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UX Sprint Lab - Human-Centered Design Process


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UX Sprint Lab, Human-Centered Design Process

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UX Sprint Lab - Human-Centered Design Process

  1. 1. UX SPRINT LAB Faster Process, Better Product.
  2. 2. UX SPRINT LAB How do we help your business? 2 We focus on learning about your business goals and IT objectives. KPIs Time on Task React Native App User Errors Basline We make sure to understand what drives your business and IT organization. We take the time to learn about your metrics, project goals, and objectives. We also learn about the technology space to understand what is technically possible.
  3. 3. UX SPRINT LAB 3 We put your users ahead of everything else and create a tailored UX research study. How do we help your business? Focusing on your users is vital to the success of the product. We use industry standard UX research-methods to understand user goals, define pain points, and create personas to match.
  4. 4. UX SPRINT LAB 4 Keeping a focus on research the team will begin to form a shared understanding of the problem space. Shared Understanding Our individual and team goals, added to the user research, will help us to spell out a shared understanding. It will align the project team, set focus on what is needed, and start to create design direction.
  5. 5. UX SPRINT LAB 5 We love cross-functional teams and the human-centered design process. Iterative Design Process Our human-centered design process is based on the team’s research and will help us deliver a better, more usable product. This approach will also help IT deliver at a much lower cost and under the defined timeline. Exploratory Evaluative Explore / Define User / Executive Review Concept Design Concept Test Prototype Usability Test
  6. 6. UX SPRINT LAB 6 From concept to design to prototype to testing. User testing keeps us focused, confirms and sets the next design direction, and will ensure our success. Usability Testing We will work with your team to create a usability test, help define end user criteria, and create a user study for design functionality that needs to be tested. We also prepare test findings and suggestions for the team.
  7. 7. Hello, my name is James Weaver, CXO at UX Sprint Lab. I started a User Experience Research, Design, and Testing Firm in Columbus, Ohio. We help Global businesses define and better understand their business goals and opportunities by crafting a specific research methodology which focuses on their digital audience and end users. Our approach will not only solve your business goals but will also speed up the development and delivery of your products and save you money. We do this by using a human-centered, research-driven design approach and deliver a better, more usable and adopted product by your end users, at a much lower cost. UX is my passion 7 10 YEARS ENTERPRISE EXPERIENCE Fin-Tech / Education / Banking / Aviation Industries UX SPRINT LAB User Research & Design / Information Architecture / Usability Testing M.S. Human-Computer Interaction B.S. Management Information Systems JAMES WEAVER
  8. 8. THANK YOU!