K helplessasababybookcare


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K helplessasababybookcare

  1. 1. At Eagle Cliffs Elementary,We “Baby” Our Books!
  2. 2. Books are just as“helpless” as a little baby! So we need to becareful and loving with them.
  3. 3. When we check out a book from the library, we areRESPONSIBLE for keeping the book safe, clean, and dry.
  4. 4. If you were ahelpless little baby,would you wantsomeone to dropyou or let you gethurt?
  5. 5. If you were abook andsomeonedropped you,would you wantthe librarian tolet that persontake you home?
  6. 6. Books like for us tohold them and readthem and love them, aslong as we rememberto:BABY OUR BOOKS!
  7. 7. If you were a helpless littlebook, would you like it ifsomeone forgot you and leftyou somewhere…like onthe playground, at daycare,or at the YMCA?
  8. 8. You should always have a safe place to keep your books.
  9. 9. We keep our book babies safe from pets who might hurt them.
  10. 10. When we carry abook, we mustremember to carryit safely so it won’tfall and get hurt.
  11. 11. Boys and girls are RESPONSIBLE for keeping our books from getting hurt.
  12. 12. Books are happywhen we love themand protect them.
  13. 13. When you take abook home, don’t forget to: PUT IT IN YOURBACKPACK, JACK!!!
  14. 14. Will you remember to “BABY” your book?