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Engage and interact with augmented reality


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Engage and Interact With Augmented Reality

This workshop is designed to learn about new and exciting Augmented Reality apps and how to use these apps to bring your classroom to life by engaging and building interaction with your students. You will learn what Augmented Reality (AR) is and how to build your own. The magic is in the target image and how it is brought to life with an extra layer through an AR App. Imagine holding your device over a poster on your classroom wall as if you were going to take a picture and the poster instantly comes to life by playing a video or sharing additional information. Oh, ho, ho, it's magic you know! Your students will never believe it's not so!

To take part in this workshop you will need a smart mobile device and colored pencils. Please download the Aurasma and colAR apps to your device before the workshop. These apps only work on iPad, iPod, iPhone, or Android tablet. The Kindle Fire will NOT run these apps unless it's set to download Android Apps.

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Engage and interact with augmented reality

  1. 1. Engage and Interact With Augmented Reality Wired Wednesdays November 13, 2013 Presented By Jamie Fleming Contact:
  2. 2. What is Augmented Reality (AR) Augmented Reality (AR) is precisely what the name indicates. AR is an augmented version of reality that is created by blending technology with the the known world. What we know about the actual world is twisted and distorted, or augmented. I like to think of it as a putting a twist on reality by using technology.
  3. 3. GPS Penguins Guiding Visitors Adorable, waddling penguins lead the way to the Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo, Japan. The aquarium can be difficult to locate the the AR app was developed to have a group of special penguins lead the way. The app uses GPS and realistic movements of penguins to captivate tourists. You’ll want your own penguins to take you places too!
  4. 4. ColAR Coloring Pages Come to Life ColAR is a great app that is fun and exciting to use. All you do is download the coloring pages from the website, print the pages off, and color them (careful not to color too dark and cover the lines). Point the ColAR app camera at your page and let the magic begin. The free version gives you a few coloring pages, but you need to pay for it to unlock all the pages. Can you say FUN!!!! Download coloring pages:
  5. 5. TracLabs Atlas the Robot The Atlas Robot is a two legged robot that was built primarily for search and rescue tasks. DARPA, the United States Department of Defense, was primarily responsible for its production and design. Please enjoy animating Atlas in this all-ages simulation. Trigger image:
  6. 6. Aurasma Unlock an Aura Discover, create and share amazing virtual content, integrated into the real world with Auras that can be as simple as a video and a link to a web page or as complex as a lifelike 3D animation. Use the Aurasma app to unlock Auras or experiment and use the simple tools within the app to create and share your own Auras. Tutorial by Aurasma Kleinspiration Step By Step Guide by Erin Klein AR Integration Ideas by Two Guys and Some iPads
  7. 7. So Many AR Apps So Little Time AR is the new and exciting educational technology trend. Be on the lookout for educational technology companies to develop many more in the very near future. Get a head start and download these next apps, print the trigger images and get your class interacting and engaging with technology tomorrow! Websites to follow for AR trends in education: ● Two Guys and Some iPads ● Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
  8. 8. DAQRI Lego Connect DAQRI powered a 4D campaign for LEGO that adds a fun and engaging new dimension to the Spring 2013 Catalog. Once catalog readers download the LEGO Connect app, they can experience 4D LEGO experiences right on the page, bringing to life a variety of LEGO scenarios like never before.
  9. 9. AR Flashcards Alphabet AR Flashcards are a new way to interact and make Flashcards more entertaining for toddlers and preschoolers. With AR Flashcards, learning is fun! When you point your device at the printed flashcard a beautifully rendered 3D animal will pop up on the screen. Tap the animal to hear the letter and animal name. 26 beautifully rendered Animals to help your toddler or preschooler learn the alphabet! Alphabet Trigger Images
  10. 10. AR Flashcards Space AR Flashcards are a new way to interact and make Flashcards more entertaining for students. With AR Flashcards Space, learning is fun! When you point your device at the printed flashcard a beautifully rendered 3D planetary object will pop up on the screen. Tap the planetary object to hear the name. Tap the info button to hear interesting facts! Space Trigger Images
  11. 11. Fetch! Lunch Rush By PBS ORDER UP! Since the most important job on a movie crew is filling everyone’s belly, you’ll need to think fast and be quick on your feet to keep the sushi straight. Both your brain and body will be moving once you spread out the game pieces (Augmented Reality markers) and start taking orders. No sweat? See if you can make it all the way to Top Dog. Better yet, see if you can get there before your friends do. This game supports 1st & 2nd grade Math Standards
  12. 12. DAQRI Anatomy 4-D Anatomy 4D puts every detail of the most complex human bodily systems into a free app that is easy to use, accessible, and truly engaging. Learners explore bodily systems in depth through Daqri’s 4D experience. 4D Anatomy takes viewers inside the human body via a simple-to-use augmented reality learning environment. Perfect for use in the classroom, or anytime.