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This is one of the documentations and policies I have created for Quality against Fraud - as the Training & Quality Manager for the said LOB.

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Sample - Process Documentation

  1. 1. DIRECTV DS Red Alert Policy Fraud Management Process Effective June 2010 DIRECTV Direct Sales The information covered in this policy includes, but not limited to, creating fraudulent transactions and activities, misleading customers, creating fraudulent sales, call avoidance, slamming, cramming, keeping/storing of VXI Global- QA Dept. customer’s confidential information and any acts of SM Cyber2 Jupiter and discourtesy. This policy covers all employees assigned to Zodiac Sts. Corner DIRECTV, regardless of position, directly or indirectly Buendia Ave., Makati involved in the transactions and activities. City Philippines 1226 + (632)899.2200 Fraud Management Process
  2. 2. VXI Global – DIRECTV Red Alert Policy Policy Statement This policy shows the rules and guidelines formulated or adopted by DIRECTV as VXI Global account to reach its long-term goals. These principles are designed to influence and determine all major decisions and actions, and all activities take place within the boundaries set by them. The procedures provided are the specific methods employed to express policies in action in day-to-day operations of the organization. Together, policies and procedures ensure that a point of view held by the governing body of an organization is translated into steps that result in an outcome compatible with the view. Objectives  To inform DIRECTV – assigned employees of the QA Red Alert Policy. Red Alert Policies are at par with the VXI- Global Fraud Management Process and with the most updated DIRECTV Direct  To apprise DIRECTV – assigned employees Sales Quality Line Item Definitions – [Section 3.0 Standards | of the corresponding penalties for Legal Compliance] infractions of the QA Red Alert Policy. Sanctions are at par with client [DIRECTV] guidelines and  To prevent and manage integrity-related company COCD | CCC. incidents and fraudulent transactions. Implementing Guidelines 1. All DIRECTV – assigned employees will be made aware of the different issues that will fall under the Red Alert Policy during the Training period (for New Hires) and day/s before implementation for existing DIRECTV – assigned employees. 2. Any violation of the specified policies shall be subjected to sanction as defined. 3. Management reserves the right to place any employee who violates or is suspected to have committed any of the specified policies on OTP (Off-the-Phone). Concerned employee shall remain on Fraud Management Process standby while awaiting recommendation from concerned departments. Procedure 1. QA will track the sending of these email Alerts then follow up on them to ensure proper disciplines are adhered to and in line with the disciplinary structure stated. 2. The specified policies have been determined by DIRECTV and VXI Global to be Red Alert Auto Fails and the following disciplinary actions are to be followed in the steps laid out. 2.1. The QA Analyst | Verifier will identify a potentially fraudulent transaction or an integrity related issue. 2|Page
  3. 3. VXI Global – DIRECTV Red Alert Policy 2.2. The QA2 Analyst will listen to the call for validation. 2.3. A 2nd QA2 Analyst may have to do a re-validation of the call. 2.4. The QA Manager validates the incident and categorizes the case into any of the 8 fraud buckets. 2.5. The QA Manager enters the incident into the VXI Global Fraud Tracker. 2.6. The QA Manager informs the Team Lead of the concerned Sales Consultant, including the Group Manager|Shift Manager, HR|LR and Business Leader about the incident. At the same time, the sales consultant will be advised by either the Team Lead or Workforce to be off the phones while the case is under investigation. 2.7. The case will be discussed within 24 hours and determines validity with Operations through a Call Listening session. 2.8. Once validated by both department (Quality Assurance and Operations), a mutual decision from department managers will be reached regarding the case and it’s sanction. An IR will be issued and the case will be forwarded to HR|LR for review and processing of necessary documents. IF BOTH DEPARTMENT MANAGERS DON ’ T AGREE WITH THE CASE AND SANCTIONS , THE CASE WILL BE ESCALATED TO LEVEL 2 FRAUD COMMITTEE (DIRECTOR LEVEL) AND CASE SHOULD BE AGREED UPON AND CLOSED OUT . FINAL DECISION AND SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATIONS SHOULD BE FORWARDED TO HR|LR WITHIN 24 HOURS FROM TIME OF ESCALATION . 3. Quality Assurance, Workforce Management, Operations and Human Resources Department shall ensure that necessary and pertinent documentation|reports|recordings| are completed and made Fraud Management Process available upon endorsement of the case. In cases of dismissal, HR established guidelines and processes should be followed. Administration Violation of this policy shall merit corresponding disciplinary action as defined under the COCD|CCC guidelines. The degree of sanction is dependent upon the offense’s classification. Details of the DIRECTV Red Alert Policy The Red Alert issue is categorized into any of the 8 fraud buckets set by VXI Global‘s Fraud Management Process and will be aligned if not mirrored from the DIRECTV Line Item Definition. 3|Page
  4. 4. Fraud Category 1 – No Proof of Sale Sanction: Termination of Employment VXI Global – DIRECTV Red Alert Policy EXAMPLES ARE BUT NOT LIMITED TO:  Creating fraudulent sales or found to be of no call/s based on CDR.  No matching orders found in OOM | OMS, RIO and other DIRECTV – VXI systems.  Absence of call recording in DRS and no CDR log entry. violated. when sanction and details scope, page, its this stated on category the fraud policy for od the understo clearly dge that I acknowle page, I on this my initials signing Fraud Management Process By e Initial] - [Employe _________ ___________ 4|Page
  5. 5. Fraud Category 2 – Misleading the Customer Where the Information was Critical in Closing the Sale. Sanction: Termination of Employment VXI Global – DIRECTV Red Alert Policy EXAMPLES ARE BUT NOT LIMITED TO:  Not disclosing the full amount to be charged to the customer’s card. Amount should be clearly explained and broken down [from equipment fees, customer fee based on credit check, taxes, etc.] to the customer.  Slurring. – The amount, legal disclosures [RCCs], pertinent information about the package the customer is getting should be clearly disclosed| discussed to the customer. Slurring means: install dates should details or delivery| be disclosed to the information which pertains to pricing o Not to enunciate words normally or clearly. and promotions o To pass over lightly or carelessly; treat customer. All critical violated. violated. without due consideration. when If the customer agrees at the time of sales call but when sanction upon investigation, customer ended up in sanction and cancelation of the service and complaint because and of the misunderstanding of the said disclosures [and matches the part of the call where the SC details details was observed to be slurring] – then the fraud case will be automatically valid. If there are no scope, scope, complaints logged in RIO or other DIRECTV-VXI tool at the time of investigation, then further page, its its page, investigations will be done. thisthis stated on on stated category category  Providing the customer with promotions | credits that are not supposed to be given or thethe fraud fraud combined. Examples are but not limited to: policy for for policy od od the the o Combining Referral credits with the Ambassador DNIS understo Taking email address of non-customer just to provide the extra $5 national offer rebate understo o clearly and/or not verifying full access to the email account. clearly dge that I I dge that acknowle acknowle o Soliciting ANY email addresses from the customer just to provide the extra $5 national page, I I page, offer rebate. on this on this my my initials initials  Guaranteeing the customer with the type and/or number of receivers, packages, promotions that are not matching with the order and policies. Fraud Management Process signing signing By By e Initial] - -  Informing the customer that they can call Customer Installation Support for sooner install dates or guaranteeing an installation date. e Initial] [Employe [Employe _________ _________  Telling the customer that they may or will get other promotional discounts after the 12 ___________ ___________ month promotional period [24 months for Enhanced markets] or advising the customer to call Customer care for existing offers after the 12/24 month period.  Signing the customer up to Preferred Choice and other small international package as an offer to a price point not to fit an international viewing need.  Placing the order through Western Union and leading the customer to believe that they have not placed an order. 5|Page
  6. 6. Fraud Category 3 – No Agreement to Sale. Customer Didn’t Agree to Sale. Sanction: Termination of Employment VXI Global – DIRECTV Red Alert Policy  Informing a customer that they should go to a retailer and purchase a prepaid card to secure their DIRECTV order. The only exception to this policy is if the customer has been educated on the Purchase Option as a prepaid card is a valid form of payment for the Purchase Option.  Selling to customers that are ineligible to new offers and/or to customers wherein call should have been transferred to another department. Examples [but not limited to] – Second account under the same account information, seasonal homes, etc. violated. sanction when details and page, its scope, stated on this fraud category the policy for the I clearly understood I acknowledge that initials on this page, By signing my [Employee Initial] - Fraud Management Process ____________________ EXAMPLES ARE BUT NOT LIMITED TO:  SC charging the customer’s credit |debit card without authorization. This includes charging the customer’s card after stating that there are no funds or enough funds to cover the amount disclosed. The only exception is if the customer proactively told the SC to try and charge the card despite the lack of funds.  Double | Multiple tagging of Sales in CRM |OOM. 6|Page
  7. 7. Fraud Category 4 – Out of Process [Internal] Sanction: Termination of Employment VXI Global – DIRECTV Red Alert Policy  Customer stated to cancel the order and the SC failed to cancel the order– whether the call got disconnected or not.  Customer stated to cancel the order and the SC canceled the order in OOM but still tagged the order as a sale in CRM.  For MA|PA orders, the call should be done up to the giving of the account number and Western Union details with instructions to the customer for it to be considered as a sale. If the call gets disconnected prior to this, the SC is expected to cancel the order in OOM and tag it as a non-sale in CRM. This covers VXI Global’s Internal Procedures that are directly impacting customer’s information security, violation of company policies that are affecting the set SLA’s and some other processes that were mandated by DIRECTV. EXAMPLES ARE BUT NOT LIMITED TO: Fraud Management Process  Storing or saving of customer information [i.e. credit | debit card number, SSN etc. al.] on paper or any tools other than those stipulated by management. Said information MUST BE DELETED after every call is made. o This includes usage of other computer notepads other than what was authorized and approved by VXI Global. [Notepad from DTV Links – 100 character limit]  Call Avoidance – is any action where any employee takes action to avoid taking calls. Examples are but not limited to: o Placing customer on long hold | mute for no valid reason just to elongate the call. o Placing customer on long hold | mute until the customer hang –up. o Hanging up on calls while engaged with a customer. 7|Page
  8. 8. Fraud Category 5 – Unauthorized Use of Customer Credit Card, SSN and other Personal Information Sanction: Termination of Employment VXI Global – DIRECTV Red Alert Policy o Telling the customer that he|she is still waiting for the system to upload before she|he can set up the install date or provide the account number when on the DRS screen, it’s already showing the said information.  Call back Policy - Once the SC have read the RCCs and processed the credit card (with customer permission), it is considered a SALE. o If the call drops after this point, agents should flag their Team Manager immediately. o Team Manager will have the authority to call the customer back to complete the installation portion of order. o If the call gets disconnected and the SC has not read the RCCs and processed the credit card yet then this is not a sale and NO callback should be made. violated. when sanction and details scope, page, its EXAMPLES ARE BUT NOT LIMITED TO: this stated on category the fraud  Using other CC or SSN not given by the customer just to process a sale. policy for od the  Alteration of customer’s personal information. understo  Illegal use of customer’s credit card. clearly dge that I  Knowingly setting up service in the name of someone other than the person being acknowle spoken to. page, I on this  The SC must request and receive verbal authorization to do a credit check before the my initials credit check is performed. Fraud Management Process signing  The SC must get verbal authorization from the CC holder other than the person being By spoken to. Note: Only if using the SPOUSE’S Card. Even if the card is from a joint e Initial] - account, the name of the customer the SC is speaking to should be the name that [Employe appears on the card. _________ ___________  Credit being ran by sales consultant on address without the knowledge of the customer or without requesting for SSN. Customer must be aware of how the credit check is being run. i.e. SSN, ITIN or address.  SSN and Payment authorization override. 8|Page
  9. 9. Fraud Category 6 – Misrepresenting Sales Consultant’s Identity and Company’s Credibility Sanction: Termination of Employment VXI Global – DIRECTV Red Alert Policy violated. violated. when when sanction sanction and and details details scope, EXAMPLES ARE BUT NOT LIMITED TO: scope, its page, page, its  SC changing his|her job title over the phone to gain authority or for whatever the purpose may this this be. stated on stated on category category the fraud  Co-Sales Consultant taking over another SC’s call without authorization from the Team Lead, the fraud policy for GM, OM or BL [Management]. policy for od the od the understo o POC for the day is not considered part of management which means a POC cannot understo clearly delegate nor ask another SC to take over someone’s call. clearly  SC was found to have done any act/s of discourtesy. Examples are but not limited to: dge that I dge that I acknowle acknowle page, I o Usage of profanity [whether in English or any other language] and argumentative tone. page, I on this on this my initials o Sarcastic and sexual remarks | comments while engaged or on-hold with the customer. my initials signing signing By Fraud Management Process By Initial] - e e [Employe Initial] - [Employe _________ _________ ___________ ___________ 9|Page
  10. 10. Fraud Category 7 – Unauthorized Data Entry | Modifications [System Manipulation] Sanction: Termination of Employment VXI Global – DIRECTV Red Alert Policy EXAMPLES ARE BUT NOT LIMITED TO:  Attempting to cancel existing order|account. violated. when sanction  Changing DNIS call source. and details  MA|PA – Western Union Manipulation. Examples are but not limited to: scope, page, its o Changing a zip code to a Massachusetts or Pennsylvania zip code to pop the Western this Union option whether the customer has a credit card or not. stated on o Changing the address of the customer to a MA|PA address not provided by the category customer. the fraud policy for  Information entered in OOM | CRM weren’t given by the customer. This includes interchanging od the of customer details. Example: Phone number provided by the understo System Manipulation which customer and was heard on the call: (123) 456.7890 and the clearly leads to Sales Consultant’s SC typed (132) 456.7890 dge that I Financial Benefit [SPIFFs,  Any manipulation of OOM or CRM in order to achieve a sale. acknowle Bonuses, Commissions and page, I other incentives – whether Proactively processing a referral credit from an existing  on this customer calling on behalf of a new customer on a non- DIRECTV or VXI Global my initials referral DNIS and the existing customer not specifying that signing initiated] he|she has been referred. [The word “REFERRED” should be By said or mentioned by the customer]. Fraud Management Process e Initial] - [Employe  Bypassing any system blocks or pop ups to try and process a sale. Examples are but not limited _________ to: ___________ o Proactively asking for an alternate phone number from a customer to bypass the system block. o Proactively requesting another person’s credit card or SSN to set up an account other than who is on the phone [not unless customer initiated] and making use of Canadian SSN to run a credit check  Accessing another website which can provide other customer information matching some of those that were provided by the customer on the phone. Example is but not limited to: Accessing and typing customer’s name [John Doe] and trying different addresses from the results of the search. 10 | P a g e
  11. 11. VXI Global – DIRECTV Red Alert Policy o Only exception is when the customer is claiming they don’t know the ZIP CODE to the service address.  Making changes on the customer information. [CRM vs. OOM and other systems] Examples are but not limited to: o Changing the information on CRM after OOM was released. The information in CRM should ALWAYS match the information in OOM or vice versa. o Changing the customer information after running the credit check. violated. when sanction and details scope, page, its this stated on category the fraud policy for od the understo clearly dge that I acknowle page, I on this my initials signing By e Initial] - [Employe _________ Fraud Management Process ___________ 11 | P a g e
  12. 12. Fraud Category 8 – Client Escalations Sanction: Termination of Employment VXI Global – DIRECTV Red Alert Policy EXAMPLES ARE BUT NOT LIMITED TO:  Valid Customer | client complaint. [Complaints already violated by both QA and client].  This includes client – initiated removal. violated. when sanction details and scope, page, its stated on this category the fraud the policy for understood that I clearly acknowledge page, I initials on this signing my Fraud Management Process Initial] - By [Employee _____ _______________ EXAMPLES ARE BUT NOT LIMITED TO:  Required Call Components | Inaccurate Information: 12 | P a g e
  13. 13. Any Other Auto-Fails Not Classified as Fraud Sanction: Progressive VXI Global – DIRECTV Red Alert Policy o Local channels must be addressed at the beginning or during RCC. Should not read all channels available. Should cover what is not available specifically. Mention HD if applicable. o All other Line Item Definition specified under RCCs and Accurate Information that are [OR as stated in the COCD/CCC] 1st in 90 days – Verbal Warning occurrence –Written Warning occurrence – Termination of 2nd in 90 days from the first 3rd in 90 days from the first 4th in 90 days from the first occurrence – Final Written Employment Sanctions: violated. Warning when sanction and non-fraudulent. details scope, page, its  SSN and CC: this stated on o Must use the term credit check and the customer must be aware and consent to the category credit check. o Must not read the entire SSN nor CC number aloud. the fraud policy for od the o Implied consent for the SSN and CC is permissible, but only at the point in the call where understo we are running a credit check or processing the CC. For example, “ May I have your clearly Social Security number in order to run a credit check?” When the customer provides dge that I their SSN this is implied consent to run the credit check. acknowle page, I o All other Line Item Definition specified under SSN and Credit Card Use that are non- fraudulent. Fraud Management Process on this my initials signing By ACKNOWLEDGMENT e Initial] - [Employe _________ By signing this memorandum, I acknowledge having received a copy of this DIRECTV DS Red ___________ Alert Policy and Fraud Management Process document – The contents of which were explained to me and which I fully understand and in conformity with. Conforme: 13 | P a g e
  14. 14. VXI Global – DIRECTV Red Alert Policy ______________________________________ __________________ ________________ DIRECTV – Assigned Employee Signature HRID DATE Over Printed Name Discussed By: ______________________________________ __________________ ________________ DIRECTV – Assigned Employee Signature Designation DATE Over Printed Name These policies are applicable to all DIRECTV –Assigned Employees who are taking phone calls, regardless of the position/designation. Fraud Management Process 14 | P a g e