Accelerate Journey To The Cloud


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  • 86 Local Authorities
  • Accelerate Journey To The Cloud

    1. 1. Accelerate your Journey to the Cloud Helping you generate ‘sticky’ repeatable income
    2. 2. Information is Everything • Information is at the heart of every organisation - Keeping it safe is so vital No information = No organisation • Focused on the secure management of organisations’ vital, often critical data, Redstor harnesses technology to deliver Cloud services • Secure access, backup, storage and disaster recovery. It’s your data, it’s always safe, always accessible, wherever, whenever.
    3. 3. Redstor • UK based organisation founded in 1998 • A leading provider of ‘Cloud’ based services • Redstor’s business spans 3 principal areas: – Cloud data backup and protection – Cloud storage – Complimentary cloud services • Online Backup launched in 2005 has over 500TB’s of customer data under its protection and is one of the largest in the UK
    4. 4. Experienced & Successful • Trusted by some of the UK’s most prominent organisations to keep their customers information accessible and secure • Services are offered by over 130 Service Providers including 80 Local Authorities addressing 14,000 schools
    5. 5. The Platform behind your Cloud • Redstor has built a ‘Partner-Enabled’, Cloud Services Delivery Platform and developed a range of relevant Cloud services to be offered by its partners • Allowing you to bring your own branded Cloud offerings to market quickly • Get the advantages of world-class services, reduced time to market, a broader product portfolio and recurring revenues • Offer all the benefits under your own brand without the capital investment • Full sales and technical training, marketing collateral, ROI tools, and more • Comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLA)
    6. 6. Cloud Services • Cloud Backup – Secure Online Server Backup for SMB to Enterprise • Cloud Storage – Online storage. Data is always safe, always accessible, wherever, whenever • Protector – Simple, Low cost PC/Laptop Security Suite including backup, encryption, remote shred, port access control and trace • CentraStage – IT Managed Service Delivery Platform, including remote support, device audit, software & script deployment, device management and reporting • RBUSS – Redstor Backup Service for Schools – Redstor Cloud Backup adopted by 80 Local Authorities addressing 12,000 UK schools
    7. 7. Redstor Online Backup • Hosted Online Backup Service – Reliable, Automated Online Backup, offering off-site storage and rapid recovery of critical server data – Data Deduplication reduces network bandwidth usage – End-to-End Encryption for security – Highly Secure – Supports millions of files & complex folder structures – High Performance – Supports NAS (NetApp & EMC etc) – Emergency recovery appliance shipped to site* – Fast online restores • Only Pay for what you Use *Optional Service
    8. 8. Cloud Storage • Secure Storage Presented over the Internet – Scale up or down as you need – Only pay for the storage capacity you use • Currently Four Service offerings – NAS Gateway – Onsite Appliance with Cloud Storage – Traditional Backup Application using Cloud Storage as a Target (CommVault, NetWorker) – Archive Target. Archive Files, Exchange or SharePoint to Cloud Storage – Virtual Drive (Internet drive). Local PC or Server Drive mapped to Cloud Storage • Web services application programming interface (API) available for custom development • Data is always safe, always accessible, wherever, whenever
    9. 9. Redstor Protector • Simple, Low Cost, Hosted PC Security and Backup Service – Automatic PC Backup & Recovery • Near continuous online backups. Block Level, de-dupe at source, encryption – At Rest AES 256-Bit Encryption • Policy driven, file/folder based encryption for data at rest. Encrypts the same files selected for backup – Port Access Control • Policy driven read/write access permissions for USB, CD/DVD, Bluetooth, and Serial Ports – Remote Data Deletion • Delete select files by command or by time-bomb when a device is lost or stolen – Device Trace • Primarily used as a deterrent against internal staff theft • 5GB Base Account with all functionality controlled by Policy
    10. 10. CentraStage • IT Managed Service Platform – Audit/Asset Management – Monitoring – Software Distribution/Device Configuration – Script Deployment/Execution – Remote Support – Reporting • Built for IT Service Providers – Visibility and control of the IT estate you support – Priced to run on every device • Increase Efficiency, reduce Cost – Automate repetitive tasks – Keep devices patches, secure, stable – Monitor the environment, manage ‘by exception’
    11. 11. RBUSS • Redstor Backup Service for Schools – Currently used by 80 Local Authorities and Education Service Providers in England and Wales addressing 12,000 schools – Capita’s approved backup technology for SIMS (Admin Servers) – Service also protects Curriculum Servers – Largest single Authority deployment • 800+ servers and 25TB’s of data – Protecting School data across a broad mix of LA’s and service providers in the UK, regardless of size, demographics, location and number of schools – Offered by some of the largest education service providers
    12. 12. Benefits to Your Business • High Margins (40%) & flexible offerings • Generates ‘sticky’ repeatable income • Quick to set up, easy to use, easy to scale and exceptionally secure • Low support overhead • Designed for the service provider • You bill and keep control of your customer • Customer/Sign-up Portal integration options • Aimed at your market • Take the services you want to offer