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Preliminary planning


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Preliminary planning

  1. 1. By Jamie Gibbins, Aydin Hussein and Peter Bamforth
  2. 2. Aydin (Kidnapper) Formal suit/Business attire Black jacket, tie, trousers and shoes White shirtSam (Victim) Formal white shirt which has been ripped and crumpled. Black trousers and shoes
  3. 3.  Mysterious and shadowy ‘Spotlights’ on the victim as if hes being interrogated and to show facial expressions Keeps Aydin’s face in the shadows, keeping him mysterious Contrast in lighting between the outside and inside
  4. 4. Aydin (Kidnapper) Acting mysterious, saying few words (intimidating) Acts as though he’s an experienced killer, unnerved by the situation Slim yet has a presenceSam (Victim) Mature yet vulnerable Able to argue and beg for mercy Enjoys drama and a good actor Fulfilled the character that we had in mind Convincing bullet to the head/shot off his chair
  5. 5. Aydin (Kidnapper) NoneSam (Victim) Spray with water to make him appear sweaty which highlights his exhaustion
  6. 6.  Black umbrella Black pistol Chair Cable tying victim to chair Table
  7. 7.  Garage Large electric garage to that can be opened to reveal Aydin White sheets surrounding garage and covering clutter Ominous, serious