Parts of a Book--Knight Story


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Parts of a Book--Knight Story

  1. 1. I’m Sir Lovesabook and I’mhere to see if you are worthy to become a Knight of the Royal Reading Table.You must know the parts of a book if you wish to earn your knighthood. Are you ready?
  2. 2. Do you know whatinformation is found on the cover of a book? Let’s see if you do!
  3. 3. What is the name of a book called?Title  What do you call a person who writes a book? What do you call a Author person who draws or  paints the pictures for Illustrator a book? 
  4. 4. Name 4 things that are found on the title page of a book.•The title of the book•The author’s name•The illustrator’s name•The name of the publishing company that madethe book after it was written and illustrated
  5. 5. Can you find the title, author, illustrator and publishing company on this title page? Title: You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Medieval Knight! Author: Fiona Macdonald Illustrator: David Antram Publishing Company: Franklin Watts
  6. 6. What information will you find in a table of contents? The table of contents lists the name of eachchapter and gives the page number where the chapter begins.
  7. 7. Look closely at this table of contents.What is the name of the chapter that starts on page 10?Which chapter will tell about the gear a knight needs?The chapter about life in a castle begins on whichpage?
  8. 8. Why is the glossary such animportant part of a book?The glossary gives the definition of words thatyou may not know when you read the book.
  9. 9. Here is the glossary from a book. Using this glossary, answer these questions: What do you call the rules of good behavior for knights? What animals do caltrops stop? What does it mean to cauterize a wound? Who carried the banner?
  10. 10. What is an index? The index is an alphabetical list of the topics in abook, and tells on which page information about the topic may be found.
  11. 11. Look at the Index on the left. On which pages of the book would I find information on these topics:chain mail 16-17 Holy Dragon Wings!battle-axes 18 This is not easy but you can do it!caltrops 26, 30belfry 22chivalry 6, 30battering ram 23arrows 20, 23, 24-25, 30
  12. 12. My Dragon, Red Wing, and I have testedyou on the parts of a book including the following: •The information on the cover of the book •The title page •The table of contents •The glossary •The index Red Wing will now decide if you know the parts of a book well enough to become a knight.
  13. 13. “Red Wing, what do you say?