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20 Quick Money Saving Tips


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Here's some quick and easy tips on how to save a few bucks here and there.

20 Quick Money Saving Tips

  1. 1. Research cheaper energy options. Use comparison sites like uSwtich
  2. 2. PAYG OR SIM ONLY?Could you benefit from a cheaper Pay as your Go or Sim Only Mobile contract?
  3. 3. SAVE ON PACKAGE DEALS Save on phone, TV and broadband & research package deals
  4. 4. CHECK YOUR CUPBOARDSBefore you go shopping, check what you have first, then make a list
  5. 5. COMPLAIN ‘BOUT ITGenuinely bad service? Complain about it, see what you get off your meal
  6. 6. WATCH EVERY PENNYLiterally. Record where every penny goes to see where it’s being wasted
  7. 7. SELL YO JUNKGet in the attic and clear out your junk. Sell it online, car boot doesn’t matter
  8. 8. TAKE A DIY COURSEFind out how to make simply repairs yourself and save money in the long run
  9. 9. BOOK TRAVEL EARLYBooking trains, planes or automobiles? Book ‘em early for redcue prices
  10. 10. ASK, ‘DO YOU NEED IT?’Ask yourself. Do you actually, truthfully need it. Stop impulse buying
  11. 11. SAVE YOUR CASH IN AN ISASaving money? Stick in in an ISA and you won’t pay tax on interest
  12. 12. INSURANCE YOU CAN’T USE?Stop paying for insurance you don’t need, check terms and conditions
  13. 13. DVDs & CDs FROM LIBRARY Borrow DVDs and CDs from your local library instead of buying
  14. 14. DUMP GYM MEMBERSHIP There’s plenty of alternatives to costly gyms
  15. 15. STOP SMOKINGIt’s expensive and disgusting. Unless you smoke a pipe, in which case it’s classy
  16. 16. CUT BACK ON THE BOOZE Unless you smoke a pipe, then you have to drink whiskey
  17. 17. USE YOUR LOCAL MARKETCheaper produce, meat and fish, plus you’re supporting local business
  18. 18. DO A CLOTHES SWAP PARTY Organise a party with your friends, new wardrobe, no price tags
  19. 19. RENT OUT A SPARE ROOM Just so long as it isn’t under the stairs,
  20. 20. RENT OUT YOUR DRIVEWAYGot parking problems in your area and no car? Rent out your drive
  21. 21. PART 2Coming Soon
  22. 22. PHOTO CREDITSCoal lines Phone Cat man Box Sign Stairs