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BICS InfoTech


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Profile of BICS InfoTech, Yelagiri Hills (Institute for empowerment of underprivileged rural youth of South-India. BICS comprised of Professional College, Technology Resource Center and Knowledge Resource Centre.

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BICS InfoTech

  1. 1. BICS INFOTECH January 2010
  3. 3. About BICS InfoTech A Don Bosco enterprise for education, training and placement of rural youth in IT sectors ISO 9001:2000 certified organization Established in 1998 with the patronage of Fr Francis Guezou SDB
  4. 4. Homage to Fr. Guezou Fr Guezou was the Founder- Director of Don Bosco Centre. Founder- He established DBC, Yellagiri Hills in 1962. g The Man Without Frontiers e a t out o t e s The Man who introduced 20th century to Yelagiri Hills g The Pioneer Missionary in Kerala and Yelagiri The Friend of the Poor and Needy
  5. 5. A Life, that was! Life Events Date Birth – a Life with Us April 07, 1924 Landed in India March 20, 1952 Priestly Ordination August 01, 1953 01 Pioneering Mission at Kerala 1956 Meeting Leon Duhayon 1959 Arrival of Sisters of St Charles in Yelagiri Hills 1966 Pioneering Mission at Yelagiri Hills December 31, 1962 Establishment of BICS InfoTech (Patron) May, 1998 Death – a New Life in God January 29, 2009
  6. 6. Our Tribute Your thoughts and spirit are the link between us and we want to thank you for the following: • To have opened our eyes and showed us the way to love each other • To have given to us so many brothers and sisters in India • To have opened the door to our hearts • To have shared your life, your joys, your difficulties and above all your determination • To have made us live the words: Let us be one” - Stanislaus Ernoult , President of the Association of Friends of Fr. Francis Friends of Father Guezou supports the humanitarian service of Fr Francis Guezou since 1952 in South-India. The Association has about South- 5000 members across the countries.
  7. 7. Testimonials Fr. Guezou is a true son of Don Bosco and an outstanding Missionary. His contribution to education of the poor children of the tribal belt is a replica of the type of activity initiated by Don Bosco himself - Very Rev. Fr. Pascual Chavez,, SDB,, Rector Major,, y j Rome
  8. 8. Testimonials Fr. Guezou was a committed missionary. He spent his life mostly among the non-Catholics preaching Good News by his tireless service. His first Hi fi t years in the Yelagiri Hills stand as a i th Y l i i Hill t d proof to his spirit of sacrifice. Most Rev. Joseph Antony Irudayaraj, Bishop of Dharmapuri
  9. 9. Testimonials “I was happy to see Fr. Guezou. He was one of the best Salesians that I had met. He believed the Call of God took it God, seriously and followed it to come to this place”. Rev. Fr. Fabio Attard SDB, Salesian General Councillor for Y th Mi i t R f Youth Ministry, Rome
  10. 10. Testimonials What bonded us to Fr Guezou was the great trust that he had in us. He accepted us, admired us, appreciated us, encouraged us…as brothers, his f i d his ll b t hi friends, hi collaborators, hi f il hi community. his family, his it Mr. Christuraj, Don Bosco Centre I have been specially blessed that father was a close and good friend. He had great respect for other faiths and cultures. - Dr. K.C. Reddy, Surgeon Fr. Guezou respected and valued every individual – big and small, rich and poor, good and bad, powerful and the weak, useful or useless – and treated them equally. All of them including lepers sat at table with him. Mr. Leo Maria Francis, Registrar, BIIT
  11. 11. Our Vision To create a Knowledge Society driven by sound values and b li f adopting th d l d beliefs d ti the p process of Empowering Minds using p g g Information Technology and Services.
  12. 12. Core Values Primacy for God in Life Integral Formation of Target Youth Commitment to Nation-Building Nation- Quality Service
  13. 13. Our Uniqueness BICS InfoTech BIIT BOSCO ITS ARIVAGAM Education Technology Knowledge
  14. 14. BICS is ISO Certified ISO 9001:2000 certification for Bosco Quality System (BQS) Twofold scope of certification 1. 1 Imparting education and training in information information- technology and applications by degree, diploma and certificate programs 2. Developing, marketing and servicing of software and data solutions for commercial and service organizations
  15. 15. BICS Alumni Federation It is… A network of alumni Comprising Past students Staff and Trainees of BICS To i ill Social Responsibility T instill S i l R ibili To involve in educational efforts and technological growth of BICS
  16. 16. BIIT - Professional Education College Technical Education BIIT Offers Professional Training to the rural and underprivileged youth and makes them employable in IT and IT-ES industries.
  17. 17. About BIIT Keeping with Don Bosco’s educational system BIIT Bosco s system, BIIT… Builds students’ personality with sound values Offers environment for spiritual, moral & social formation Enables youth as integrated persons for life and career
  18. 18. Unique Features BIIT… Meager education fee State-of-the-art technology Library with print & digital medium Conducive hill-station atmosphere Qualified & experienced faculty members Industrial exposure & opportunities for live projects Indigenous methods for communication & language skills Full-fledged residential education and formation for students
  19. 19. Campus Facilities Centralized computer lab Exposure to Open Source Software Exposure t O E to Open Source Software S S ft Hostels for boys and girls Facilities for study, spirituality, fine arts &sports Communication and language (English) Lab Student@IT Association
  20. 20. Degree Programmes BCA - Bachelor’s in Computer Applications ( (3 Years) ) MCA - Master’s in Computer Applications ( (2 Years) ) *Degree Programmes are offered through Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
  21. 21. Diploma Programmes PGDIT * - Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology (3 years, with BCA) gy ( y , ) BCA – Bachelor’s in Computer Application (Non Mathematics Section) (3 year) *Indigenous Programmes of BIIT
  22. 22. Certificate Programmes Office Automation Basic Computing Skills Multimedia Web Publishing Technical Communication Software Testing Hardware Services
  23. 23. Extension Services BIIT supports computer centers in… Tiruvannamalai Vellore Dindigul Tuticorin Cuddalore Pondicherry
  24. 24. Achievements 446 students have graduated in nine years… Students are placed in industry or service sector as… Teachers Developers Testers BIIT Students Graphic artists p Technical writers Hardware technicians BOSCO ITS offers placement opportunity for BIIT students ff p pp yf
  25. 25. ABOUT BOSCO ITS Bosco InfoTech Services (BOSCO ITS) Technology Resource Centre • Takes up full-fledged software development, multimedia and data processing projects i j t • Provides IT services to corporate agencies, education, health care, NGO and government organizations
  26. 26. Functional Divisions Multimedia Software EduTech Data P D Processing i Hardware
  27. 27. Bosco Services Software Solutions Web Semantic Solutions Solutions SERVICES Multimedia Data & visual Processing design Technical Writing / Instructional Design
  28. 28. BOSCO ITS Strength Human Resource Technical Competency BOSCO ITS Process Adherence Infrastructure Apt Environment
  29. 29. ABOUT ARIVAGAM Knowledge Resource Centre Single platform to consolidate and access all knowledge resources g of BIIT, BOSCO ITS and BICS stakeholders
  30. 30. Arivagam Constituents Print Library Virtual Museum powered by B-LIS Knowledge Bank Arivagam Digital Library powered b J d by JeromeDL DL Corporate Training Center Learning Resource Centre CSR, ACSR, & CARE
  31. 31. Voices BICS gives opportunity to improve my spoken English, Communication skills, leadership, time management, attitude, helping mind, positive thoughts and domain knowledge. Prasanna Balthasar (BCA 2006-2009) BICS gives me a wonderful opportunity to shine technically, spiritually, physically, mentally, intellectually and morally… I am growing up to be an integral person. Kalpana Raman (BCA 2006-2009) Hats off to the Salesian community for their wonderful work for the poor youth ! I am glad that I got a chance to be a part of this family. Rajeswari Chinnapan (BCA 2006-2009)
  32. 32. Voices The opportunity to learn and to interact, as well as the all round formation and growth, has given me a sense of direction in my life. Thus, coming to BIIT has transformed me, giving me fresh attitudes in my life. Rafael Samuel Lawrence (BCA 2004-2007) The affirmative spirit and the unique style of BICS in empowering students are certainly molding me towards a quality life and bright future. Mathew Magimainathan (BCA 2006-2009) Here, I have learned to live with friends, management and society with responsibility. Especially, this Institution teaches us to understand people. I learn people here. Gopinathan Mahalakshmi (BCA 2005-2008)
  33. 33. Voices BIIT provides an atmosphere and infrastructure where students are flooded with opportunities to equip themselves with maximum professional skills, life coping skills, humanitarian ideals, godly behavior and so on. Adaikalasamy Abraham (Faculty, BIIT) As an Associate and former BICS student, I wish to state that BICS is growing 100% in line with the mission of Empowering the young minds. Issac George Joseph, Project Manager, BOSCO ITS BICS extends support to rural youth and gives guidance for a dignified life in the society. I learned lot not only in terms of technology, but also human values and relationship. J. Jeyakumar, Aithent Technologies, Chennai
  34. 34. Join Our Mission You can become a partner in thi i this mission by becoming… i i b b i a sponsor an academic or academic, a prime stakeholder
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