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Foster Publishing


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Introducing Foster Publishing - where all profits go to a local children\'s charity. Our first book will be launched soon!

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Foster Publishing

  1. 1. Coming soon fromFoster Publishing is an new and excitingnot-for-profit venture founded by JamieFoster.Our aim is to raise money for the fantasticchildren’s charity “South West Children’sHospice”, through the publishing of variouschildren’s books.Our first book, “The Girl that Lost herTickle”, will be ready just in time to make agreat Xmas present, so please watch thisspace.....We will also be launching our website at thesame time we will be back in touch with you inthe near future to let you know how youcan order a copy and help a trulyworthwhile cause.
  2. 2. Welcome to the first edition from Foster Publishing!Foster Publishing is a social not-for-profit enterprise set up by founder, Jamie Foster in 2011.Always wanting to have a book published, Jamie decided to put his daughters favourite bed- time story into words and pictures. He then wanted to explore how he could leverage his wide network of family, friends and professional colleagues to raise funds for a truly worthwhile cause. In turn, this led Jamie to form Foster Publishing - a children’s book publisher where all revenue is donated to our chosen charity.We wanted our charity to be both local in the south west and also supporting and dedicatedto children. The perfect fit is the fantastic South West Children’s Hospice (take a moment to read about them on the next page). At the time of writing we are also working on our new range of stories featuring Michael Monster (who lives behind the sofa). Watch this space.....!!
  3. 3. The South West Children’s Hospice provides hospice care to life-limited children and their families fromacross the South West; from South Gloucester, Bristol, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, and the Isles of Scilly.They are the only organisation in this area to provide such care. Some families may use the hospice for many years, from the time the child is first diagnosed as having an incurable condition which will mean they will die in childhood. They may come for planned short breaks, emergency care or end of life care, and will usually be accompanied by family members. The whole family can stay at their hospices, and with a dedicated sibling support service available, this means that the well brothers and sisters can be cared for during their visit and enjoy spending time with other children in similar situations to their own. With over 1,000 life-limited children across the South West, the support they provide for families is absolutely vital. Please visit their website to learn more about them: Thank you for helping to make a difference to a local boy or girl and their families through your kind donation for this book.
  4. 4. Corporate Sponsorship?!Tired of giving out the same old corporate gifts? Want to find something completely unique to impress your clients while at the same time supporting a local and hugely worthwhile cause? Then look no further! Why not sponsor a book from The Michael Monster range? We are a self-publishing company whichmeans we have to pay for the printing upfront. Foster Publishing has donated this for our first book but we need some help for future editions. This way, every penny of peoples donations are going to the South West Children’s Hospice.In return, you can have your logo on the front/back cover, one page inside for an introduction (the page is yours to have whatever you would like printed, take two if you want!). You can even have a character in the book after one of your staff if you wish - the Managing Partner/CEO maybe?! - You will also get a number of free copies to send to your clients. We would be happy to discuss all options with you. Please feel free to get in touch. Many thanks. Send michael an email