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Camera angles, zooms and movements


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Camera angles, zooms and movements

  1. 1. Camera Angles, Zooms and Movements By Jamie Gibbins
  2. 2. CameraAngles
  3. 3. Shot name Example Effect imageTwo shot Shows motion and emotion between two characters between each other.Point of view shot Shows the danger infront of the character through his eyes.Over the shoulder shot The back of the shoulder and head of the man bring emphasis towards the man speaking.Aerial shot Shows a whole view of the setting. Often used as an establishing shot.
  4. 4. CameraZooms
  5. 5. Camera Example Effect Zoom Name ImageMid Shot Shows the emotion of the person whilst still including some of the background.#Long Shot Shows the image in life size and commonly shows more than one person.Extreme long shot Can be taken from a quarter of a mile away, and generally used as scene setting.Establishing Shot Establishes the shot and shows where the scene will take place.
  6. 6. CameraMovements
  7. 7. Camera Example Effect Movement Image NameTilt Shot This scans a vertical image and adds emphasis on the scene.Panning Shot This blurs everything out apart from the subject that they want you to focus on.Tracking Shot This follows the character and it one continuous scene.Hand Held Camera This makes the scene seem natural and it gets closer in the action.