AS Media Coursework Evaluation Questions 1 - 4


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AS Media Coursework Evaluation Questions 1 - 4

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AS Media Coursework Evaluation Questions 1 - 4

  1. 1. AS Media StudiesCourseworkEvaluationJamie Farrow
  2. 2. 1. Who Would The Audience ForYour Media Product?• I believe that the target audience for this film would beteenage to young adult males who enjoy parkour and/oraction films.• Teenagers to young adults – I believe that this age range willwatch this film as this age group tend to be the kind of peoplewho participate in parkour, adrenaline rushing activates oraction movies. This is also an appropriate age range as there sno explicit content in this film.• Males – I think that males are more likely to watch my filmbecause when I do parkour, I only tend to see other malesparticipate in it. I also believe that more males are into actionfilms than females.
  3. 3. Continued..• Genre – The genre of action seems to attract these kinds ofaudiences, young males. This also backs up our reasoning forspecifying them in our target audience.• Parkour – Parkour will attract certain people to our film, whichis why they have been specified in our target audience. Ibelieve that people who participate in parkour, and alsopeople who don’t participate in it but find it interesting willwatch this film.• Secondary Audience – I believe that the age range will changein our second audience, as young children may find an interestin action chase scenes, as may adults.
  4. 4. Continued..• Sub Genre – Mystery, I believe mystery would be a sub genreto this film as it has scenes of dark rooms with close up shotswhich do not allow the background or scene to be seen fullyby the audience. This would help attract more people intowatching this film, and that is why I think this would be a partof my target audience.• Similar Films/Videos – Similar films and videos which havebeen produced attracts a similar sort of target audience to ourvideo. For example, Storm Freerun Volume 1, James Bond,Indiana Jones etc. Knowing the target audiences for thosefilms/videos helped us gather ours for this film.
  5. 5. Continued..• Target Audience – I believe that I have got my target audiencecorrect. I think that the people who I have specified in mytarget audience will watch this film, and also the people in thesecondary audience. I wouldnt’t change anything major in mytarget audience, although, I do think young children may be abit more into my target audience than my secondaryaudience.
  6. 6. 2. How Does Your Media ProductRepresent Particular SocialGroups?• This film represents a certain type of people. Young, white,middle class males. All of the actors in the video come fromthat specific background, and is portrayed in the film.• I personally do not think that this film doesn’t give manydifferent representations• I think that one of the representations that this films give isthat teenagers are athletic. This is because this film is physical,including running and parkour.• Depending on how the audience portray the teenagers in thisfilm, they are likely to portray the individual badly, or thegroup. They may even portray all of the teenagers as good, orall bad.
  7. 7. Continued..• The individual may be portrayed badly as people may thinkwhat he is doing is illegal, transporting a drug, but others maythink he is doing a favor for the scientist.• The group may be portrayed badly as they are trying to stealfrom the individual, some may think that they are doing goodby stopping the individual.• I think that this film also gives a bad representation onteenagers, this is because you can tell that there is some kindof mischief going on from either of the teens included. One ofthem are getting chased, which there is a reason behind, andthe others are chasing the teenager for the same reason.• Some people may feel that this film may give teenagers a badrepresentation as one of them is in possession of a drug, andhas to transport it to the other side of the city.
  8. 8. Continued..• Social Class – middle/working class are represented in thisvideo. I think that this film represents these classes well. A lotof parkour athletes are from these social classes, and so arethe actors in this film. The parkour athletes arent onlyrepresented through parkour, but through their clothing aswell. Parkour athletes train and perform in casual clothes, forexample, tracksuit bottoms, jumpers etc. This is because theyare comfortable to wear, and make training easier. This mayalso be because they cannot afford to spend money onexpensive clothes to train in as they may get ruined.
  9. 9. Continued..• Like it was mentioned in the previous slide, from these pictures, youcan notice that all the people in the pictures were involved in theparkour chase, and are all wearing casuals.• Consisting of tracksuit bottoms, jumper/hoodie, t-shirt and trainers.• More keen parkour athletes tend to wear free running shoed to aidgrip and speed.
  10. 10. 3. What Kind of Media InstitutionMight Distribute Your MediaProduct and Why?• Institution – An institution is a company which dispersesmedia products to be consumed by audiences.• I think that this film would be best suited to be distributed onthe internet. Creating a website would be a cost effectivemethod to use as it is cheaper than advertisements innewspapers, television etc. and can be updated quickly.• Creating a website for the film where people can go to, to findout information on the film, about the filming and productionprocess etc.
  11. 11. Continued..• Popular media institutions in the UK are:• BBC - Mainly produce British Independent Films- Produce feature films- Find and develop new talent- Picky about films• Film 4 - Variety OF British and International films- Show and produce many films• The UK Film Council - Backed more than 900 films- Aim to make UK global centre for filmsamongst the worlds competitive film industry- Support up coming directors by funding toattract a wider audience.- Money provided from the lottery, and arepartnership with the British Film Institution, Skill set, First light, FilmClub and Regional and national screen agencies
  12. 12. Continued..• I think the film would benefit from approaching all three ofinstitutes mentioned previously. This is because we are newdirectors and need as much coverage and help that we canget. Personally, I think that The UK Film Council would be ableto help and benefit us the most. This is because they offerhelp to new and up coming directors to produce their films.• This means that we may get funding from the lottery to helppay for things our film may need, for example, advertising,editing, props etc.
  13. 13. Continued..• The UK Film Council provides £2 million per year to pay forprints and funding.• £350,000 to help pay for subtitling and audio-descriptiontechnologies for cinemas, which improves the viewingexperience of people with sight and hearing impairments.• £500,000 to help expand the activities of film clubs.• £12 million to equip 240 screens in 210 cinemas across the UKwith digital projection technology.• £800,000 to help smaller cinemas to meet the costs ofessential building refurbishments
  14. 14. 4. In What Way Does Your MediaProduct Use, Develop or ChallengeForms and Conventions of RealMedia Products?Storm FreeRun Volume #1• We used this video as inspirationfor two reasons, location, andchoreography.• The main inspiration this videogave us was to incorporateparkour into our film• This video helped use find anduse a suitable location to film,Elephant and Castle• The video also helped uschoreograph some of the chase,using parkour moves from thevideo, and interpreting them intoour video
  15. 15. Continued..• The Storm FreeRun Volume #1 video helped massivelytowards our film• The film helped us come up with potential shots that we coulduse, but changed them so that they would suit the specificneeds of our film• This video includes basic and advanced parkour moves in it. Aswe had a day to shoot the video, our actors had to do whatthey were comfortable and confident doing, which is why weincluded basic moves. If we had longer to shoot then ouractors would have been able to incorporate more advancedmoves as they could improvise and practise moves as theybuild up confidence in doing them.
  16. 16. Continued..Rory Campbell – The Edge• This video also gave usinspiration towards ourvideo. After watching thisvideo, we decided that wewanted to create an actionfilm, and to incorporate achase scene in it• Before watching this video,we were stuck for ideas,but liked the idea of achase scene including aspecific sport.
  17. 17. Continued..• The Rory Campbell – The Edge video helped the creation ofour video, but not as greatly as the Storm FreeRun video did• Without watching this video, we may not have come up withand used the concept of a chase including the use of sports• After watching the video, we decided what sport we woulduse, and then started brainstorming possible storylines wecould use for the film• In this video, the person getting chased is at a disadvantage asthey are getting chased by more than one person. We tooknote of this and decided that we would include a disadvantageto the person getting chased.