Use your4/11- 4/14 Show film viewing Film Viewing and discussion journal to answer the film viewing questionsWeek 15 Truman Show Essay #5: In class essay on The4/18 -4/21 Timed Writing Truman ShowEasterWeekend Journal and assignment notebook checkWeek 16 Final Exam Work on Writing Lab Modules for Record a final,4/25- 4/28 Review problem areas reflectiveFinals journal entry on your efforts and achievements in the class. What have you learned about
  5. 5. Course Syllabus p. 5 yourself as a writer? What changes do you see in your writing since back when you startedWeek 17 Final Exam Final Individual Conference5/2 – 5/5Conference PARAGRAPH ASSIGNMENT TOPICS 1. Which best describes you in your thinking or your approach to life: Country mouse or City mouse? Why? In which ways? 2. What are some simple things people can do right now to make this world (or their city, neighborhood, home) a better place? Why? What will or does each thing accomplish or solve? 3. What are the major problems of going to school and working simultaneously? In a paragraph, discuss two or three of the problems you have found in trying to do both. 4. More and more people are shopping by mail order catalogue, whether it is for clothes, jewelry, household items, or electronics. In a paragraph, tell what the advantages or disadvantages are of shopping by mail order. 5. Describe a special place that you go when you are seeking inner peace. 6. Everyone is on a health kick these days. Go against the norm, and write a paragraph promoting your favorite junk food. 7. Describe a family member or relative you deeply admire or dislike. 8. Discuss why one actresss or actors performance is impressive in one specific movie. 9. Explain in detail your pet peeve. 10. Describe yourself as a writer. Attendance Policies Attending class is essential in a writing course because the classroom experience provides information and instruction that cannot be made up. The semester’s assignments are given well in advance, therefore, if an absence occurs, the student is responsible for emailing the assignment to me on that day. Failure to contact me prior to an absence will result in a zero for any work missed on that particular day. It is important to understand that at the university level, there is no distinction between an excused or unexcused absence. You are allowed four absences each semester in order to
  6. 6. Course Syllabus p. 6accommodate any emergency, personal, or medical issue. All absences, either because ofa funeral or because you overslept, will be treated the same.Tardy PolicyAny student who is late by five or more minutes will be counted absent for the day. Weonly have fifty minutes of class time; any time missed is valuable and late entry can andusually does cause a disruption to the class.Late Work PolicyI do not accept late work. Failure to submit an essay or a notebook on the assigned daywill result in a zero.Plagiarism PolicySIUE will not tolerate inappropriate behavior, cheating, or plagiarism. Failure to followthese rules may result in a zero on a paper or test, a failing grade for a course, or evenexpulsion from the university. Students may refer to the SIUE handbook, "StudentConduct and Student Grievances: Rights and Responsibilities" if they have questionsabout the policy. Academic SupportPart of Instructional Services mission is providing student support; AD 092 providesstudents with additional help outside of class: • Instructors provide scheduled and walk-in office hours and include individual conferences with students as part of the course curriculum • Tutors are available by appointment in the Writing Center (Student Success Center) • The Writing Center provides self-tutorial computer modules on grammar and rhetoricStudents needing special academic accommodations must have a documented disabilityand an ID CARD from Disability Support Services and must discuss with the instructorsthose accommodations that are needed by the end of the first week.Cell Phone Etiquette:This class is a “No Cell Phone Zone.” Please turn off all cell phones. If you must haveyour phone on, please set it to buzz/vibrate. Neither cell phones nor digital media playersshould be used in any way during class. See me about the use of laptops.