What is icf construction and how does it benefit me


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"With over 105,000 projects, ARXX Corporation has pioneered much of the ICF industry. Visit http://www.arxx.com/ for a solution to your building needs.

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What is icf construction and how does it benefit me

  1. 1. What Is ICF Construction and How Does It Benefit Me?
  2. 2. IntroductionThe construction industry is always coming up with new innovations andconcepts that are designed to produce a better end product. Whether it is inthe area of building materials and supplies, concepts or procedures, if it canimprove the home building process in some way, they’ll try it sooner or later.One such innovation is called ICF construction, which translates to ‘insulatedconcrete forms’. This product provides benefits in a handful of important homeconstruction areas.
  3. 3. What Are Insulated Concrete Forms?Insulated concrete forms are panels made from foam that are used in the wallsand foundation of a building. The panels snap together in the correct spot andthen rebar is added for strength and stability.Once the rebar is where it should be, concrete is poured into the forms.Naturally, the concrete will dry and provide even more strength to the structure.Anytime you hear the term ICF construction this is the general process that hastaken place.
  4. 4. ‘Green’ ElementsAny homeowner or contractor loves to have the ‘green’ label attached to theirhome or the work they have done. When using concrete form as part of thebuilding process, everyone involved in the project will boost their green image.One of the main issues with walls and foundations is either warm or cool airgoing where you don’t want it to go. When this happens, furnaces or airconditioners run longer and the structure is no longer quite as eco-friendly.Concrete forms act as insulation and an air and vapor barrier, which means thatwandering air will no longer be such a problem.
  5. 5. ‘Green’ ElementsWhen you add high efficiency appliances to the concrete form building method,the result is energy savings that are passed down to the homeowner by way oflower heating and cooling bills. Industry estimates peg the numbers at close to45% less energy for heating and just over 30% less for cooling with a concreteform-built house.One of the remarkable features about these walls is the ability to balance outthe internal temperature by adding some warm or cool air back to the inside ofthe home, depending on what is needed at the time. This will also enable youto use your heating and cooling appliances less to save more.
  6. 6. Noise Reduction Most homeowners aren’t fond of excess noise coming through their walls, and this is another benefit of using concrete forms. They aren’t going to make your home totally soundproof, but they will muffle any exterior noises quite a bit.
  7. 7. Noise ReductionIf you have small kids who are often disturbed by external noise when trying tosleep, or if there are any night workers in the house that need to sleep in theday time, the noise reduction quality of the walls will help. The panels will alsohelp the noise stay inside the house that you don’t want to escape. This isgood for when those little ones become bigger ones and want to play loudmusic.
  8. 8. Increased StrengthNot many homeowners or contractors would be too interested in a home thatwas green and soundproof if it was also weak and fragile. Strength is a mustfor any new construction, and the concrete form method certainly fits the bill inthat regard.
  9. 9. Increased StrengthMost homeowners would like the option to leave the walls right where they arefor years into the future, if that’s what they want to do. If they aren’t solid andstable, bad weather and general wear and tear will make this impossible. Usinginsulated concrete forms will help protect against severe weather in areaswhere severe weather is common, and will help with the general issues ofkeeping wind and water outside, where it belongs. Basically, wherever you liveyou can use this building method without having to worry about strength beingan issue once the structure is up and running.
  10. 10. Construction EfficiencyOne more big benefit for both the homeowner and the contractor is the timethat’s saved from using concrete form over the standard construction methods.Several construction steps are completed in one motion, which is obviouslygoing to add to the efficiency factor of the project.The foam panels are removed from the truck, stacked up, filled and set in placein a way that saves time, but won’t take anything away from the quality of thefinished product. This speed enables contractors and construction companiesto complete more projects and save on labor, and it may even enable thehomeowner to save some money, too.
  11. 11. AdviceInsulating Concrete Form (ICF) technology is a green and sustainable buildingsystem that is growing in the market.With over 105,000 projects, ARXX Corporation has pioneered much of the ICFindustry. Visit http://www.arxx.com/ for a solution to your building needs.