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United States Shipping Market Report Q1 2013


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Buy the report "United States Shipping Report Q1 2013" at US $1175 for a Single User PDF License from RnR Market Research Reports Library.Our overall outlook for the US economy is cautious and we maintain our outlook for subdued growth at the US's main container ports in 2013.

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United States Shipping Market Report Q1 2013

  1. 1. RnR Market Research Offers “United States Shipping Report Q1 2013” Report at US$ 1175(Single User License). The report got published in Jan 2013 & Contains 89 Pages.Our overall outlook for the US economy is cautious and we maintain our outlook for subdued growth attheUSs main container ports in 2013, on the back of continuing concerns about the health of the USeconomy.For 2013, we maintain our growth forecast of 2.1%, owing to increasing domestic and externalheadwinds.The downside shock risks remain prevalent, but the balance of evidence suggests that theeconomy has andwill continue to avoid recession barring a major crisis. There are two major risks to theeconomy over the nextsix to 12 months. The first is the impending fiscal tightening, set to impact inJanuary 2013 absent an activepolicy decision to postpone. The second is the eurozone crisis, whichthreatens the global economy as awhole.Volumes at US ports face headwinds in the form of sluggish private consumption recovery and slowdemandfor exports. US private consumption will continue to recover very slowly as a combination ofstill-highunemployment, ongoing deleveraging, low wage growth and a dependency on governmenttransfers continueto weigh on spending growth. The US export sector is likely to face increasingheadwinds from abroad,centred around reduced European demand amid a eurozone recession andpotential for dollar strength. Justunder one quarter of US exports go to the European Union, and theEuropean crisis is likely to impact non-eurozone demand for US goods and services.Key Industry DataAt the port of Los Angeles (LA) we forecast 4.7% year-on-year (y-o-y) growth in total tonnagein 2013, toreach 69.5mn tonnes.At the East Coast port of New York/New Jersey (NY/NJ), growth is forecast to be 1.4% y-o-y in2013, to reach143.4mn tonnes.We expect LA to record growth of 4.4% in twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) throughput in2013 to reach8.6mn TEUs.We expect NY/NJ to record a 5.3% increase in TEU throughput in 2013, to reach 6mn TEUs.Key IndustryTrendsExpanded Rail Terminal To Support Savannah GrowthInquire for Discount of this report @ believes that upside risk is presented to our already-bullish throughput growth forecast for the USPort ofSavannah as the Georgia Port Authority (GPA) has announced the opening of its expandedintermodaltransfer facility. The greater connectivity presented to the port by the new facility will help thePort ofSavannah accommodate the expected increase in volumes once the expansion of the PanamaCanal iscompleted.
  2. 2. Sandy Poses Risk For New York/New Jersey ForecastBMI believes Hurricane Sandy, the storm that recently battered the US North East - and particularly itscoastalregions - could lead to a revision of our throughput forecasts for East Coast facilities. The Port ofNewYork/New Jersey was the worst affected, and was closed for a number of days. Other facilities arepoised tobenefit from the run-off of vessels.MSC Returns To Port MiamiBMI believes that a new service to call at PortMiami in Miami-Dade County, Florida, will provideupsidepotential to the ports container throughput in the coming years, and could help the facility regainlostvolumes. This ties in with our wider view on the port, that throughput will grow in the wake of thePanamaCanal expansion, scheduled to be completed in May 2015.Risks To OutlookThe US economic recovery remains slow; BMI expects average annual GDP growth of 2.5% to 2021.Furtherdownside is presented by the expected slowdown in Chinese economic growth, which willdamage demandfrom the USs biggest export market. The eurozone is unlikely to be able to pick up theslack, due to theongoing crisis there. BMI believes the main risks to our outlook for US container shipping are on thedownside. A bearish consumer outlook, combined with the withdrawal of shippinglines from the transpacificroute and cuts to federal funding for port projects mean that growth in the boxshipping sector could be slowerthan expected.Upside potential is presented to East Coast ports by the expansion of the Panama Canal, due forcompletionin 2015. The project will allow post-Panamax vessels to pass through the Panama Canal tocall at east coastports, bypassing the traditional US hubs of LA and Long Beach.On the dry bulk side there is upside potential from the fact that we expect the US to become a net exporterofcoal over the medium term as domestic demand slows and Asian demand remains strong. We arealreadyseeing the development of new port facilities on the West Coast, such as SSA Marines GatewayTerminal, inorder to cater for an expected increase in coal shipments.Buy Your Report Copy @ Of ContentsExecutive SummarySWOT AnalysisUS Petrochemicals SWOTUS Political SWOTUS Economic SWOTUS Business Environment SWOTGlobal Petrochemicals OverviewGlobal Oil Products Price OutlookTable: BMIs Refined Products Forecasts, 2010-2016Table: Middle East Outperforms In Terms Of Passenger Growth, 2012US Market OverviewTable: Geographical Concentration Of Chemical ProductionCompetitive LandscapeUpstreamOlefins
  3. 3. Table: Olefins Production Capacity, 000tpaAromaticsTable: Aromatics And Derivatives Capacity, 000tpaMixed XylenesTable: Xylenes Capacity, 000tpaPolyethylene (PE)Table: US Polyethylene Manufacturing And ApplicationsTable: PE Chain Capacity, 000tpaHigh-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)Polypropylene (PP)Table: US PP Capacity, 000tpaPolyvinyl Chloride (PVC)Table: PVC Chain Capacity, 000tpaPolystyrene (PS)Table: PS Chain Capacity, 000tpaPolyethylene Terephthalate (PET)Table: US Petrochemicals Sector - PET Chain Capacity, 000tpaIndustry Trends And DevelopmentsUpstreamCracker DevelopmentsTable: US Petrochemical Expansions Based On Shale GasPolymers And IntermediatesGovernment Policy And RegulationsCollapse Of The PIC-Dow MergerIndustry Forecast ScenarioPetrochemicals ForecastsTable: US Petrochemicals Industry, 2010-2017Petrochemicals Risk/Reward RatingsUS Risk/Reward RatingsMacroeconomic OutlookTable: United States - GDP By Expenditure, 2008-2016Company ProfilesBPChevron Phillips Chemical CompanyDow ChemicalExxonMobilHuntsmanIneosLyondellBasellOccidental ChemicalShell ChemicalsWestlake ChemicalGlossary Of TermsTable: Glossary Of Petrochemicals TermsCountry SnapshotTable: The United States Population By Age Group, 1990-2020 (000)Table: The United States Population By Age Group, 1990-2020 (% of total)Table: The United States Key Population Ratios, 1990-2020Table: The United States Rural And Urban Population, 1990-2020BMI Methodology
  4. 4. How We Generate Our Industry ForecastsChemicals and Petrochemicals IndustryCross ChecksBusiness Environment RatingsTable: Petrochemicals Business Environment Indicators And RationaleWeightingTable: Weighting Of IndicatorsFor more details contact Mr. Priyank Tiwari: / +18883915441Website: