Resumes that get you out of cyberspace


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Resumes that get you out of cyberspace

  1. 1. Resumes that get you out of cyberspace reed.james@yahoo.comMake it easy to contact you! 1
  2. 2. Copy of Presentation reed.james@yahoo.comMake it easy to contact you! 2
  3. 3. Elevator reed.james@yahoo.comMake it easy to contact you! 3
  4. 4. Careers in Motion CharlotteJob groups meet at the Watermark church in Dallas, every Tues 8am & 2nd Sat 9am, and at the Ephesus church in Charlotte, at 9am, 2 Saturdays a month.Job events at – Dallas – www.Watermark.orgJobs at www.watermark.thejobconnection.orgJoin us, sessions, 5 Recruiter, Marissa Black-Motsinger on Don’t cha just hate Recruiters?May 19 Career Coach, Tara Goodfellow on Job Interviews that WorkJun 2 Marketing Catalyst, Sheila Neisler, "Volunteer" for a new career!Jun 16 Director of Recruiting, Meredith McGough, Navigating of SOCIAL MEDIAJul 14 Social Media Coach, Mark Frietch, Four Steps to Effective NetworkingJul 28 Recruiting Director at CSC and Unisys (former), Bill Gunn, Job Search GuideAug 25 Career Coach, Tara GoodfellowSep 8 Author, David Johnson on How to get a job using LINKEDINSep 22 Author & Staffing Manager, Frank Mitchell on You CAN do this!Oct 6 Life Coach, Michele Brandt, Maintaining Your FocusOct 20 Business Executive, Allen Clark, Job Hunting with the JournalNov 3 open 4
  5. 5. Careers in Motion General info at Jobs are at Join us at reed.james@yahoo.comMake it easy to contact you! 5
  6. 6. Dallas CareersMotion Careers in in MotionApr 17 K. Vandemotter - NETWORKINGApr 24 D. Kelley - Small businessMay 1 DeWitt Ray - You can do thisMay 8 Bob Thompson - A CFO talks on NetworkingSat May 12 INTERVIEWSMay 15 R. Barnhart - Body LanguageMay 22 D. Jackson - How hard is it to get a job, really?May 29 T. Maxwell - New World of WorkJun 5 M. Martin - Art of PerseveranceSat Jun 9 Elizabeth Lions - Introvert NetworkingJun 12 D. Saviano – LINKEDINJun 19 John Snelson – RECRUITERSJune 26 David Rawles – INTERVIEWS91.3FM Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30pm (Central Time) you can listen to our program streaming live on 6your computer at
  7. 7. Jobs not here, go to 7Make it easy to contact you!
  8. 8. Submit Your Resume & Look for Jobs reed.james@yahoo.comMake it easy to contact you! 8
  9. 9. reed.james@yahoo.comMake it easy to contact you! 9
  10. 10. Crossroads Career - Sign-up as Explorer, registration key is CECIM 10Make it easy to contact you!
  11. 11. Help 11Make it easy to contact you!
  12. 12. Career Assessments - FredFRED JOHNSON implemented business & people solutions in domestic &international settings. He served as Director of HR for Z Projects, a leader inArchitecture. Fred received a MBA in HR Management , and is completing thePhD in HR Management. Fred is an active member in SHRM, a professional HRassociation. More on Linked In. 12 12Make it easy to contact you!
  13. 13. Career Assessments - Fred fre dL jo hn so n@ gm ail .co m 13 13Make it easy to contact you!
  14. 14. 60 Second Job Preparation1 - Be sharp, enthusiastic, energetic, happy. Get fit and trim.2 – Keep a list of everyone you contact and each job you apply for.3 - Collect potential questions and write out short answers – keep this forever.4 - Make your resume simple, easy to read, replacing statements like, hardworking, 15 years experience,with objective statements that hit hard and prove your skills and abilities, using numbers and dollars. If youwant a job as a Tax Accountant, put those words in several places. Put down accomplishments not jobduties on the resume and remember you dont need your boss approval for what you say.5 - Put your resume on Monster and Careerbuilder and edit it daily, yes daily, so people will see that itsfresh. Carefully word your title in Monster, something like Joe Green, Tax Account.6 - Make it easy for people to contact you with only one phone, dont screen calls and use a short, simple,professional email address. Contact everyone you know including references every week.7 - Networking is king for getting a job. Read, "How to make people like you in 90 seconds" by Boothman8 – Use recruiters, but don’t lose your common sense.9 – Don’t lose your common sense and do things like give strangers your social security number10 – Be proud of who you are and what you have done and get in a good mood prior to interviews.11 – Rely on God. 14
  15. 15. ResumesHowFew different fontsNo graphicsEasy on the eyes Resumes Must Be Speed Readable How No abbreviations Lots of space Techies may not read 15
  16. 16. Resumes Ne Resumes Jothe hn ws FL AS Should Do H job e ma is o rke n Read t Like Front page Newspaper articles 16
  17. 17. ResumesHumility can Backfire, Don’t Hide What you do 17
  18. 18. Resumes It Should Be EasyTo _________ you 18
  19. 19. ResumesRecruiters Know All The Tricks 19
  20. 20. Resumes The DirtyLittle Secret AboutJob boards 20
  21. 21. TailoringThe layout and content of one’s resume it critical as aresume is given about 5 seconds to determine if itcatches the viewer eye!Resumes must carefully reflect one’s skills/experienceas they relates to the specific job that is being applied to!Name the document properly, use a doc file. 21Make it easy to contact you!
  22. 22. Make it read like a front page newspaper article James Reed Essbase Certified MBA 13725 Salmon, Frisco, TX 75035 940-395-8757 BACKGROUND (do you really need to identify this section) Hyperion Essbase Certified with MBA degree having Hyperion experience and IT skills in Business Intelligence, SharePoint, Cognos, Project Management, and Financial Planning. 22Make it easy to contact you!
  23. 23. Do you really need to labels the sections BACKGROUND SUMMARY (do you really need a title) A results driven, energetic, highly motivated business professional with almost 20 years of IT experience in several industries and over 10 years of experience in BI. Background encompasses a diverse range of business experience from working with defense companies, consulting companies to financial analysis. Or - Certified Essbase Developer - MS SharePoint Expertise - IBM Cognos Experience - MBA with Financial Expertise 23Make it easy to contact you!
  24. 24. Experience This section should be clear, show the name of the company, your title and the time frame in which you were there! Include the month. Under each position should be 3 to 8 bullet points roughly describing your role and responsibilities using action verbs. Avoid using “I” or “myself” or “we” in the sentence descriptions. Use bullet points and void paragraph format. Make it as easy to read as possible. Don’t assume the person reviewing your resume is an industry expert or even wrote the job description. Make your resume understandable for HR Managers and Recruiters who are often the first ones that intercept your resume and forward them to the experts themselves. 24Make it easy to contact you!
  25. 25. Experience 1 25Make it easy to contact you!
  26. 26. Experience 2 26Make it easy to contact you!
  27. 27. Experience 3 27Make it easy to contact you!
  28. 28. Education Keep this section simple, list the school and the degree If the date of graduation is more than 15 years, do not list the graduation date It is acceptable to list publications, specialized courses, on going training, etc. 28Make it easy to contact you!
  29. 29. Education Pass out sample resume 29Make it easy to contact you!
  30. 30. Dont’s 2.Do not include an objective…..we know you are looking for a job 3.Do not use fluff, explain your experience as simple as possible 4.Do not use creative formats, tables, etc…. 5.Do not use your name in the experience summary 6.Do not use “I” 7.Do not say References are available on Request 8.Do not go back over 10 yrs on a resume unless it is relevant 30Make it easy to contact you!
  31. 31. Do’s 1. Do the obvious……. 2. Spell check, grammar check, and use proper tenses 3. Do use Bullet points for each line item 4. Do be specific about what you did while in that role 5. Do provide a summary or Blurb providing why you are a good fit for this position 6. Do use the same font for the entire resume. 7. Do tailor your cover letter and/or resume for the position you are interested 31Make it easy to contact you!
  32. 32. Charlotte Job Support May 5 Recruiter, Marissa Black-Motsinger, Don’t cha just hate Recruiters? 10:30am Sunday2 Sat/moEphesus 1510 S. Mint reed.james@yahoo.comTue nightsSt. Johns Episcopal 1623 Carmel jeffsearcy@carolina.rr.comMon nightsCalvary Crossroads 5801 Pineville-Matthews CalvaryCrossroads@carolina.rr.comSt. Matthew 8145 Ballantyne Commons jhamrick@carolina.rr.comChurch at Charlotte 2500 Carmel 32 Make it easy to contact you!