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Published in: Education, Technology
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1 2lookforbook

  1. 1. Let’s Think About… How to Look for a Book!
  2. 2. K-2: How to look for a book in the library. By Mrs. Fleming, Eagle Cliffs Elementary
  3. 3. Sometimes it can be hard to findJust the right book that you want...
  4. 4. So today, we are going to think about “detecting” a good book!We can be book “detectives”!!!
  5. 5. How would a detective find a book?How can you “spy” a great book?
  6. 6. Well, you have to be willing to go EXPLORINGWhat do explorers do?
  7. 7. All the books on the shelves have wonderful stories to read or interesting facts to learn.
  8. 8. So, just go exploring!You never know whatgreat book is out therewaiting for you…Just put your markeron the shelf, pull out abook at random, andopen it up to take alook!
  9. 9. Once you open up a book, you may be surprised at what you find inside!So be brave! Try something new! Be a detective! Go exploring!
  10. 10. Once you have checked out a book,You want to put it someplace safe.
  11. 11. Remember that books are just ashelpless as a baby, so we need to“baby” our books and hold them carefully, so they will be safe.
  12. 12. Hooray! You have detected abook that looks wonderful. Wasn’texploring the library a great idea?
  13. 13. Would a responsible person do this??
  14. 14. A book feels safe and secure in your BACKPACK!!! (No drinks allowed.)
  15. 15. B-A-C-K-P-A-C-K
  16. 16. Books can be a best friend,if one treats them withrespect and responsibly.