The final solution


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The final solution

  1. 1. An Overview of the Holocaust “THE FINAL SOLUTION”
  2. 2. Anti-Semitism is racism against Jewish people and other Semitic people. Anti-Semitism was a major part of the Nazi party. Remember in Mein Kampf Hitler blamed the Jewish people for Germany’s problems. Due to religious and cultural differences, Jewish people have often been persecuted. ANTI-SEMITISM
  3. 3. No one knows why Hitler hated the Jewish people but many theories have been promoted. But he used this hatred as a rallying point for German pride. He claimed the Germans were Aryans and all non-Aryans were inferior. NO ONE KNOWS….
  4. 4. He hated: Jewish people Poles Russians Africans Communists Gypsies And sick people! HE WAS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY HATER!
  5. 5. In 1935, the Nazis passed the Nuremberg Laws which: Denied German citizenship to Jews Prevented Jews and non-Jews from marrying Required the Jewish people to wear the Star of David at all times. THE START
  6. 6. On November 9, 1938, Jewish businesses, synagogues, and homes were burned in Germany. 100 Jewish people were killed. After that, Jewish people were forced to move to the ghettos, poor areas with few comforts. THE NIGHT OF BROKEN GLASS
  7. 7. Finally, Hitler began forcing Jewish people all across Nazi Europe into concentration camps. Many died on the way, as they were forced onto overcrowded cattle cars for trains. Many were killed in special showers (by poison gas) and shoved into crematoriums. Many more were worked to death in labor camps. Most of the concentration camps were in Germany and Poland. THE FINAL SOLUTION
  8. 8. When families arrived, they were checked by “doctors.” The strong (mainly the men) were sent to work in the labor camps. The weak (women, children, and sick) were killed quickly. 6,000,000 Jewish people alone were killed. In all, 11,000,000-17,000,000 were killed. FAMILIES DIVIDED
  9. 9. After the war, an international court tried 22 Nazi leaders with “crimes against humanity” for the holocaust. 10 were hung and their bodies were burned in the crematoriums. THE NUREMBERG TRIALS Nazi arrested last Year for working at Concentration camp!