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Famous artists

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Famous artists

  1. 1. Do the arts challenge or reflect society?What you need to know:• Key terms and expressions associated with thearts,• What artistic styles are and how they candevelop,• The nature of creativity and innovation,• How art can challenge society.
  2. 2. “…imaginative, creative, and non scientificbranches of knowledge considered collectively,esp. As studied academically.”“Art is created when an artist creates a beautifulobject, or produces a stimulating experience thatis considered by his audience to have artisticmerit.”
  3. 3. In the written exam it is importantthat you choose two or more artisticstyles to study and write about. Thiscan be in any discipline but you musthave knowledge and understanding ofdifferent works and different artists.
  4. 4. • Discipline – a defined body of knowledge• Style – the way in which a work of art is ‘done’: how it ismade or performed; a way to classify art• Creativity – the application of imagination and skill to bringinto existence something which did not previously exist• Artist – can refer to a painter but it is also a general wordapplied to anyone who practises or performs in any of theartistic forms• Form – the visible shape of a work as distinct from thecontent• Innovation – a change in something already existing or theintroduction of something new. In the arts it refers to thedevelopment of new methods, techniques, materials orideas. The essential feature of innovation is that artists dosomething never done previously.• Genre – a term used for a style, type or category of art orliterature