Gov and eco, government of other country


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Gov and eco, government of other country

  1. 1. At the close of World War ll, Allied leaders-Winston Churchill, Harry S. Truman, and ChiangKai-sheck issued the Potsdam Declarationwhich demanded Japans unconditionalsurrender.They also handed Japan a totally newconstitution.In this presentation I want to show Japansgovernment before the Posts dam Declarationand after, and compare the difference.
  2. 2. The constitution of Japan before World War ll● The constitution of Japan before ● (the first picture on the left is of the Meiji World War ll was called the constitution. The others are pictures I liked of different emperors . . . except the “Meiji constitution.” It was fish, he was only a duke or formed in 1890 and was a something) supreme and absolute power. The Emperor of Japan was an active ruler and wielded considerable political power over foreign policy and diplomacy, which was shared with an elected Diet.●
  3. 3. The Diet● The Diet, before World War ll, ● The “Diet” of Japan . . was a bicameral(of, pertaining to, .wait a second! Wrong consisting of two legislative Diet! houses) It had a lower house, ● called the House of ● ● Representatives, and an upper ● house, called the House of ● Councilors. They mainly helped ● make laws and approved national ● Here budget every year. ● we go, Diet of Japan!
  4. 4. Post World War ll● The current Constitution of Japan was enacted on May 3, 1947 as a ● The Post war constitution . . . postwar Japan."The Japanese in Japanese. government shall remove all obstacles to the revival and strengthening of democratic tendencies among the Japanese people freedom of speech, of religion, and of thought, as well as respect for the fundamental human rights shall be established."●
  5. 5. Ratifying● The Prime minister of Japan, Shidehara Kiji and many others were extremely reluctant to take such a drastic step to replace the 1989 Meiji Constitution, with a more “liberal” government
  6. 6. The Parliamentary system● Supreme Allied Douglass ● Douglas MacArthur MacAuthor and his staff mostly enacted Japans new constitution, which was the British model of a Parliamentary government, which was more like the Meiji Constitution.
  7. 7. The Parliamentary model● The Parliamentary constitution granted universal suffrage stripped Empire Hirohito of all but symbolic power, stipulated a bill of rights, abolished peerage( the rank or dignity of a peer because of linage), and outlawed Japans right to proclaim war.
  8. 8. More on ParliamentaryConstitution● The Parliamentary constitution is a system of democratic government in which the ministers of the Executive Branch derive legitimacy from and are accountable to a legislature or parliament, thus legislator and executive branches interact. 2 branches to the legislative branches.
  9. 9. Hope you liked my presentation!:)