The causes of world war ii


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The causes of world war ii

  1. 1. Here it comes again!
  2. 2.   Japan, Germany, and Italy displayed militaristic aggression against other countries. Other countries and the League of Nations did little to stop them.  Frustration with the Treaty of Versailles The Causes - Overview
  3. 3.   Italy was extremely upset that they did not get lots of money and large amounts of land for joining the Allies in World War I, like originally promised.  Why didn’t they get what they were promised? Italian Discontent
  4. 4.   Germany was very upset it was blamed for World War I. Why was it blamed?  Reparations hurt the already weakened German economy. This led to a worsened depression in Germany than elsewhere. Why have we mentioned this for the last two sections? German Anger
  5. 5.  Three Militaristic Countries Germany, Japan, and Italy began building their armies. Once their armies were armies were strong, they began to use them!  Mussolini ordered an invasion of Ethiopia in 1935.  Hitler sent troops to the Rhineland, the border of France and Germany. Japan invaded Manchuria and China!
  6. 6.  The League of Nations? DID NOTHING BUT FUSS!!!
  7. 7.  The World’s Axis  Italy and Germany supported a fascist, General Franco, as he took over Spain. Much like Italy during World War I, though, he didn’t help them during World War II!  In 1936, Germany, Japan, and Italy formed the Axis Alliance. What is an axis (or axle?)
  8. 8.  What about US?  The US became an isolationist (what is that again?) country again.  Passed a series of Neutrality Acts, designed to keep Americans from selling weapons or loaning money to countries at war. We knew what was coming in other words.
  9. 9.  And the other Allies?  Britain and France hoped they could appease (give stuff to get people to do what you want them to) Hitler and prevent the coming war.  Hitler took advantage of this and took the Rhineland, Austria, the Sudetenland, and finally all of Czechoslovakia with the Allies’ blessings.
  10. 10.  The Powder Keg Reignites  World War II officially begins when Hitler (and the Soviet Union!) invades Poland in September of 1939.  Britain and France (Poland’s allies) declared war on Germany, finally abandoning appeasement.