The beauty of Azure


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2014 Taiwan PaaS Meetup

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  • 設備+服務
    $2B bought LA Clippers May 2014

    In Conversation with Steve Ballmer at Saïd Business School
  • 決裂舊時代開啟“雲時代”

    President of the Server & Tools Division (9 February 2011 – February 2014..)
    Senior Vice-President of Research and Development for the Online Services Division (March 2007 – February 2011)[32]
    Vice-President of the Business Division
    Corporate Vice-President of Business Solutions and Search & Advertising Platform Group
    Executive Vice-President of Cloud and Enterprise group[15]

  • 13+4 MS Azure regions: 6 US, 2EU, 2 APAC, 2JP, 1 Brazil,
    8(+1) AWS regions: US East, 2 US West, US GOV, EU, 3 Asia Pacific, China(Coming Soon)
    3 Google regions: 3 US, EU, Asia
  • 785 客戶從 Google 遷移回微軟
    在過去 18 個月,有 785 家企業在嘗試 Google 生產力套件後重新遷移回微軟的方案。

  • SaaS: CONSUME. You dont worry. (xbox, office)
    PaaS: BUILD. For developer. (EX: websites, sql db, mobile service, cloud service)
    IaaS: HOST. (vm)

    The industry has defined three categories of services:
    IaaS – a set of infrastructure level capabilities such as an operating system, network connectivity, etc. that are delivered as pay for use services and can be used to host applications.
    PaaS – higher level sets of functionality that are delivered as consumable services for developers who are building applications. PaaS is about abstracting developers from the underlying infrastructure to enable applications to quickly be composed.
    SaaS – applications that are delivered using a service delivery model where organizations can simply consume and use the application. Typically an organization would pay for the use of the application or the application could be monetized through ad revenue.
    It is important to note that these 3 types of services may exist independently of one another or combined with one another.
  • Speaking Points:
    We’ve talked about Virtual Machines and we’ve talked about Web Sites, now let’s talk about Cloud Services
    Cloud Services is another model we support for building applications.
    Cloud Services enable a broader set of workloads then Windows Azure Web Sites, while providing more automated management then Windows Azure Virtual Machines.
    Enables you to build what we sometimes refer to as infinitely scalable applications. They can support 1 to hundreds or thousands of course
    Support not only web based deployments, but also multi-tier architectures where you might have a combination of front ends, middle tiers, as well as virtual machines running as part of your solution.
    Supports automated application management, so it is really easy to deploy, scale out, isolate, and recover from any type of hardware failure. As well as support for automated updates.
  • There are default limits in Azure as follows:
    20 Hosted Service Projects
    5 Storage Accounts
    5 roles per Hosted Service (i.e. 3 different web roles + 2 different worker roles or any such combination)
    20 CPU cores (not instances) across all your Hosted Service Projects
  • Transition:
    Let’s spend a few minutes talking about what happens when we deploy a cloud service in Windows Azure.
  • Discuss availability
    For a cloud service, Windows Azure maintains the infrastructure for you, performing routine maintenance, patching the operating systems, and attempting to recover from service and hardware failures. If you define at least two instances of every role, most maintenance, as well as your own service upgrades, can be performed without any interruption in service.
    A cloud service must have at least two instances of every role to qualify for the Windows Azure Service Level Agreement, which guarantees external connectivity to your Internet-facing roles at least 99.95 of the time.
  • Speaking Points:
    Virtual machines provide a very flexible compute model.
    Another compute service available in Windows Azure is called Windows Azure Web Sites.
    Windows Azure Web Sites there is a managed service that you can use to run web sites and web APIs.
    Enable you to quickly stand up web applications and web sites on the internet
    Auto-managed environment
    Just say that you want a web, here’s the DNS, copy the content, and we do the rest
    You don’t have to worry or think about VMs, servers, or infrastructure.
    You can simply focus on building and deploying HTTP based applications.
    Enables you to build web sites using ASP.NET, Node.js, PHP, and now with an update a few weeks ago – Python
    Allows you to use any tool and any operating system to build these sites including Windows, OS X, and Linux.
    Enables a very fast deployment model. You can literally deploy in seconds.
    You can easily deploy these sites using the tools and infrastructure you know.
    We support several flexible deployment options including FTP, GIT, and Team Foundation Services
    What is nice about this offering is that not only does it enable to very quickly get going, but it also allows you to start with a free offer in a shared environment.
    Pricing starts at free.. Perpetually free and then you can scale up as you need more capability
    You can then scale up these sites using reserved instances for higher performance and isolation and scale out these sites as your web site becomes successful and you have increased load.
  • Slide Objectives:

    Highlight the ability to get started quickly with the Windows Azure Web App Gallery

    Speaking Points:

    Along-side the publishing capabilities, Windows Azure Web Sites also offers the Web App Gallery which provides many turn key solutions based off of well known open source web applications.


  • Speaking Points:
    So we’ve seen three ways to run your code in Windows Azure - Virtual machines, Web Sites, and Cloud Services
    Now let’s look at the fourth compute service called Windows Azure Mobile Services.
    Mobile Services is an exciting new service that we introduced about three months ago and we’ve rapidly been updating with new features and services.
    I’m sure that many of you today are building device applications that need connectivity to services and data.
    Mobile Services are designed specifically to make it really simply for you to build cloud back-ends that power mobile device applications by providing common functionality you need as configurable services.
    Mobile Services provides the ability to easily store and retrieve data, manage users with several different identify providers including Microsoft Account, Twitter, Facebook, and Google accounts, and the ability to send push notifications to devices.
    Today Mobile Services has native SDKs for Windows 8 Store applications, Windows Phone apps, and iOS applications.
    We’re also adding Android and HTML5 support in the near future.

  • Speaking Points:
    All of the features I demoed today are available now either in released or preview form.
    The services that had the preview tag next to them in the management portal are currently in preview mode, meaning that they are not yet final.
    These services will be coming out of preview next calendar year. Working hard on getting them done as soon as possible.
    If you haven’t gotten started yet with Windows Azure, I encourage you to go to and sign-up for an account.
    If you have an MSDN subscription you can activate up to $3700 worth of yearly Windows Azure benefits. Otherwise you can sign-up for a free trial and get started.

  • The beauty of Azure

    1. 1. The Beauty of Azure. - 2014 Taiwan PaaS Meetup - James Jan Azure Pro - The color halfway between blue and cyan. “天藍色”
    2. 2. Why Microsoft Azure? The story …
    3. 3. Steven Ballmer 2nd CEO (2000~2014) Vision: Device & Service MSFT 24th employee Forbes Richest 32nd (US$207B -2014) Mistakes? Windows Vista Steve Ballmer said buying Nokia was one of the hardest decisions he made at Microsoft. “We would have a stronger position in the phone market if we could redo the past ten years” About Satya Nadella "What is the greatest joy I could see as the founder of a company? To see it flourish with me gone.”
    4. 4. Satya Nadella 3rd CEO Vision: Mobile first, cloud first. 移動優先 雲端至上 “如果沒有雲,就談不上移動體驗” 決裂舊時代!! 軟體商 >> 生產力和平台商 “沒有移動設備,就無法給這個世 界和人們的生活帶來影響。”
    5. 5. * Size of an Azure region = 600,000 servers = a cluster of 16 datacenter = 32 jets * Number of Regions MSFT’s (17) = 2x Amazon’s (8+1) = 5x Google’s (3) Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group Invest
    6. 6. Market Proven 57% 世界 500 強公司使用 Azure 超過 300,000 活躍 Websites 超過 30 萬億個 Storage 每秒 300 萬 Requests 每周 130 億 Authentications 超過 100 萬 SQL DBs 3 億 Azure Active Directory Users
    7. 7. MSFT Stock Grows 50% in one year !!!
    8. 8. ISO/IEC 27001: 2005 稽核與認 證 SOC 1 和 SOC 2 SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 證書 雲端安全聯盟的雲端控制矩陣 聯邦風險與授權管理 計畫 (FedRAMP) 支付卡產業 (PCI) 資料安 全標準 (DSS) 層級 1 英國 G-Cloud 影響 層級 2 認證 More.. 家庭教育權和隱私權法案 (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act,FERPA) Compliance
    9. 9. 9 IaaS PaaS Gartner Magic Quadrant
    10. 10. Is Azure a good choice? Let’s discover all the great features…
    11. 11. 11
    12. 12. Support Multiple languages
    13. 13. 13
    14. 14. Windows Microsoft Azure XBOX Office365
    15. 15. IaaS Windows Ubuntu CentOS SUSE VM Depot Community Image Load Balancer! SLA 99.95% Same price with AWS
    16. 16. ACTION !!!ACTION !!!
    17. 17. PaaS
    18. 18. Cloud Service is a… boundary Cloud Services, Roles, and Instances
    19. 19. Cloud Services with Virtual Machines Multiple Virtual Machines can be hosted within the same cloud service Cloud Service
    20. 20. PaaS Cloud Service Deployment
    21. 21. Server Rack 1 Server Rack 2
    22. 22. 27 Auto- Scaling slider! (Instance should be with same size.)
    23. 23. Windows Store iOS Android Xamarin Sencha Windows Phone iOS Android HTML 5/JS SDKs Node.js Express .NET Web API RESTAPI Faceboo k Twitter Microsoft Googl e Active Directory SQL Table Storage Blob Storage WNS & MPNS APNS GCM Mongo DB Notification Hubs Source Control Hybrid Connections
    24. 24. Media Services Architecture “Build-On” Media Partners and Customers AzureCDNPartnerCDNs Origin Caching Release d Coming Soon Partners Partner Technologies (Media Processors, Origin Servers, Live Encoders etc.) Microsoft Azure (Fabric, Storage, Compute, Database)
    25. 25. Video sources Multi-bitrates Mp4 Origin Server HLS Smooth Streaming Encode Video sources Multi-bitrates Mp4 Origin Server HLS Smooth Streaming Encode Dynamic Packaging Traditional Encode and Package Dynamic Packaging Input format: Mp4 or Smooth Streaming Output format: Smooth Streaming , Http-Live-Streaming (v4 and v3), MPEG-DASH You need to have at least 1 reserved streaming unit to enable dynamic packaging! DASH
    26. 26. Pre-encrypted PlayReady file: License Acquisition URL Key ID Content key Storage Origin Server PlayReady + Smooth Streaming PlayReady server Client SDK + PlayReady SDK Customers Architecture: PlayReady DRM solution
    27. 27. And still more you can imagine….
    28. 28. Part 2. 10分鐘成為 Microsoft Azure 計價達人
    29. 29. 完整 費用 Windows Azure SQL Database Service Bus A) 使用了哪些服務? Azure services used B) 資料傳輸 Data Transfer DataCenter 7. ingressOutside the datacenter 1. Compute 2. Storage 3. Storage Transactions 5. Brokered Messaging 6. Brokered Connections 8. egress 4. DB
    30. 30. Licenses OS License SQL Server License Hardware investment Server Disks Racks Switches UPS Network cables Hardware maintenance Power consumption of hardware Server Disk Racks Switches Insurance of hardware Insurance on server room Server room Rent Cooling Lighting Cleaning Smoke detectors Tapes for backup Salary for admin people Install hardware Maintain hardware Apply OS patches Backup/Restore operations Firewall/DMZ configuration Clear log files Taxes on Salaries Time spent on procurement cycle of hardware / Licenses ... 雲端 計價 1. Compute hours 2. SQL Azure database 3. Storage 4. Data transfer out 雲端 業者Cloud prcing Not Complex but “different”!
    31. 31. 無 敵 計算機 (點我)
    32. 32. funP 實驗室 Unit Price Amount (w/o tax) A1 Cloud Services - AP East 237.750034 2.49 592 A1 VM (Non-Windows) - AP East 2961.05428 1.862 5513 A1 VM (Non-Windows) - AP Southeast 2.433362 1.862 5 A1 VM (Non-Windows) - EU West 38.677767 1.862 72 A1 VM (Non-Windows) - US West 207.683406 1.862 387 A1 VM (Windows) - AP East 273.286203 2.793 763 A1 VM (Windows) - US West 219.617239 2.793 613 A5 VM (Non-Windows) - AP East 64.50007 7.757 500 A5 VM (Windows) - AP East 19.6667 10.24 201 A7 VM (Windows) - AP East 66.616679 40.96 2729 BASIC.A1 VM (Non-Windows) - AP East 202.149212 1.459 295 BASIC.A1 VM (Non-Windows) - US West 0.200002 1.459 0 Geo Redundant Storage Standard IO - Page Blob/Disk474.049404 2.948 1397 Locally Redundant Storage Standard IO - Block Blob 0.042411 0.7447 0 Mobile Services Free Units 0.419354 0 0 SQL Azure Business 10 DU 0.368384 3,905.56 1439 SQL Azure Database Web Edition 0.177419 309.97 55 SQL Basic Database Days - PREVIEW 30 2.483 74 SQL Server Standard 173.616719 17.07 2964 SQL Standard S1 Database Days - PREVIEW 13 20.17 262 SQL Standard S2 Database Days - PREVIEW 3 100.22 301 Storage Transactions 1858.9836 $0.16 290 Windows Azure Compute 100 Hrs Virtual Network 651.833333 1.56 1017 Windows Azure Data Transfer Egress Zone 1 237.407476 3.73 886 Windows Azure Data Transfer Egress Zone 2 12.055936 5.9 71 Windows Azure Data Transfer Ingress APAC 44.183353 0 0 Windows Azure Data Transfer Ingress NA/EMEA 16.288182 0 0 Windows Azure Web Sites Free 0.999936 0 0 funP 實驗室 合計 7810.06046 20427 系統 明細 使用量
    33. 33. Scenarios
    34. 34. Azure立刻上手秘訣  Tool:WebPI & Powershell  Learn:Microsoft Virtual Academy  開發工具下載  Sample Code學習資源  Group:Azure Taiwan User Group
    35. 35. Announcing Collaboration with Google and Docker to Support New Open Source Projects on Microsoft Azure Bringing new open source container technologies to Microsoft Azure with Google and Docker DOCKER
    36. 36. Thank you & Give it a try! James Jan Azure Pro - 2014 Taiwan PaaS Meetup -