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Web Scraping


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NICAR 2010 Web Scraping panel

Published in: Technology, Design
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Web Scraping

  1. 1. NICAR 2010 Web Scraping Basics James Wilkerson, The Des Moines Register Jacob Fenton, The (Allentown) Morning Call Intro – James W. Basic tools – James W. Firefox extensions: DownloadThemAll Outwit Hub Yahoo Pipes Openkapow Perl tools – Jacob Python tools – James W.
  2. 2. Something to stare at
  3. 3. Pre-built scraping stuff Firefox extensions: DownloadThemAll Outwit Hub Yahoo! Pipes Openkapow
  4. 4. Python with BeautifulSoup - Easily pull in and pull apart html. - Search for page elements cleanly and easily. - Python is better than perl. Great tutorial by Ben Welsh (palewire) at LA Times:
  5. 5. BeautifulSoup example #Bring in the modules necessary to grab & process pages from mechanize import Browser from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup #Use mechanize to grab the page. mech = Browser() url = "" page1 = html1 =
  6. 6. #Carve up the html soup1 = BeautifulSoup(html1) #Send page to function that will extract data from appropriate table extract(soup1, 2007)
  7. 7. #Function to extract table info def extract(soup, year): table = soup.find("table", border=1) for row in table.findAll('tr')[1:]: col = row.findAll('td') rank = col[0].string artist = col[1].string album = col[2].string cover_link = col[3].img['src'] record = (str(year), rank, artist, album, cover_link) return record
  8. 8. #Follow the link to 2006 data and process that page page2 = mech.follow_link(text_regex="Next") html2 = soup2 = BeautifulSoup(html2) extract(soup2, 2006)
  9. 9. RESULTS: 2007|10|LCD Soundsystem|Sound of Silver| 2007|9|Ulrich Schnauss|Goodbye| 2007|8|The Clientele|God Save The Clientele| 2007|7|The Modernist|Collectors Series Pt. 1: Popular Songs| 2007|6|Bebel Gilberto|Momento| 2007|5|Various Artists|Jay Deelicious: 1995-1998| 2007|4|Lindstrom and Prins Thomas|BBC Essential Mix| 2007|3|Go Home Productions|This Was Pop| 2007|2|Apparat|Walls| 2007|1|Caribou|Andorra| 2006|10|Lily Allen|Alright, Still| 2006|9|Nouvelle Vague|Nouvelle Vague| 2006|8|Bookashade|Movements| 2006|7|Charlotte Gainsbourg|5:55| 2006|6|The Drive-By Truckers|The Blessing and the Curse| 2006|5|Basement Jaxx|Crazy Itch Radio| 2006|4|Love is All|Nine Times The Same Song| 2006|3|Ewan Pearson|Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi_01| 2006|2|Neko Case|Fox Confessor Brings The Flood| 2006|1|Ellen Allien & Apparat|Orchestra of Bubbles|