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WordPress Presentation

  1. 1. Triggerfish  webdesign  Triggerfish  Corpora0on,  St.  Joseph,  MO,  USA  P.    816  676  0434  /  web@triggerfishcorp.com  www.triggerfishcorp.com  Start  Here  
  2. 2. 1   TheMessage  Anyone  can  have  a  beau4ful,  useable  and  produc4ve   website  without  coding.   Triggerfish   webdesign  
  3. 3. 2  What&Why  You   may   ask   yourself   the   ques0on,   "My   business   is   0cking   over   nicely,   why   should   I   have   a   well  designed  website?"   Why  is  a  website  important?   1.  Your  website  is  open  24/7   If  you  run  a  conven0onal  brick  and  mortar  business,  you  can  only  aUract  the  people  who  walk   or  drive  past  your  shop,  in  any  one  day.   2.  Websites  increase  customer  confidence   A  well  designed  website  shows  people  that  you  are  forward  thinking  and  customer  focused.   3.  Websites  increase  customer  referrals   What’s  easier  to  remember,  mysite.com  or  01215501528?   4.  Website  sales   Your  website  is  one  of  the  most  impressive  sales  presenta0ons  that  you  will  ever  have.   5.  Aesthe4cs   First   impressions   can   color   subsequent   judgments   of   perceived   credibility,   usability,   and   ul0mately  influence  our  purchasing  decisions.  So  you  want  your  website  to  look  good.   Triggerfish   webdesign  
  4. 4. 3  Sta0cvsDynamic  There   are   many   different   op0ons   when   building   a   website   so   it’s   imporant   to   choose   something  that  can  easily  grow  and  evolve  with  your  business.   Sta4c  Page   A  sta0c  web  page  (some0mes  called  a  flat  page)  is  a   web  page  that  is  delivered  to  the  user  exactly  as   stored.   Dynamic  Page   A  dynamic  web  page  is  a  web  page  that  has  been   prepared  with  fresh  informa0on  (content  and/or   layout),  for  each  individual  viewing.  It  is  not  sta0c   because  it  changes  with  the  0me  (ex.  news  content).   Triggerfish   webdesign  
  5. 5. 4  WordPress.com  WordPress  has  lots  of  features  making  each  and  every  task  easy  to  complete.    Aaer  signing  up,  signing  in  and  choosing  your  design  you  can  begin  to  create  your  content  in  many  different  ways.   Media   Screen  Op4ons   Posts   Pages   Forms   Appearance   Signup   Sign  in   Design   Themes   Register  an  account   Ac0vate  and  sign  in   Get  crea0ve     Widgets   Menus   Plugins   Ra4ngs   Like  &  Shares   Triggerfish   webdesign  
  6. 6. 5  WordPressSetup   Signup   Signup  for  a  free   WordPress.com  account.   Username   Sign  in   Ac0vate  your  free   Domain   Choose  a   Password   Ac4vate   WordPress.com  account   username.  This   Check  your  email  Free  or  paid.  Use   will  be  the   Choose  a  secure   and  sign  in  to  the  admin   to  ac0vate  your  your  own  domain   username  to   password  of  at   WordPress.com   area.  name  for  only  $17   least  6  characters   access  your   account   website.   Design   Choose  from  hundreds  of   great  website  designs  and   make  it  your  own.   Triggerfish   webdesign  
  7. 7. 6  WordPressMedia  WordPress  makes  it  easy  for  you  to  add  images,  audio,  video  and  other  files  to  your  WordPress  site.     3GB  of  Space   Images   With  your  free  account  you  are  alloUed  3GB  of  free   You   can   upload   images   directly   from   within   space.   If   you   need   more   pasce   then   upgrades   are   WordPress   by   using   the   built-­‐in   file   avalible.   uploading  u0lity  in  the  post/page  screen.     File  Types:  jpg,  jpeg,  png,  gif,   +5GB   $19.97   +15GB   $49.97   Audio   You   can   upload   audio   directly   from   within   +25GB   $89.97   WordPress  by  using  the  built-­‐in  file  uploading  u0lity   in  the  post/page  screen.   +50GB   $159.97     File  Types:  mp3,  m4a,  wav,  ogg  audio  files   +100GB   $289.97   Video   •  Video   uploads   require   the   Videopress   upgrade.     Other   file   types   allowed:   pdf,   doc,   ppt,   odt,   pptx,  docx,  pps,  ppsx,  xls,  xlsx   •  Videos  can  be  embeded  for  FREE.   Triggerfish   webdesign  
  8. 8. 7  WordPressPosts  Share  your  company  news,  annoucments,  events  and  more.   Upload/Insert   Post  Formats   Allows   you   to   add   images,   audio   and   other   Post   Format   is   an   op0on   that   changes   the   mul0media   content   directly   into   your   posts   or   way  posts  are  displayed  when  viewing  either   pages.   the  front  page  of  your  blog,  or  an  archive  of   specific  posts.   Likes  and  Shares   Featured  Image   Likes   and   Share   allow   you   to   be   social   with   your   Featured  Image  can  be  op0onal.  This  will  be   website.  Allow  users  to  easily  share  your  content.   theme  specific  so  you  may  not  have  it.   Anyone can have a beautiful, useable and productive website without coding. Triggerfish   webdesign  
  9. 9. 8  WordPressPages  Share  company  informa0on,  highlights,  pictures  and  more.   Templates   Organizing  Pages   Templates   are   the   files   which   control   how   your   You   can   also   have   SubPages   within   your   WordPress  site  will  be  displayed  on  the  Web.   Pages,   crea0ng   a   hierarchy   of   pages   with   parent  child  rela0onships.   Wri4ng  Helper   Ordering  Pages   The   Wr0ng   Helper   allows   you   to   copy   a   previous   You  can  organize  your  pages  by  giving  them   post   or   page   to   use   a   template   for   your   new   post   or   a   numerical   value.   The   higher   the   number   page.   the  closer  to  the  top  you  will  be.   Triggerfish   webdesign  
  10. 10. 9  WordPressForms  Collec0ng  user  informa0on,  building  a  customer  database  &  keeping  in  contact  with  your  customers     Easily  Add  Forms   Form  Fields   Forms   can   easily   be   added   to   any   page   or   post   of   Form   fields   come   in   different   types   and   can   your   website   simply   by   clicking   the   forms   icon   be   either   required   or   op0onal.   Fields   that   above  the  editor.   can  be  used  are:  text,  checkbox,  drop  down,   email,  name,  radio,  textarea  and  website.   Email  No4fica4ons   Feedback   Email   no0fica0ons   are   op0onal.   You   can   also   Feedback   is   a   repository   for   the   form   customize  the  email  address  and  the  subject  of  the   submissions   that   are   filled   out   on   your   email  when  a  form  is  submiUed.   website.   This   way   all   submissions   are   kept   in   a   centralized   loca0on   for   organized   more   efficent  management.   Triggerfish   webdesign  
  11. 11. 10  WordPressAppearance  Customizing  the  design  and  personality  of  your  website   Widgets   Menus   Themes   usually   have   at   least   1   or   2   sidebars   or   WordPress  includes  an  easy  to  use  drag  and   “Widge4zed”   areas.   Sidebars   are   the   narrow   drop   mechanism   for   managing   naviga0on   columns   to   the   lea   or   right   of   your   blog   posts   or   menus.   pages.     Background   Themes   If   allowed   by   your   current   theme,   you   can   Themes   allow   you   to   change   the   overall   customize   the   background   of   your   theme   by   design   and   layout   of   your   website,   while   uploading  an  image  or  selec0ng  a  color  to  represent   maintaining  your  content.   the  background.   Anyone can have a beautiful, useable and productive website without coding. Triggerfish   webdesign  
  12. 12. 11  WordPressOther  Sh   Ra4ngs   Tools   Ra0ngs  will  allow  you  to  add  a  group  of  stars  above   With   the   tools   menu   you   will   be   able   to   or   below   posts,   pages   and   comments   allowing   the   submit   your   site   to   Google,   Yahoo   and   Bing   user  to  provide  feedback  on  cer0an  content.   search   engines.   This   is   how   people   can   find   you.   iPad   Theme  Op4ons   The   iPad   feature   will   give   you   general   op0ons   on   Theme   op0ons   are   theme   specific   and   will   how  your  website  will  look  when  viewed  on  an  iPad.   provide  extra  op0ons  for  customiza0on.   Triggerfish   webdesign  
  13. 13. 12   ContactUs   Architecto  beatae  vitae  dicta  sunt  explicabo  nemo  enim  ipsam  voluptatem  quia  voluptas  sit  aspern.   Proin   dictum   elementum   velit.   Fusce   euismod   consequat   ante.   Lorem   ipsum   dolor   sit   amet,   consectetuer  adipisc  ing  elit.   803  N  36th  Street   Suite  B   TheTriggerfish  Corpora4on   p.  861-­‐676-­‐3713   e.  web@triggerfishcorp.com      Twi_er  @jamiebrwr   See  you  soon  :)  @JasonCChase  Facebook  facebook.com/TriggerfishCorp  Other  @triggerfishcorp       Triggerfish   webdesign