Bloom-ing great, flipping fantastic.


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Bloom-ing great, flipping fantastic.

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Bloom-ing great, flipping fantastic.

  1. 1. Jamie Davies @jamiedavies Wyke Sixth Form College Information Systems Manager for Teaching and Learning Teacher of Psychology Bloom-ing great, flipping fantastic.
  2. 2. Stretch the top end, encourage personal skill development and give ownership of development to learner. Create a simple and effective method of embedding AfL. Flip some content for students to ‘learn’ out of the classroom.
  3. 3. The Thinking Ladder. Charlotte Russell
  4. 4. Every lesson you will have a set of learning objectives which are designed to help you move up the thinking ladder. The thinking ladder helps you to learn by developing your skills. You start at the bottom and as your learning progresses you will gradually make your way towards the top. The skills at the bottom (REMEMBERING, UNDERSTANDING & APPLYING) are the basic skills you need to pass. As you move upwards you access the harder skills (ANALYSING, EVALUATING & CREATING). It is these skills which will help you to access the higher grades! Create Remember Understand Apply Analyse Evaluate
  5. 5. Developing opinions, judgements & decisions. Critical thinking skills. Separating a whole an examining it’s component parts or features. Using facts, rules, principles and applying them to examples or to solve a problem. Organisation and selection of facts, information and knowledge. Combining or organising information to form a new whole or create something new. Identification and recall of information. Also known as Knowledge!
  6. 6. Extension Tasks During lessons, if you have finished your main tasks, you will be directed to choose a task from the Thinking Ladder. You may choose a task from any of the skills pockets, depending on how confident you feel about what we have been learning in class. In each pocket you will find a series of tasks, you need to choose one of them to complete. The aim is to try and push yourself to the higher skills. If you feel confident enough and want to access the higher grades, you could push yourself to the more advanced skills pockets.
  7. 7. Thinking Ladder Tasks Bloom-ing great!
  8. 8. Flippy Cardy Things* *aka Assessment for Learning cards
  9. 9. Starter - multi-choice quiz on previous session - RAG rating of prior learning Throughout session - Quick check of learning - RAG rating of confidence on task - Full class responses to questions Plenary / Mini-plenary - RAG rating of confidence against aims and objectives - Check learning (MCQ / Jeopardy )
  10. 10. Jamie’s Flipped The power of blogs
  11. 11. @jamiesflipped
  12. 12. @jamiedavies Thank You