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Closing Remarks - IDGVV Tech conf


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The slides I used to close up our 2009 IDGVV Technical Conference on April 3rd, 2009.

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Closing Remarks - IDGVV Tech conf

  1. 1. IDG Ventures Vietnam TechCon 2009 April 3rd Closing Remarks James Vuong VP, Investment & Technology
  2. 2. Market Risk
  3. 3. Team Risk
  4. 4. Technology Risk
  5. 5. Your job is to reduce technology risk!
  6. 6. Technology is a Sustainable Competitive Advantage Co^ngnghe^. la` mo^.tsu’. kếhoạchcạnhtranhlợithếlâudài You Competitors
  7. 7. Smart is Not Enough
  8. 8. The Big Bad Unknown “Where most entrepreneurs fail is on the things they don’t know they don’t know.”
  9. 9. Share, Learn, & Win Together