Travel and Tourism in the Czech Republic 2017


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The World Economic Forum (WEF) ranked the Czech Republic 22nd in terms of tourism competitiveness in its travel and tourism competitiveness Index for Europe in 2011.This report provides an extensive analysis related to tourism demands and flows in the Czech Republic.

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Travel and Tourism in the Czech Republic 2017

  1. 1. RnR Market Research Offers “Travel and Tourism in the Czech Republic to 2017” Reportat US$ 1950 Single User License. The report got published in Apr 2013 & Contains 134Pages.The World Economic Forum (WEF) ranked the Czech Republic 22nd in terms of tourism competitivenessin its travel and tourism competitiveness Index for Europe in 2011. However the nation was ranked first interms of the presence of large car rental companies, 10th in terms of the quality of its transportationnetworks, 16th in terms of the volume of world heritage sites and 17th in terms of the quality of its airtransport infrastructure.Domestic tourist flow on the riseThe total number of domestic trips by Czech residents increased from 20.4 million in 2008 to 30.0 millionin 2012, recording a CAGR of 10.09% during the review period. Leisure was the leading motivation forCzech domestic tourists, accounting for 20.6 million trips, equivalent to a 68.7% share of total domestictrips taken in 2012. Business accounted for 2.0 million trips, equivalent to a share of 6.6%. The number ofother personal domestic trips − which includes study, sport and medical trips and pilgrimages − recordeda CAGR of 12.36% during the review period. Moreover, the number of domestic overnight stays by Czechresidents stood at 109.1 million in 2012, an increase of 10.4% over 2011.The majority of tourists visiting the Czech Republic stay in hotels and motels, while the remainder stay inunpaid accommodation, such as the houses of friends and relatives. The country’s capital, Prague,remained the most popular destination for both domestic and foreign tourists in 2012, while other regionsin the country are relatively unexplored.Get a Report Copy @ Republic’s total tourism output declinedThe country recorded a 1.6% increase in its direct tourism output in 2012, following a decline during theprevious three years. Overall, the nation’s total tourism output declined at a CAGR of -3.41% during thereview period. Economic recovery in key source regions such as Europe and North America was theprimary reason for growth in 2012.Inbound tourist expenditure impacted by global economic conditionsThe Czech Republic recorded a total of 9.2 million inbound tourism trips in 2012, an annual growth of5.0%. Germany was the primary source country, accounting for 1.9 million inbound trips, followed byRussia with 834,225 trips. In 2012, leisure trips accounted for 83.7% of international arrivals, with a totalof 7.7 million tourists. Total inbound tourism expenditure recorded a CAGR of -4.86% during the reviewperiod, to reach CZK111.9 billion (US$5.7 billion) in 2012. This decline was primarily attributable to adecrease in inbound tourist traffic from key source nations due to the global financial crisis.Recovery of outbound tourist expenditureOutbound tourist expenditure increased by 3.5% in 2011 and 1.4% in 2012, as a result of a period ofglobal economic recovery. On average, an outbound tourist take trips lasting around seven days, withleisure being the most common purpose for travel, followed by visiting friends and relatives, and
  2. 2. business.Buy a Report Copy @ of Content1 Executive Summary2 Introduction2.1 What is this Report About?2.2 Definitions2.3 Methodology3 Market Overview3.1 Macroeconomic Background3.2 Economic Impact3.3 Trends and Issues3.3.1 Key trends3.3.2 Barriers to tourism3.3.3 Tourist attractions3.4 Tourism SWOT3.4.1 Strengths3.4.2 Weaknesses3.4.3 Opportunities3.4.4 Threats4 Tourism Economics in Czech Republic4.1 Economics Analysis4.1.1 Value of tourism4.1.2 Tourism balance of payments4.1.3 Growth drivers4.2 Tourism Output4.2.1 Tourism output - analysis4.2.2 Tourism output data4.3 Tourism Output per Employee4.4 Tourism Employment4.4.1 Tourism employment ? analysis4.4.2 Tourism employment data4.5 Tourism Employee Compensation4.5.1 Tourism compensation - analysis5 Domestic Tourism5.1 Key Trends and Issues5.1.1 Key trends5.1.2 Barriers to tourism5.1.3 Tourist attractions5.2 Domestic Tourism Flows5.2.1 Number of Trips and Overnight Stays5.3 Domestic Tourism Expenditure5.3.1 Total domestic tourist expenditure5.3.2 Average expenditure per domestic tourist by category5.4 Domestic Tourism Forecast6 Tourism Flows - Inbound Tourism6.1 Key Trends and Issues6.1.1 Key trends6.1.2 Barriers to inbound tourism
  3. 3. 6.1.3 Tourist attractions6.2 Inbound Tourism Flows6.3 Inbound tourism Expenditure6.3.1 Average international tourist expenditure by category6.4 Inbound Tourism Forecast7 Tourism Flows - Outbound Tourism7.1 Key Trends and Issues7.1.1 Key trends7.1.2 Barriers to tourism7.1.3 Tourist attractions7.2 Outbound Tourism Flows7.2.1 Average overseas expenditure per resident by category7.3 Outbound Tourism Forecast8 Tourism Board Profile8.1 Tourism Board Name8.2 Tourist Board Description8.3 Target Market9 Airport Profiles9.1 Czech Airports9.1.1 Overview9.1.2 Operator profile9.1.3 Routes10 Airlines10.1 Key Trends and Issues10.1.1 Key trends10.1.2 Market size and forecast10.1.3 Growth drivers10.2 Key Performance Indicators10.2.1 Seats available10.2.2 Seats sold by carrier type - business travel10.2.3 Seats sold by carrier type - leisure travel10.2.4 Load factor by carrier type10.2.5 Passenger kilometers available by carrier type10.2.6 Revenue-generating passenger kilometers by carrier type10.2.7 Revenue per passenger by carrier type10.2.8 Total revenue by carrier type10.3 Competitive Landscape10.3.1 Leading competitors10.3.2 Key routes10.3.3 Competitive strategy10.4 Company Profile: Czech Airlines j.s.c10.4.1 Czech Airlines j.s.c - company overview10.4.2 Czech Airlines j.s.c - main services10.4.3 Czech Airlines j.s.c - key competitors10.4.4 Czech Airlines j.s.c - key employees10.5 Company Profile: Low-cost Flights of Travel Service A.S.10.5.1 Low-Cost Flights of Travel Service A.S. - company overview10.5.2 Low-Cost Flights of Travel Service A.S. - main services and brand10.5.3 Low-Cost Flights of Travel Service A.S. - key competitors10.5.4 Low-Cost Flights of Travel Service A.S. - key employees10.6 Company Profile: Silver Air10.6.1 Silver Air - company overview
  4. 4. 10.6.2 Silver Air - main services10.6.3 Silver Air - key competitors10.6.4 Silver Air - key employees11 Car Rental11.1 Key Trends and Issues11.1.1 Market size and forecast11.1.2 Key locations11.1.3 Growth drivers11.2 Key Performance Indicators11.2.1 Market value by customer type and rental location11.2.2 Fleet size11.2.3 Rental occasions11.2.4 Rental days11.2.5 Average rental length11.2.6 Utilization rate11.2.7 Average revenue per day11.3 Competitive Landscape11.3.1 Leading companies11.3.2 Brand presence in key locations11.3.3 Competitive strategy11.4 Company Profile: Hertz Autopujcovna s.r.o.11.4.1 Hertz Autopujcovna s.r.o. - company overview11.4.2 Hertz Autopujcovna s.r.o. - main services11.4.3 Hertz Autopujcovna s.r.o. - key competitors11.4.4 Hertz Autopujcovna s.r.o. - key employees11.5 Company Profile: Europcar Czech Republic11.5.1 Europcar Czech Republic - company overview11.5.2 Europcar Czech Republic - main services11.5.3 Europcar Czech Republic - key competitors11.5.4 Europcar Czech Republic - key employees11.6 Company Profile: A Rent Car Spol. S.r.o11.6.1 A Rent Car Spol. S.r.o - company overview11.6.2 A Rent Car Spol. S.r.o - main services11.6.3 A Rent Car Spol. S.r.o - key competitors11.6.4 A Rent Car Spol. S.r.o - key employees11.7 Company Profile: Car rental Czechocar a.s.11.7.1 Car rental Czechocar a.s. - company overview11.7.2 Car rental Czechocar a.s. - main services11.7.3 Car rental Czechocar a.s. - key competitors11.7.4 Car rental Czechocar a.s. - key employees11.8 Company Profile: Sixt Rent a Car Czech Republic11.8.1 Sixt Rent a Car Czech Republic - company overview11.8.2 Sixt Rent a Car Czech Republic - main services11.8.3 Sixt Rent a Car Czech Republic - key competitors11.8.4 Sixt Rent a Car Czech Republic - key employees12 Hotels12.1 Key Trends and Issues12.1.1 Key trends12.1.2 Market size and forecast12.1.3 Key locations12.1.4 Growth drivers12.2 Key Performance Indicators
  5. 5. 12.2.1 Establishments by hotel category12.2.2 Available rooms by hotel category12.2.3 Room occupancy rate by hotel category12.2.4 Room nights available by hotel category12.2.5 Room nights occupied by hotel category12.2.6 Average revenue per available room by hotel category12.2.7 Revenue per occupied room by hotel category12.2.8 Total revenue per available room by hotel category12.2.9 Total revenue by hotel category and customer type12.2.10 Guests by hotel category and customer type12.3 Competitive Landscape12.3.1 Leading companies12.3.2 Brand presence in key locations12.3.3 Competitive strategy12.4 Company Profile: Orea Hotels s.r.o.12.4.1 Orea Hotels s.r.o. - company overview12.4.2 Orea Hotels s.r.o. - main services and brands12.4.3 Orea Hotels s.r.o. - key competitors12.4.4 Orea Hotels s.r.o. - key employees12.5 Company Profile: Bohemian Hostels12.5.1 Bohemian Hostels - company overview12.5.2 Bohemian Hostels - main services12.5.3 Bohemian Hostels - key competitors12.5.4 Bohemian Hostels - key employeesFor more details contact Mr. Priyank Tiwari: / +18883915441Website: